Should have gone to Specsavers…

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  1. stackja

    Umpiring disputed? I am shocked!

  2. Leigh Lowe

    Even watching on my i-phone, my immediate reaction was that it had made it over the line.
    McPolo-Pony will be relieved that Essendon won, but still, percentage is also important.

  3. a reader

    It’s AFL. Who cares? Silly Victorian game

  4. Nob

    OP translated:
    “baldheaded ape flog, boo!”

  5. Wally Dali

    How’s the economics blog coming along, Sinc?

  6. Dave in Marybrook

    How’s the economics blog coming along, Sinc?

  7. Sinclair Davidson

    How’s the economics blog coming along, Sinc?

    Sport is big business and lots of fascinating economics too.

  8. Megan

    The two Bombers supporters on the couch were having a full on tantrum about the umpiring. It’s approaching ridiculous.

  9. Exit Stage Right

    Wasn’t even a close call.
    The goal umpire should never umpire at this level again. The only positive you could say was that he put himself in a perfect viewing position.
    The AFL seem to be all over the shop with its use or non use of technology. Each week brings more idiotic decisions or non decisions that could have been clarified with a bit more direction from those in charge. The game has degenerated into a made for TV show, so that speed is the essence. Don’t get me started on the central umpires! Push in the back and around the neck free kicks no longer exist; all players throw the ball instead of handball, short passes of about 8 metres are OK, most players look backwards as their first option when attacking. And the players can’t kick straight when lining up the goals, despite each side having half a dozen kicking coaches. Sorry about the rant-I triggered myself!

  10. Bad Samaritan

    It’s entirely possible that whoever kicked / pushed the ball across the line is a known homophobe or I-phobe which means he/she/it will probably never be given a goal (definitely no behinds) again. Which is the only appropriate response to such bigotry.

    In the event that this reprobate turns out to be not a h or I phobe then the accusation is enough anyway.

    Isn’t it time for this blog to enter the 21st Century already?

  11. Dave in Marybrook

    Ok, can’t help myself-
    the video review has been brought in as a product to sell TV audiences.
    But having said that, what’s the point in terms of the way of the game to microscopically dissect the look of the ball and the hand? If handling the ball- a fault, ie against the rules of the game for obvious reasons- has not apparently altered the course of a kick, then let it play on. This should be true both for a kick off the boot and a ball sailing into the goalposts- is the smotherer hasn’t smothered the kick, play on. And if a defender has failed to mark or punch away an incoming kick on goals, then it’s too late to beg the ump- it’s a goal.
    If the only evidence of hand contact is a flipping digit in a single frame of a video feed, then it’s pretty obviously had no impact on the course of the ball.

  12. W Hogg

    Where was the boundary umpire at the point post? They would have had a good view. The goal umpire has a lot of stuff on – the boundary guys only 1 at that point.

    The bigger umpiring problem is cricket Law 19.8 though. They’re ALWAYS wrong on that, and it’s now cost a World Cup.

  13. Roger W

    Criticizing the umpire – isn’t this now a form of hate-speech (or in this case, hate-picture)?
    I’m sure Sinc will now face a lifetime ban at the hands of the behavioral awareness officers.

  14. Ellie

    Diversity is is all the rage in the AFL. It evidently extends to the visually impaired as well.

  15. John A

    Ellie #3118154, posted on July 29, 2019, at 2:41 pm

    Diversity is is all the rage in the AFL. It evidently extends to the visually impaired as well.

    Nope – the umpires will be always targets, never victims.

    Sez this ex-juniors ump of many years back.

  16. Bob in Castlemaine

    Fortunate that Essendon didn’t get done by a goal aye….
    The flag waver definitely needs to visit Specsavers though.

  17. the sting

    Have to agree with Exit Stage Right , where is the free kick for diving onto someone’s back who is lying on the ground [ used to be reportable ] and riding them like a horse . Also charging with the flight of the ball at an opponent who is waiting to mark the ball . If a player is on his knees near the ball apparently you can come in head on and grab him around the neck and he gets pinged for holding the ball . As a former player I do not know what the rules are anymore.

  18. Exit Stage Right

    Thanks Sting,
    We could go on and on about the rule changes, but it is probably only us old stagers that give a shit. I finished playing in 1983 and I can hardly recognise the game. I do admit that today’s players are a lot fitter than the Class of 83, BUT they still can’t kick straight and stats mean nothing when you are toe poking to each other on the backline, backwards, sideways, a little forward, then back again. Boring as batshit. As for goal umpires, pretty cushy job I would have thought-surely you can see what is in front of you. How difficult is that.
    Like your comment Ellie. Probably a work experience person from RoP.

  19. Rohan

    It was parallax error.

  20. Justinian the Great

    With full evidence of a glaring error there is nothing to see. With zero evidence 34 players got suspended and had their reputations trashed. Welcome to justice A F L style!!

  21. stackja

    Footy fan loses bet due to umpiring howler

    When David Zaharakis’ kick sailed over the goal line against the Gold Coast on Sunday it completed a “miracle multi” for one footy punter … then the umpire called play on.
    PETER ROLFE, sports affairs reporter, Herald Sun
    Subscriber only an hour ago

    An unlucky punter is crying poor after an umpiring blunder spoiled what should have been a miracle AFL bet.

    Footy fan Corey McKerrow stood to earn $12,505 for a $5 outlay when he punted on Essendon’s 10 point win against Gold Coast Suns at the weekend.

    When four of the five legs of the Sportsbet punt came good, the Hawthorn fan grew nervously excited.

    And when Essendon’s David Zaharakis kicked truly in the third term, he should have been celebrating an unlikely windfall.

    But an umpiring blunder that saw play-on called — despite the ball clearly sailing over the goal line before being tapped back into play — cost him dearly.

    The AFL this week admitted the goal should have been awarded, giving the Bombers more breathing space in an intensely close game and Mr McKerrow a sizeable earner.

    But the betting agency has refused to honour a bet he dubbed the “miracle multi blind Freddy would have paid”.

    “I was pretty disappointed and to be honest it really should be paid,’’ he said.

    “The AFL has admitted the mistake and Sportsbet only pay out under official AFL rules.

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