Update on Don Aitkin

I regard Don Aitkin as a national treasure in an important, low key way and several times I have drawn attention to his considered opinions on various issues. Some time last year he hinted at some health issues and then there was silence until he surfaced recently with an account of his illness and his current situation in a nursing home. This is a touching story and it seems things are as good as they can be under the circumstances, so we can expect to keep reading more of his words of wisdom for some time to come. We can all learn something from the way he handled this transition in his life.

This is his latest contribution to public life, contemplating the endlessly fascinating topic of climate change🙂

I had to search for the actual Labor climate change policy, after Mr Shorten had announced it the other day. Too many of the media sources stayed with the leaks about what would be in it, but I finally found the official Labor source. It is long and full of assertions that have little basis in evidence. ‘Labor accepts the science of climate change’, it begins, and that is a bad start, for there is a great deal of science about climate, and it by no means points in the one direction.

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6 Responses to Update on Don Aitkin

  1. bollux

    Co2 is .04% of the atmosphere. Humans account for 3% of that. Australia accounts for 1.3% of that. All up that’s .0000156% of the worlds atmosphere that would change if Australia disappeared. And that’s if you even believe the fairy tale about how harmful this necessary plant food is. Our politicians are traitors and working against the welfare of it’s people.
    If we just spent a fraction of the money wasted on green rubbish, on something like the Bradfield scheme, it would set Australia up for a century. So why don’t we?

  2. Roger

    If we just spent a fraction of the money wasted on green rubbish, on something like the Bradfield scheme, it would set Australia up for a century. So why don’t we?

    I’m not sure of the viability of the Bradfield scheme, but I suggest the goal of our political class is not to set Australia up for prosperity but rather to tear down what has made us prosperous up until now. That is what the Paris Agreement will do. Agriculture, for example, will have to reduce emissions by c.26%, largely by a reduction in production, artificially driving up meat and dairy prices at a time when household budgets are already stretched. I note the plant based meat substitutes are already on the supermarket shelves.

  3. Up The Workers!

    I’m doing my bit for P.E.T.A., totalitarian Leftards, veganism, saving the planet and environmentalism.

    I’ve gone totally vegan.

    I only ever eat vegan beef, vegan lamb, vegan pork, vegan chook, vegan eggs, vegan rabbit, vegan turkey, vegan skippy, vegan quail, vegan venison, vegan fish, vegan prawns, vegan calamari, vegan mussels and vegan caviar.

    The only exception to my strictly-held rule is carnivorous crocodile and shark, but I make the exception for them because they are both known to do their bit to clean up the environment by regularly eating “Save the Croc” or “Save the Shark” Greenie dills.

  4. Rusty of Qld

    Bollux: It’s even more ridiculous than .0000156 %. Coal fired power stations make up approx 27% of Australia’s 1.3% CO2 emissions. Say 33% is coal fired power stations, 1/3 of .0000156% or .0000052% is what we are destroying or electricity system and country for. This country is lost.

  5. Behind Enemy Lines

    Rafe, thanks for passing on that sad (but interesting and useful) news. I don’t know Don, but I wish I did. It’s helpful to be reminded from time to time that politics (and anti-politics) are not ends in themselves.

  6. John

    I’m with you. Aitkin is a national treasure. A vast intellect and a gentleman.

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