Overseas the people are waking up to the folly of green power. Too late for Australia.

Green policies on the nose worldwide.

On the bright side, look forward to Electricity Bill breaking all records for unpopular PMs.

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  1. stackja

    How much of the damage ALP will do, can be undone? RGR still not paid for.
    And will ALP change electoral laws? ALP says ‘trust us’!

  2. flyingduk

    Winter is coming…

  3. Nob

    I posted this before in the Monday thread.

    The picture says it all:

    That is not a fringe publication.
    It’s Europe’s largest circulating news weekly, famous for its investigative journalism.

  4. The BigBlueCat

    Voter to Bill Shorten: “I don’t like Bill Shorten”

    Bill Shorten to Voter: “Just wait until you meet me” (subtext: “Then you’ll hate me!”)

    We will never have a government surplus to pay off debt under a Labour government. Never forget Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Wayne Swan and the deficits and new taxes we had to have. The ALP believes in debt financing and they are unconcerned about how much debt is too much.

    Should the ALP be voted in on May 18, stand by for massive spending, massive borrowing and massive taxation to support their welfare, immigration, energy and social reengineering policies and programs.

  5. sfw

    The 7AM radio news this morning led with report that electricity prices in Vic, NSW and SA were at their highest ever in the first three months of this year, then went on to explain that this was caused by a hot summer and people using airconditioners and a lack of hydro electricity. Then stated that solar panels helped to alleviate the electricity shortage and kept prices lower than they would have been.

    Are these people really that ignorant? Have they no critical faculties?

  6. Mark M

    O/T, but, you know it is relevant …

    Bannon: ‘Monday Was the Most Important Day of Trump’s Presidency’

    The reason? He stood up to China.


    “The Clinton global initiative, the whole Clinton apparatus.
    These globalists and elitists were very comfortable with the managed decline, particularly vis-a-vis the rise of China. And Donald Trump confronted that, particularly in the upper Midwest.

    This is the reason he won states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.
    People understand […] the factories went to China, the jobs went to China, and the opioids came in.
    So I think that Trump understands that tariffs are more than taxes.
    They’re more about self-empowerment of the working class.”

    Read on or watch video.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    This one today is worth adding to this thread:

    Study: State wind/solar mandates are a costly failure

    Conducted by University of Chicago economists, the study of 29 state renewable energy mandates reports that:

    – Renewable energy mandates reduce CO2 emissions at the astounding price of between $130 to $460 per ton. … Enviro groups claim that social cost of carbon is about $40 per ton.

    That is US dollars, so add 40% for Australian dollars. And both the LNP and the ALP are pushing this crap onto us and hiding the real cost. We got rid of Labor’s fraudulent carbon tax only for a worse one to be inflicted on us voters by stealth and mendacity.

  8. nb

    Mark the Ballot blog suggests the polls might not be what they seem:
    In summary, the results are improbably uniform. He asks ‘Why?’.

  9. I do wonder for how long BS will be PM before he’s a victim of PMS.

  10. min

    interesting that Der Spiegel is showing what is happening in Germany as it is a Left publication . I have been sending the audit of Energiewende to politicians and conservative commentators for months. Bolt at last had something on his site yesterday . However many have been overcome by existential danger to humans rubbish , forgetting that humans have from earliest times realised that climate climate co ntrolled their lives but resorted to pagan gods for sun , rain to save them and even sacrificed virgins to appease the gods.
    i cannot believe how adults are so ignorant, emotionally abusing children causing anxiety

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I feel as you do Min. And so far no independent and authoritate audit 9n the so-called ‘science’ that has been allowed without serious question to drive this whole murderously expensive and destructive cult. Note that some have grown very wealthy on it and are lick8 g their investment chops on new forms of carbon taxing come out. Investment bankers in Mosman’s Golden Triangle of high value property are thus strongly behind the push to destroy Tony Abbott in the Federal seat of Warringah. The renewables scam is collapsing in Europe. Spread Nob’s link showing the front page of Europe’s most popular magazine to the voters in Australia before it is too late.

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Sorry for messy typing, on my phone.

  13. RobK

    Still the merchants of spin:

    As far as pollsters can tell, Meuthen isn’t wrong. According to one survey conducted by the pollster Forschungsgruppe Wahlen in mid-April, “environment/clean energy revolution” was described as the second-most important “problem in Germany,” right after “foreigners/integration/refugees.” According to another pollster, Infratest dimap, “environment- and climate-protection” played either a very important or an important role for 89 percent of eligible voters during the 2017 general election.

    Unscientific Beliefs

    The AfD is taking up a positionunoccupied by any other German political party — far from any conclusions supported by science.

    At the launch of the European election campaign in the southern German city of Offenburg three weeks ago, the AfD’s party and parliamentary group head Alexander Gauland grandiosely claimed that it was “completely unclear” what role humans were playing in climate change. Gauland spoke of “degenerate fearmongering” by the Green Party. And then he conjured up his own horror scenario: Soon there would be a “United States of Europe, a de-industrialized settlement covered in wind turbines” in which not only all national identities would be abolished, but all cars would be electric, “and only available via car-sharing.”

    The AfD’s retrograde views are especially well-received in rural areas, where many depend on their cars. The party portrays itself as the party that wants to “save diesel.” That also happens to be the slogan on the election poster that the AfD’s district associations have ordered the most. According to the party’s European election platform, “millions of diesel drivers were practically dispossessed” because the government, the other parties and the EU decided that combustion engines were bad and anachronistic. In Velten, Meuthen even claimed that the “diesel limits” from Brussels were “destroying our car industry” and that the entire sector would disappear. He received loud applause from people who saw him as the fighter who would save the combustion engine.

    The AfD’s stance on the climate makes it an outlier not just in Germany, but in Europe as well. “When it comes to climate change, the AfD is among the hardliners of the European right-wing populists,” said Stella Schaller, a climate expert at Berlin’s adelphi think tank. With a colleague, Schaller analyzed 21 European right-wing populist parties’ platforms, statements and voting behavior in the European Parliament. “No other party, with the exception of Britain’s UKIP, denies human-induced climate change as vehemently as the AfD.”

    Dubious Backers

    The AfD works especially closely with the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). Contrary to its name, EIKE is not a scientific institute, but merely an association. There are no legal restrictions on the term “institute.”

    On its website, the group argues that climate policy is a “pretense” for leaders to “control the economy and the population” and to “burden people with taxes.” Almost every day, the group posts something new on its blog or Twitter feed. Sometimes it presents new figures, but mostly it just shares a lot of photo montages and flashy headlines. It tries to stir up hatred against the “Friday for Future” demonstrations and against Greta Thunberg, who some EIKE members refer to as “Greta Tuna” or that “climate protection hussy.” As far as institutes go, this one only seems to churn out unsophisticated propaganda.

    An attempt to visit EIKE in Jena, where the organization is registered, was not entirely successful. First, a press spokesman excused himself multiple times. Later, he said he wasn’t authorized to answer the questions being asked. The group’s president suggested a visit in the coming week, but then stopped answering his phone. His deputy, Michael Limburg, eventually took pity and said on the phone: “EIKE is unaffiliated with any political party.”

  14. pbw

    Note this extract from one of the articles mentioned in the GWPF newsletter, to which Rafe linked above.

    From China To The US, Dwindling Subsidies Take Shine Off Electric Cars
    Nikkei Asian Review, 1 May 2019

    Beijing’s decision to gradually fade out its generous subsidies for electric vehicles was widely known in the industry, but when the official announcement came on March 26, many were caught by surprise.

    “The new policy was more aggressive than we expected,” said Joseph Wong, Nomura’s Hong Kong-based automotive industry analyst, in a research note published the same day.

    Wong and his fellow analyst Benjamin Lo said the cuts were more severe than imagined: They will be reduced by half this summer. Also surprising was the fact that electric vehicles with a driving range of less than 250 km will no longer be eligible for subsidies at all.

    Shares of leading electric vehicle and battery makers, like BYD in Hong Kong, Contemporary Amperex Technology — commonly known as CATL — in Shenzhen and BAIC BluePark New Energy Technology in Shanghai, all dropped over 2% after the news. In New York, Shanghai-based electric vehicle maker NIO lost 7.3%.

    Government grants have been playing a crucial, if not decisive, role in the growth of electric vehicles around the world. By bringing actual purchase prices closer to those of traditional gasoline and diesel engine cars, subsidies have jump-started the industry. According to local media reports based on official documents, the Chinese government’s aggregate subsidies for new energy vehicles exceeds 100 billion yuan ($14.8 billion).

    This policy has helped create the world’s largest electric vehicle market. A total of 1.25 million vehicles were sold in 2018, a 62% jump on the previous year and 71 times higher than only five years ago.

    With China and the U.S. curtailing these policies — the Trump administration plans to phase out subsidies entirely by 2020 — the young EV industry faces a crucial test. China says it is shifting gears to support “high quality development” of the industry, weeding out subcompetitive players and encouraging companies to stand on their own.

    However, the cuts could also hurt even the leading players. The Nomura analysts are now cautious on top EV manufacturers such as BYD and Yutong Bus, since “the pace of subsidy reduction has been much faster than that of battery cost decline,” which puts more pressure on profit margins.

    NIO clearly stated the importance of government assistance in its latest annual report in early April. “Our growth depends significantly on the availability and amount of government subsidies, economic incentives and government policies that support the growth of new energy vehicles generally and electric vehicles specifically,” it said.

    The company said the new subsidy policy will result in a “significant reduction in the total subsidy amount applicable to the ES8,” its first volume manufactured passenger car, compared to last year.

    The full story.

  15. Ros

    Green Alarm As World Cools On New Renewable Energy. Not to worry, now they have biodiversity, a million species extinction and indigenous landcare, with their forms of agro-ecosystems and regenerative agriculture. Can’t work out how they got their million as it is claimed it is derived from the UN’s Red List, which only nominates possibles of a 100,000.

    “Acknowledgement by the Global Assessment of the contribution indigenous and local knowledge and practices can provide to halt the decline of biodiversity and to live in harmony with nature is a constructive step forward particularly given that indigenous peoples manage or have tenure rights over about a quarter of the land’s surface,”
    Aroha Mead, former Chair of the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic, and Social Policy, and one of the Lead Authors of the planned IPBES assessment of the conceptualisation of values of biodiversity and nature’s benefits to people.”

    “Many indigenous peoples and local communities “cannot imagine their life divorced from nature and their interest in the sustainable use of resources is strong,” said Eva Müller, Director of the Forestry Policy and Resources Division at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.
    “Empowerment of these groups combined with their knowledge and long-term planning skills is essential to ensure the survival of future generations – of both humans and wildlife,” Müller said on this year’s World Wildlife Day.”
    UN Environment April 2017. And they have delivered. We have another global Elite religion. The report,

    “The report also reveals the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem function is much less pronounced on lands managed by Indigenous peoples and local communities. It also recognises the significant role of Indigenous knowledge, governance systems and culturally-specific worldviews which adopt a stewardship approach to managing natural systems.

    The report identified agriculture, forestry and urbanisation as the number one reason for biodiversity loss in land-based ecosystems and rivers.”

    And the 4 most important urgent steps, include
    “elevate Indigenous and local knowledge and communities.”

    So what do we eat, where do we live. All become Pope Francis’s small holdings farmers taking us back to Nature.

    Apparently it is now very improper to speak of the noble savage. Or the glowing picture of indigenous heroes and their ability to feed the world, no longer simple minded, but still uncorrupted by any of the moral failings of modern civilization and possessing an innate wisdom and connection to nature. But that is the story and it feeds nicely into down with Capitalism and Individualism and Democracy

    But not to worry, if we do as they require, all will be well.

    “If we get biodiversity protection right, we will also address issues in food production, healthcare, the economy and climate change, one of the world’s leading conservationists told the National Biodiversity Conference today.
    Inger Andersen, director general of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said that she was optimistic that, as the driver of the “the Earth’s sixth mass extinction”, we can also “change all of this”.
    She said that we have the evidence that “conservation works” and the knowledge needed to take action. Working with nature to conserve biodiversity will help to address many of humanity’s greatest challenges, such as putting an end to hunger, poverty, and inequality, she added.”

    And it seems as if they are saying biodiversity is the really important issue with climate change just one of a number of contributors, but which will be solved by solving biodiversity.

    “So what of the greatest catastrophe of all? The collapse of the natural world that we are causing, the impacts of which are now lashing at millions of people? A chronic catastrophe years, decades, centuries in the making? We are in middle of the sixth extinction crisis. We are pushing beyond the planetary boundaries. Are we joined up enough to address these? Do we have the institutions that can connect us?”

  16. min
    #3007443, posted on May 8, 2019 at 9:05 am

    If I was to choose a pagan god it wouldn’t be Bill Shorten.

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