Listen up y’all!

Trump is the man!

And Betsy DeVoss.

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  1. areff

    Trump is the man! And Betsy DeVoss

    Betsy DeVoss is a man? Who new.

  2. Alessio

    “Trump is the man! And Betsy DeVoss

    Betsy DeVoss is a man? Who new.”

    I think everyone Knew she was a woman but nowadays who knows.

  3. Confused Old Misfit

    There is yet hope!
    The next 10 years may test her resolve.

  4. Rafe Champion

    In that context man is gender-free like Chairman, from the root ‘manus’. See John Roskam’s weekly email.

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    What an amazing young child, certainly very confident

  6. Linden

    Besty DeVoss husband owns Amway, or is one of the original owning families. What she is doing is putting traditional teaching back into education is my guess.

  7. Linden

    Betsy, husband suitably named Rich De Voss,

  8. Entropy

    I suspect that is Arnold Schwarzenegger in a blonde wig behind her, a la entry into Mars Customs in Total Recall.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Tinta,I thought my 14 year old youngest grand daugher was switched on ,this girl is amazing ,an old head on young shoulders as my Grandma used to say . Good on her . [

  10. Cardimona

    I wonder why she has chosen such a “traditional” route to the White House and not a more Trumpian New York property developer billionaire/reality TV star route…?

  11. Iampeter

    What does it say about the level of political discourse, when a child, mindlessly reciting talking points, is on the same level as the so-called professionals?

    I can’t imagine what you were thinking posting this and that you didn’t see the obvious, unintentional comedy at your expense.

  12. What does it say about the level of political discourse, when a child, mindlessly reciting talking points,

    Says the one who mindlessly recites Leftist talking points.

  13. bespoke

    I’m about as exited about this child as I am for the one heading the ‘climate change’ movement.

  14. Andysaurus

    My vote for ‘hope for the future’ that I might even see, is Candace Owens. She has blossomed in the past 2 years and only seems to be improving.

  15. Perth Trader

    When I hear a Democrat Presidential hopeful put forward a policy for transexuals to access free abortions ..ya just gotta wonder where it all went wrong.

  16. Mother Lode

    Sorry, but this is an 11 year old kid. How do you think she came to her conclusions? Drawing on her vast worldly experiences? Lengthy debates? Tireless research and investigation?

    Granted she is more informed than Obama ever was or that yapping pack of Democrat hopefuls.

    Look, it is great that she is fired up? The principles that she is giving exercise to are laudable. But much of what she is saying will have been what she has picked up from her parents, their friends, YouTube clips, and her teacher.

    I don’t like seeing kids used to push AGW largely because is teachers abusing their position, but also because it is unfair to the,kids development to put them on the spot and make them responsible for wider consequences of what they say that they cannot possibly grasp.

    A kid growing up learns not from some set of first principles. They don’t learn what a cricket ball is, and then separately what a bat is. They learn to throw a ball at a bat, and to use a bat to hit a ball. Similarly they learn about responsibility, choice, freedom etc from being responsible for things, making choices etc.

    It is like when you hold a match to a candle. You touch the match to the wick, and somewhere the candle has a flame of its own separate to the match. Let the kid continue to develop their opinions, ultimately retaining or rejecting others she learned, making them her own. But away from cameras.

  17. Crossie

    This girl just outed her teacher as a Republican which will not go unpunished in the staff room.

  18. P

    Let the kid continue to develop their opinions, ultimately retaining or rejecting others she learned, making them her own. But away from cameras.

    Yes. Her name is Millie March. She’s made a couple more vids since the above one. Repetitive. The worst being one with Judge Roy Moore.

    When I was 11yrs old I was reading of the March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.

  19. Sorry, but this is an 11 year old kid.

    Most kids of that age will form opinions based on what their parents etc believe in and pass on. But that aside, she was quite articulate and that illustrates a degree of confidence, knowledge and intelligence.

    Compare that to the inarticulate babbling coming out of the mouths of much older children and especially many adult NPCs of the Left.

  20. Tom

    One thing America doesn’t have is kids who are shy in front of a camera. This kid is great — and as sharp as a tack. Thanks for posting it, Rafe. I’m guessing she’ll be running for president around 2048!

  21. Robber Baron

    She should offer herself as the senate replacement for Mitch Fifield. She’s way better than what’s on offer.

  22. hzhousewife

    I liked the part where she admits she doesn’t yet know everything. I suspect this phase will pass, but meanwhile she knows she has a lot to learn – and so many ambitions. I notice among the youngsters I come across today that they mostly have no curiosity, no ambition, no desire to learn, I find it so sad that they have given up before even starting out in life. This kid though, I can’t imagine her ever giving up on something, right to the end. She is a treat!

  23. Colonel Crispin Berka

    From the mouths of babes…

    Actually I have to agree with Iampeter at this point. Until information surfaces attesting to the prodigy-level genius of this child, I’m going to assume she is mindlessly reciting talking points fed to her by someone. Kids are great imitators, it is a basic learning and survival skill. None of what she says about politics can be taken as an original judgement.

    Top marks for confidence and fluidity. Had to laugh that the people giving her the most grief about her opinions are the 6th-graders. It seems the only people who take her “opinion” seriously are 6th-graders and Rafe.

  24. It seems the only people who take her “opinion” seriously are 6th-graders and Rafe.

    So why is it that so many adults are taking children’s voices seriously, for example, when it comes to these inane ‘take a day off school to protest climate change’? That’s really a rhetorical question, as we all know the answer.

  25. NuThink

    I would trust this young girls judgement over that of Greta Thunberg and Amy Carter, as she could answer questions put to her. More than a parrot.

    The UN and the “WORLD” believe Greta, and Jimmy Carter consulted Amy born 1967 in the 1980 debate with Ronald Reagan.

    Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg is a Swedish activist who, at age 15, began protesting outside the Swedish parliament about the need for immediate action to combat climate change and has since become an outspoken climate activist. Wikipedia
    Born: 3 January 2003 (age 16 years), Sweden
    Nationality: Swedish
    Movement: School strike for climate

    Then there was Amy Carter.

    Carter did not receive the “hands off” treatment that most of the media later afforded to Chelsea Clinton.[9] President Carter mentioned his daughter during a 1980 debate with Ronald Reagan, when he said he had asked her what the most important issue in that election was and she said, “the control of nuclear arms”. Once, when asked whether she had any message for the children of America, Amy replied with a simple “no”.[10] Controversy resulted when Carter was seen reading a book during a state dinner at the White House, which was seen as being offensive to foreign guests.[9]

    Queen Victoria came to the throne when she was 18 year old and was there for 64 years.
    How many big companies have been started by young people, and old age is no guarantee of wisdom.

    There are some here who imply she is just parroting what she has heard – just like our ABC.
    Any way it is all the rage these days to listen to what the average school kids say – what about the school strikes?

    Check out some very young achievers.

  26. Anita

    There’s a Trump in the making.

  27. Lutz

    Maybe some commenters above should compare what this girl says to what AOC has been saying and then decide who has more sense. All of us get our information from the world and the people around us.

  28. Enoch Root

    I don’t like when kids are used by the left. I can’t like wen they’re used by the right.

    Sorry. Saw nothing great about it. I strongly believe that children have their own opinions since very young. But I also strongly believe that they copy their model adults in much of their opinions and behaviors. There’s no way to tell the difference wrt this girl as much as there’s no way to tell the difference wrt Greta Thunberg.

    As much as I like Trump and what it represents, and despise Dems and their SJW, we don’t need to get as low as they to win the argument. There is no space for children (both literal and metaphorical children) in the political arena. Politics is a grown up realm… Should stay that way.

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