Wind watch at dinner time

24 hours with Wind below 33% (2GW) and down to 8% this evening. Gas and hydro ramped up.

In SA and Victoria Wind is just about invisible. So much for all the extra capacity coming on line. Prices near $300 all over apart from Tasmania at 100.

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8 Responses to Wind watch at dinner time

  1. woolfe

    $45 in Perth, no doubt our Labor government have plans to bring us in line with the national stuff up.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    We must triple the amount of renewables so that they cant work either even multiply it by ten ,doesnt mater how much we increase the capacityit still wont make any difference ,cant these bloody idiots see this?or is it jst push on with the scam till the revolution wipes them out with their stupid windmills and solar panels
    Its a bit like the UK elites stuffing brexit ,,stuff the voters our wealth comes first ._

  3. mem

    In SA and Victoria Wind is just about invisible. So much for all the extra capacity coming on line. Prices near $300 all over apart from Tasmania at 100.

    Now in Victoriastan demand for electricity is 6548 and supply at 6472 with wind and solar providing a meager 6. Surely you would think a politician or two would bother to look at this stuff and realize we are in deep trouble pursuing more renewables.

  4. Lilliana

    The answer, apparently, is to build more inter-connectors between NEM regions and built more renewables out in the boonies and then have to build miles of transmission lines.

    These are extremely expensive projects and someone (customers, us) will have to pay megabucks to cover the cost.

    While we spend billions chasing renewables to supposedly save the planet from imminent doom the use of coal is rising across the Middle East, with new generators planned for Turkey, Israel, Iran Dubai and Jordan. Last time I checked we all share the same atmosphere . I suspect the whole Paris Agreement is little more than globalisation by stealth.

  5. Fang

    Theres also a problem when all subsidies are removed from current wind and solar that is currently built and been built, is the cost of moth balling all of the infrastructure! As “local land owners” allegedly get $13000 per wind tower/annum! One local land owner has 19 of these towers on his property’s! 🤨 (One way to drought proof the farm!)
    I know this particular land owner will want his very expensive pound of flesh from tax payer if Goverment changes policy! How many others will demand the same?

  6. Genghis

    Are you aware that when a Wind Farm (oxymoron) is not producing it requires other power sources to start again. On todays chart the CULLRGWF pulled 8.5 Mw out of the system to get going again. It is all BS if we want to lower CO2 we have to go Nuclear.

  7. Fang

    Molten salt reactor Genghis! MSR 😉

  8. Up The Workers!

    Perhaps you’d find a tad more wind, if you waited till after dinner?

    Just saying!

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