Jeff Bennett on green lies

Hot off the press from Connor Court.

At last, the intellectual firepower to cut through the “little green lies” told by environmentalists. Professor Bennett turns his mind to twelve key propositions at the core of green ideology, and demolishes them all. This book must be on the bookshelf of every person concerned for a better environment and a better society. Gary Johns

Warning!Liberty Quote. The anti-climate science nonsense being promulgated by ratbag groups such as Quadrant, the IPA and the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog depend on the rantings of a handful of so-called ‘sceptics’. — Harry Clarke

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16 Responses to Jeff Bennett on green lies

  1. Karabar

    Hot off the press?
    I have a copy I read in 2012!

  2. Roger

    It’s not so much the little Green lies but the one big Green lie.

    And who on earth is Harry Clarke?

  3. Karabar

    And it is to some extend a rewrite of “Tall Green Tales” Jeff Bennett 1995 IPA Perth.

    Nevertheless, it is as appropriate today as it was 25 years ago.

  4. Karabar

    Roger I expect it is this bloke from (where else) University of Melbourne.
    The fruitcakes there are especially nutty.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    Roger. Harry might be a paid up propagandist for the charitable soros / schwartz foundation , the role model for the well known clinton foundation . The soros one is dedicted to looting all the money in the civilised West using the excuse its elevating the poorer countries . It doesnt hand any influence in non Western countries ,their rullers are to wise to fall for the gangrene bullshit
    When the o]people finally turn on the carpetbaggers ,I hav plans on making cheap portable guillotines which I will supply free . After the guillotied there are no recividists ,not a one .

  6. LGS

    Harry who?
    Some of these “sceptics” are some of the world’s leading climatologists and meteorologists.
    So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Harry!

  7. Roger

    Roger I expect it is this bloke from (where else) University of Melbourne.

    Thanks Karabar.

    I see he has an eponymous blog.

    Occasional insights among the usual moonbeams of lunacy, such as a lament for what what the Bolt case meant for freedom of speech.

  8. Procrustes

    Memories may be short around here. Harry is an academic at Latrobe (I think). Or commenters here might just be having a giggle.

    He used to comment here with vaguely free-marketise views but cut out of here during the heating up of the climate wars.

    The quote above gives a good flavour of where he was at at that time.

  9. the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog depend on the rantings of a handful of so-called ‘sceptics’

    I have taken a bow.

    And another.
    And another.

    degenerate – tick
    despicable – tick
    I rant about the climate scam – tick
    And right – tick.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Rambler ,you are not robinson crusoe in being a deploreable ,I am one too ,Im also an extreme right winger ( dont believe in climate crap ) . Like a badge of honour being described this way,should be worn proudly like a MAGAcap .

  11. Overburdened

    Harry Clarke is at least right about one thing.

  12. Eyrie


    Where can I buy the T shirt?

  13. It profits a man nothing to lose his fairweather allies and erstwhile friends, but for congestion charging?

  14. Louis Hissink

    Popes occasionally deliver Bulls, so I wonder what the cardinals of the climate change faith occasionally deliver – BS?

  15. Iain Russell

    I didn’t know who Our Harry was but I was prepared to defend his right to be a buffoon.

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