Justinian the Great: Election 2019: A Referendum on Health-Death by EV or Palliative Care?

Health policy is always a major election issue and this year is no exception. In fact, it is the only issue that matters in this year’s looming election. By which I mean the health of the Australian economy.

Sadly, on this issue Liberal and Labor are on a unity ticket with policies over successive Labor (RGR) and Liberal (ATM – says it all really) governments rendering the Australian economy terminal.

A cancer of high taxes, bloated spending, central planning, over-regulation, endless redistribution, renewable energy and government intervention has metastasised into every facet of the economy and society and neither party is offering a false hope of treatment – surgical cuts to taxes, spending or regulations apparently considered fatal.

Both Liberal and Labor are committed to death as the price of achieving climate justice and social equity. Only in death are we all truly equal. Only when none of us are left will we have achieved intergenerational equity. And only when the economy is dead and buried will the planet begin to heal giving justice to trees, rivers and The Great Barrier Reef.

Accordingly this election is a referendum on health, which is to say a choice between the nature and pace of national economic death.

Labor policy reflects its progressive values on euthanasia, namely to live large while we still can, then go out early before the pain sets in. Accordingly, it intends to double down on taxing, spending and renewable energy and blow whatever is left of the inheritance on moral indulgences.

Just before the inevitable suffering begins, we will spend our last precious 8 hours on this human infested hell hole connected to a windmill, patiently charging our electric vehicles for those final few kilometres we will need to travel before collectively driving off the nearest cliff, no doubt to the sound of rapturous UN and IPCC applause.

Liberal policy reflects its conservative tradition hoping to extend our time left by means of palliative care. Under this policy the cancer of high tax, high spend, renewable energy and so forth will metastasise at a slower rate with the symptoms treated by targeted subsidy therapy, clinical market interventions and a forced diet of high immigration to try and stave off the ills of consumption.

Ultimately, the economy will go on life support, kept alive by an ICU ventilator trying to breathe life into the economy with the occasional shot of fossil fuel. Over time the efficacy of these doses will diminish as the malignant solar cells multiply out of control.

Eventually, the day will come when the sun stops shining, the winds stop blowing, and our life support system will shut off for good. The economy will have survived a few more years, but what with atrophy and disease it will pass away with barely a whimper, unrecognisable from its once strong and resilient self.

It is difficult to say which is the preferable policy. An argument can be made either way although for paradoxical reasons. Labor policy has an excellent chance of failure thereby offering some hope of national survival.

It will likely crash the national grid prematurely, ironically denying itself the very green energy required to drive the economy fully over the cliff. A vote for Shorten might therefore be a vote for inadvertent survival, albeit a Venezuelan, Mad Max type of existence. But at least a phoenix might rise from the ashes.

Liberal policy on the other hand offers an excellent prospect of success. It is a vote for that Liberal special brand of economic management, i.e. a carefully planned, well executed, slow and steady economic decline and death.

However, like all palliative care options time can be on your side and with advances being made in mental health every day there is some prospect (probably slim) a treatment for climate alarmism could be just around the corner.

If sanity was to prevail sooner rather than later the damage to the economy would be lessened and a successful cure prescribed before the economy ends up on life support or following in the footsteps of Venezuela.

It’s a vexed choice between which is more probable, Labor failure occurring just short of national suicide, or Liberal sanity prevailing just before they succeed in putting the economy on life support.

From an evidenced based point of view policy failure is common whereas political sanity is rare. For these reasons voting for a phoenix might be the only chance of survival.

This election is referendum on the health of the economy. Choose your poison wisely.

Better still flee while you still can and enjoy the honour of being Australia’s first climate-economic refugees.

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16 Responses to Justinian the Great: Election 2019: A Referendum on Health-Death by EV or Palliative Care?

  1. Confused Old Misfit

    Better still flee while you still can….

    Ah! But where?
    Trump has declared the USA full!

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Medicare delivered by EV will provide victory of the proletariat.
    You heard it here first.

  3. RobK

    It is said: failure requires no planning. I guess your example is the exception that proves the rule.
    Ironically, much less planning of any type by the government would have seen a better outcome.

  4. RobK

    Await the wrath and damnation of the next Carrington Event with communications jammed and lots of dumb cars blocking the roads.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    We ‘ll all be rooned ,before the year is out . Section all climateers ,they really need medication .

  6. RobK

    Its ok Bruce, I was just practicing my escalating.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    What about we put the wind up the pollies ,put every sitting member last on the ballot paper ,that will sow confusion on the destroyers , no seat no influence ,then keep the oressure on them . We may get used to excercising political power and taking it from the elites .
    Lots of pollies are bulnerable holding their seats by 5per cent or less ,over one third of sitting members are in this situation ,put the ferret down the burrow and frighten them .

  8. Fat Tony

    #2984254, posted on April 10, 2019 at 5:58 pm
    Await the wrath and damnation of the next Carrington Event with communications jammed and lots of dumb cars blocking the roads.

    I think the only vehicles that would still have a chance of working would be the old mechanically injected diesels. All the new ones would be fried.

  9. We are slowly moving back to the horse drawn era. Just wait until that produce stops coming to the cities because farmers no longer have tractors etc to grow what the cities need and transport can’t deliver anyway.

    There may be a overlapping period where fuel supply is still available for the rural areas, but sooner or later it’ll become uneconomical to supply Australia with fuel or no one will pay the additional cost, much the same thing.

    At least out here in the boonies, we’ll be able to barter with the farmers and grow our own.

  10. In fact the unintended consequences will be far reaching and I think the crash will come faster than anyone would have believed if we truly do go even 50% electric. I’ve been looking at the consequences and were they assessed by the MSM in even a cursory manner and asked out loud, no politician would touch the idea with a barge pole (other than the Greens).

  11. stackja

    Better still flee while you still can …

    Meanwhile on this day in history:

    10-11 April 1941
    ‘The Siege of Tobruk’ begins with German troops cutting landward communications with Tobruk, besieging 9th Australian Division and 18th Australian Brigade

    They stood and held and did not flee.

  12. Don’t worry. The UN has the next scam ready to go. An IPCC equivalent body for biodiversity/species extinction. Of course humans are to blame. Their reort is due May 6.

  13. Empire 5:5

    Neurodiverrsidy: the normalisation of stupid.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    Meanwhile on this day in history

    History does not repeat but surely rhymes.

    U.S. Military Pulls Out of Libya as Russia- and France-Backed Warlord Invades Capital (today)

    Libya’s strongman Gen. Khalifa Haftar, the chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA) that backs the Tobruk-based breakaway government, has surfaced as the top rival of the United Nations and U.S.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Fayez Serraj.

    Propped up by Russia, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and neighboring Egypt, Gen. Haftar’s LNA has seized most of Libya, including most border crossings and the majority of the lucrative onshore oil fields.

    Since Thursday, Haftar has been pushing into Tripoli, home to the U.N. and U.S.-backed government of PM Serraj.

    It’s the Benghazi Handicaps all over again.

  15. hzhousewife

    At least out here in the boonies, we’ll be able to barter with the farmers and grow our own.

    Yup. We are building our networks now.

  16. Ellen of Tasmania

    “This reminds me of the best scene on this subject from “When Harry met Sally” and how bitter a divorce can be. This is what politics has degenerated to and it is in line with our computer’s forecasts that this is the end-game for Western civilization. There is just no going back. Government is now a battle to see which side can destroy civilization first. Websters’ defines civilization as “refinement of thought, manners, or taste,” none of which we can see in Washington anymore.

    The entire purpose of civilization is everyone coming together because the sum is greater than the individuals. Today, we have reverted back to the individuals and there is no longer any cohesive sum that is greater. We have devolved backwards and it will take the crash and burn of government before we can rise from the political ashes with hope of a new government structure that once again respects the liberty of the individual.

    While the Democrats have officially killed the Trump agenda, what they fail to understand is that this is also the destruction of their agenda as well. There will no longer be a government of ALL the people, it is now a government of us v them. That is how civilization dies. It defeats the entire purpose of forming societies. Politics has become a confrontation to impose tyranny upon your opponent. The very core of socialism is to deny individual freedom. The state comes first – the individual second. Everything the American Revolution stood for is now completely overturned.”


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