Monday Forum: January 28, 2019

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  1. struth

    In order to save the world we need strict demarcation of which parts belong to men, and which to women.

    I’m not sure how many of you know about the culture of the most superior beings on the planet.
    You know, the ones who’s culture is growing every year in the length of time it’s been around, by ten thousand year, every year!

    You know the one , we ruined it for them in 1788, but they continue on, their culture of drinking copious amounts of piss, playing crap music with tax payer funded instruments and driving unregistered shit boxes……….bashing the shit out of each other and sniffing petrol, as they have been doing now as of this week, for 80, no hang on 85 thousand years!
    Through the last Ice age!!
    Well kiddies, they’re excellent cultures all throughout Australia had many differences and some similarities.
    One of they’re greatest inventions was not being allowed to look at your Mother in Law, or even speak to her!!!!!
    Their other brilliant cultural practice we could learn from is the complete separation of the sexes making mussie men dancing with each other and lifting each other’s night shirts, look like tolerant western men!

    I find it fascinating that lefties always prefer to leave that part alone while wanting to gasp in excitement at their marvellous medical technology of rubbing milkweed into the area of concern, be it a scratch or leprosy.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    And yes – polar vortex cold is quite likely a half unexpected side effect of AGW, and doesn’t prove AGW isn’t happening.

    Hark – The polar vortex is due to a sinuous jet stream.
    The last time we had such severe jet stream related events was in 2010.
    That was when the great Moscow heatwave and Pakistan floods occurred.
    They were due to jet stream blocking, which also was the cause of the UK snow event that same winter.
    The jet stream blocking events were due to low solar activity.
    That was the last solar minimum, we’re back into those same low activity conditions.

    The climateers occasionally claim that such Rossby wave sinuosity which happens each 11 years or so is due to CO2, but they don’t have their heart in it.

  3. johanna


    The comments on the article I cited included the suggestion to switch to Brave.

    I’ll try running it in parallel to Firefox for a while and see how it goes.

  4. C.L.

    Token male Joe Hildebrand on whatever that morning mummy show is, saying that the vitriol in the Stynes-Kennerly saga had come from both left & right.

    A Pox On Both Their Houses!
    Joe “Frankly” Hildebrand showing CINOs everywhere how to keep a paying job on the tele.

  5. johanna

    Asia Bibi (the Pakistani Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy againt Islam) has finally been acquitted by the Supreme Court.

    The court’s decision prompted nationwide protests from Islamist hardliners.

    The protests led to schools being shut in some areas and a major highway from Islamabad to Lahore was blockaded by angry mobs.

    Ms Bibi and her children were kept in hiding amid calls for her beheading.

    The Supreme Court has now rejected an appeal against Ms Bibi’s acquittal, clearing the last legal hurdle to her freedom.

    The case garnered international attention, and in 2018 Tony Abbott said she would be welcome to seek asylum in Australia.

    A deal struck between the Pakistani Government and Islamist leaders in a bid to quell unrest after her acquittal allowed for her to be stopped from leaving the country and for further appeals to be heard.

    The UK resisted suggestions she could seek safe haven there, amid fears British consulate staff in Pakistan could be targeted in retaliation.

    She is now expected to seek asylum in Canada, and it has been reported that two of her children are already there.

    That cow Theresa May and her band of sycophants were perfectly prepared to let this woman be beheaded for being a Christian. Meanwhile, they applaud hordes of the very people who want to behead Bibi streaming into the country.

    The UK ‘Conservative’ party is an absolute disgrace, like our local equivalent. For that matter, the Labour (and our Labor) Parties are no better. I cannot imagine either of those parties 50 years ago standing silent while a woman was about to be martyred for being a Christian.

    It seems that a commitment to common decency has been eviscerated from both sides of politics.

  6. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The court’s decision prompted nationwide protests from muslimsIslamist hardliners.


  7. Infidel Tiger

    Clothing factory from the 1920s is transformed into an incredible $6.5million home complete with a luxury courtyard, pool and seven bedrooms.

    I particularly like the exposed beams and corrugated iron.

    Nice, but jeez it would be hot as Hades in that place.

    How Australian that a factory is now overpriced real estate.

  8. A second desalination plant could be built in Sydney …

    Speaking of weapons grade dumb …


    Has anybody asked the hark: “Are you feeling lucky punk?”

  9. Twostix

    Court documents showed that at age 14 he brought a stick of gelignite onto school property.

    It eas probably just a bunger.

  10. Exit Stage Right

    A second deslination plant could be built in Sydney…

    There is a secondhand plant in Tugun Qld going cheap. Never used, slightly (quite a bit) rusted pipes and incompatible fittings made in France originally but no longer available.
    People like Piano teeth Peter Beattie have a lot to answer for.
    But they still appointed the dickhead in charge of the Commonwealth Games on the GC, where hundreds of so called competitors did a runner and still cant be located.

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