C.L. : Judges found him to be a compelling witness

An accused paedophile has been used as an expert by the Family Court in custody disputes that involve allegations of child sexual abuse.

The psychologist, who has since been charged with sexually abusing three children, was appointed by the Family Court to make custody recommendations in cases where one parent had accused the other of sexual abuse.

One of Australia’s foremost family law experts said it could open the way for custody rulings involving the expert to be overturned…

The psychologist remains on bail and the matter has been adjourned to October.

The psychologist cannot be identified for legal reasons.

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12 Responses to C.L. : Judges found him to be a compelling witness

  1. stackja

    Legal reasons? I am shocked.

  2. De Fred Lenin

    The perils of expert witnesses ,a common occurence I should think . Like having hockey manne as your climate expert .

  3. notafan

    so much ringing of truth I am getting dizzy

  4. Leo G

    A good thing the expert was a barrister rather than a psychologist- otherwise the court may have asked the GG to appoint him to the bench.

  5. Leo G

    … was a psychologist rather than a barrister …

  6. thefrollickingmole

    This is a little odd.

    He may have done exactly whats alledged.

    But it appears he has been “fingered” as a report writer who doesnt trash dads, possibly a bigger sin in the eyes of the family court.

    Im also concerned that the women quoted, who allege their ex’s abused the kids seem to not end with “The father was later convicted of…”
    Sort of a 2 for one, they get a swing at the ex again as well as revenge on the chap who didnt roll over and write “daddy did it’.

    Im betting exactly zero of the reports overturned/quashings will be brought in favor of males at all.

    Evil fucking court, let my brothers ex kill him through as decade of unceasing lawfare.

  7. Whalehunt fun

    What is most disgusting is this garbage about no being able to name people. EVERY person in EVERY court case should have their name address and list of all prior convictions and all prior accusations published. That is a justice system. Open and public. The leering loons that infest the courts and parliament need to be cleaned out and some proper justice instituted.

  8. JC

    One of these dudes says he’s running in the GOP primary against Trump. Which one as I can’t tell the difference.


  9. Rex Mango

    These are the only rules in family law 1. Lawyers always get paid, 2. ‘W’ for wife stands for winner & 3. ‘H’ for husband spells help!

    This former beak got about half the punishment of Pell for worse crimes, that it’s possible he committed too:

    <a href="http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/aug/24/former-magistrate-graeme-curran-jailed-for-indecently-assaulting-underage-boy&quot;

  10. FelixKruell

    The psychologist, who has since been charged with sexually abusing three children,

    Does CL also think this one is innocent?

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