Shhhh. No-one tell this to your local government

To start with, the following is not a joke.  It is 100% true.

Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland USA; a deep, deep, deep democratic state.

This is a link to an application for an occupational licence that the City of Annapolis regulates.  And what kind of licence is it for you ask?  A Fortune Telling Licence.

TAFKAS wonders whether Wayne Swan had a proper Fortune Telling Licence when he predicted all those budget surpluses.

There is also the mandatory certification of commercial manure applicators and confinement site manure applicators in the great state of Iowa; the Manure Applicator Certification (MAC) Program.

Might it be a Certificate 3?  For sure all of the manure applicators in Canberra must be certified.  Or is that certifiable?

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11 Responses to Shhhh. No-one tell this to your local government

  1. stackja

    Voters elect these people.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    TAFKAS,you are being sarcastic,rude and disrespectfull of authority. Good on you,there needs to be more of it,the left hates being mocked . We should be laughing at them pointing at them laughing ,fancy not laughing at scomo , shorten etc I mean they are funny , piss weak little guys pretending to be real men ,,wouldnt work in an iron lung ,and really what would they know about anything practical or productive ,if they were bees they would be useless drones . Have fun this election ,put every sitting member last on the ballotbpaper , one third of all MPs have a majority of 5 per cent or less ,some only need to lose a couple of hundred Votes to throw them out . POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! Put on your YELLOW VEST . !

  3. RobK

    TAFKAS,you are being sarcastic,rude and disrespectfull of…… 
    ….real muck spreaders. Its a dangerous but rewarding job, not to be sniffed at.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    A Fortune Telling Licence.

    Well, of course. The US has over a million witches and they hate Trump.

    Number Of Witches Rises Dramatically Across U.S. As Millennials Reject Christianity (18 Nov)

    Witchcraft and other pagan religious practices increased in the U.S. over the past few decades, with millennials turning to astrology and tarot cards as they turn away from Christianity and other traditionally dominant Abrahamic religions.

    The number of witches and Americans practicing Wicca religious rituals increased dramatically since the 1990s, with several recent studies indicating there may be at least 1.5 million witches across the country.

    Witches Plan To Cast Mass Spell Against Donald Trump (2017)

    A document making its rounds among the witch community is asking people who practice the craft to perform a monthly binding ritual until the president is removed from office.

    In order to work, the mass spell must be performed at midnight EST on every waning crescent moon.

    Performing the spell takes a good deal of dedication, including amassing the following:

    – Unflattering photo of Trump
    – Tower tarot card
    – Tiny stub of an orange candle or orange carrot
    – A pin or small nail (to inscribe candle)
    – White candle (any size), representing the element of Fire
    – Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water
    – Small bowl of salt, representing elemental Earth
    – Feather (any), representing the element of Air
    – Matches or lighter
    – Ashtray or dish of sand

    Practitioners are supposed to prepare for by writing “Donald J. Trump” on the orange candle stub with a pin or nail. They then arrange the other items in a circle and lean the Tower card against something so that it’s standing up.

    I especially like the orange candle or orange carrot. Witches are quite flexible.

  5. IainC

    the Manure Applicator Certification (MAC) Program. Might it be a Certificate 3?

    Methinks it would be a Number 2 Certificate.

  6. Overburdened

    These days it’s all about KPIs and credentialing.

    Under the fig leaf of quality assurance, the socialist regimes of whatever stripe have been clogging up the pipes with bureaucratic time wasting since the 1980’s.

    The change that has occurred from the 1970’s until now is remarkable

    Ironically, all the people who knew what they were doing are gone.

  7. Some History

    For sure all of the manure applicators in Canberra must be certified.

    Haven’t we all had the experience of being “applicated” by the professional Canberra manure applicators.

  8. Some History

    …professional Canberra manure applicators.


  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Some History ,the Canberra spreaders spread it by mouth ! What a nasty job ,and they line up to get these jobs ?

  10. Shy Ted

    I knew what the application would look like before I opened the link. Spooky!

  11. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Just on thirty years ago after the airline dispute when we aviators were even black banned from jobs such as garbo’s or labourers I went to the Brisbane City Council and enquired about obtaining a licence to beg or failing that, a licence to rob garbage cans in a suburb of the councils choice. The cops were called and I got shown the door.

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