Please Prime Minister no more Mr Niceguy

According to legend Chainsaw Al Dunlap told James Packer if he wanted to run a business he had to stop calling himself Jamie.

Prime Minister the election is over. You pandered to the electorate, made yourself a small target, projected the image of a nice family guy next door and didn’t frighten the horses. It is time to stop being Scomo and become the serious leader that we need for troubled times.

Don’t bother to start tweeting or dye your hair yellow.

For a start, no more following the crowd on climate change. That was smart politics last month, you can’t win the climate debate in an election campaign. But now you have the opportunity to lead opinion instead of following it. Get real about the non-issue of our emissions and debacle of unreliable energy. Look at the German trifecta of failure. How much more do you need to know?

The ALP and the Greens are sitting ducks if you can explain the realities of climate change and unreliable energy to the public. Have you got the people in Cabinet to do it? Or out of Cabinet – Craig Kelly for example. Most of them have made fools of themselves in the past, they had better to better in future.

There is a laundry list of other issues where serious leadership is required. Free speech, red and green tape, the national debt. You can make yourself a hero for the people if you get strong on these things, you just have to put up with abuse from the usual suspects.

Here is some leadership.

The One Nation leader last week said she wanted the government to back her plans for a royal commission into family law, the implementation of the Bradfield water scheme, and a coal-fired power station before she negotiated on tax cuts.

I don’t know about the Bradfield scheme but you have to like the idea of coal-fired power although as usual she has probably got it half wrong, we want appropriate incentives in the power system, not more government involvement.

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  1. Shy Ted

    Never mind “Where’s Wally”, where’s ScoMo?

  2. Tim Neilson

    you have to like the idea of coal-fired power although as usual she has probably got it half wrong, we want appropriate incentives in the power system, not more government involvement

    Ideally we wouldn’t have any “incentives” except what the market is willing to offer. However, there’s no way we’ll be extracting ourselves from our self-inflicted regulatory mess any time soon.
    So we will have to work out what can be offered as assurance to private sector participants that they won’t be bankrupted by more green lunacy. Road block – the near certainty of a Labor/Greens government well within the investment horizon.

  3. Roger

    You mustn’t have heard:

    Morrison has added “and Emissions Reductions” to Angus Taylor’s Minister for Energy title.

  4. Rafe Champion

    I don’t want to know that.

  5. C.L.

    Great stuff, Rafe.

  6. Rebel with cause

    Morrison has added “and Emissions Reductions” to Angus Taylor’s Minister for Energy title.


    Minister for policing cow farts. How good is Australia?

  7. Don’t forget where all this started: Greg Hunt introduced the renewable energy targets in June 2015, consolidating his place in Australian history as a public idiot.

    RETs mean inefficiency, subsidies and increased costs.

    When a government introduces a target – especially in a federal system – which way does the target move?
    Never downwards.

    The target then becomes a plaything of unelected public servants, whose lives are generally so empty, so meaningless, so dull, so unacknowledged that they will do anything – anything – to convince themselves that at least today they did something significant.

  8. Percy Popinjay

    Hunt introduced the renewable energy targets in June 2015

    When a certain “common or garden variety conservative” just so happened to be Prime Minister.

  9. Rusty of Qld

    NUCLEAR Power. Build it now, zero emmissions wedge the Greens/ALP and their running dogs. Do you want to “save the planet” “think of the future generations” and have affordable, reliable and 24/7 power available in copious quantities, or bankrupt the country with the renewable scam?

  10. John A

    …you just have to put up with abuse from the usual suspects.

    Which abuse will come, whatever you do. So you might as well give the abusers some “satisfaction” that they are abusing you for a good purpose.

    Otherwise known by the old adage “better to be hung for a sheep as a lamb.”

  11. Pyrmonter

    you have to like the idea of coal-fired power

    Why? It centralizes political and industrial power, and PHON – a bunch of Old Laborites – would be perfectly content to do so, resurrecting the Australia of the 1930s, a world of state patronage, arbitrary discretion and illiberalism.

  12. Herodotus

    Good grief!
    Another anti-coal goalpost shifter, or shitfer if you prefer.
    Coal power doesn’t equal centralised political or industrial power.
    Left/green policies certainly do. At least centralised political power, with (they prefer) no industries.
    I could jokingly say that there are a lot of Indian villages that would be very happy to be brought up to Australian 1930s standard of living. It was, incidentally, the era when Bradfield was building Sydney’s transport infrastructure.
    I recommend running huge headstock pipes from up near Dorrigo down to the Bellinger and installing a hydro power station. It could be called the Bradfield station to honour the great man.

  13. Pyrmonter

    @ Herodotus

    Not sure how old you are, but I remember the ETU’s predecessors shutting down generation across most of the country at some time or another in the 1980s – something it could only do because of the bilateral monopolies of generation and employment as between the ETU and the employers. That’s where PHON are headed, whether they want it or not. One of the great successes of public policy in the 1980s and 1990s was putting distance between politicians and industrial issues; the program of both PHON on the one side, and the Greens and ALP on the other, is to revive that connection. We’ve been there before; has no-one learned anything?

  14. Chris M

    Too right Rafe!

    Pauline has the balls that Slomo lacks…

  15. Chris M

    (Try again, see if this gets past the Libertarian censors)

    Too right Rafe!

    Pauline has the gonads that Slomo appears to lack…

  16. iamok

    I have asked Adam Bandt many times exactly who the 97% of scientists are, what they were asked and exactly what they said. Response? Crickets. This is a giant scam and many of us know it.

  17. Rafe Champion

    Mark M, what is the ABC thinking when they publish a chart like that. 2000 is when the cheaper wind and solar started to penetrate the grid!

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