Open Forum: February 9, 2019

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  1. Harken Now

    Hark notafan: mmh, yes, I can imagine Beaugan being in fear of a sexual assault from a woman pestering him for sex.

    There is a power imbalance between most men and women when it comes to the matter of “pestering for sex”.

    Are you that stupid that you do not acknowledge that?

  2. Harken Now

    Hark! Isn’t that cute, I seem to have brought people to an out of date thread.

    Angel power!

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Bicycle smile

    First time I’ve seen that particular phrase.
    In my particular case it is ‘bicycle wince’.
    I’m not female though.

  4. Notafan

    If someone has already touched another sexually without consent, a sexual assault has already occurred and I would considered the touchee to be acting reasonably if fending off further unwanted touching with a smack.

    Nothing to do with ‘power inbalances’

    You lot are forever trumpeting that women and men can do exactly the same as each other

    There is no consistency in the arguments presented by progressives

    Isn’t that right MontyGrig?

    as for your last comment, I’d never left the old thread but whatever, you dill.

  5. bespoke

    Hark will never have to worry about sexual advances from any gender.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Maybe Hark should get a bicycle.

  7. Baldrick

    Thanks for the post about Photios from the Oz, Zulu.

  8. JC


    How frequently did you receive serious beatings at school?

  9. bespoke

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #2930572, posted on February 11, 2019 at 12:31 pm
    Maybe Hark should get a bicycle.


  10. EvilElvis

    Is there a pill for ‘micro font’? Er, asking for a friend..

  11. Farmer Gez

    Top Ender.
    Amazing that they put a photo of a Grumman Hellcat wreck when the story is about a Lockheed Electra 10.
    The two aircraft look nothing like each other. Lazy journos

  12. Harken Now

    Hark! If only the Beaugan lived in Edmonton, his *cough* needs could be catered for with no risk at all of a sudden urge to hit a women for annoying him:

    Edmonton sex doll rental business could help people fulfil sexual needs, experts say

    Actually, this may make it seem I am making light of his comments. That is not the intention – I may be mocking him, but it was nonetheless a disgusting thing to say in the context of a country where the toxic masculinity he exhibits leads to tens of thousands of women to seeking emergency shelter from men each year.

  13. egg_

    Apropos of nothing…

    What is it with young women and these enormous, unnaturally dark, pencilled-in eyebrows?

    Compensation for the bare necessities downstairs?
    The bush is rumoured to return, apparently?
    Fallout from Januhairy?

  14. egg_

    Harken Now
    #2930757, posted on February 11, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    When did you stop beating your wife meat?

  15. egg_

    a photo of a Grumman Hellcat

    F*ck yeah!

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