The road to ruin in WA. The EPA goes mad, trusting the IPCC.

From Jo Nova. The WA Environmental Protection Authority wants every new project to aim for carbon neutrality, costing billions, almost certainly increasing pollution overseas. The idea is to lower temperatures over WA by 2100 AD.

The function of the EPA is to “protect the environment and abate pollution” and Jo notes that the agency would be legally obliged to assess the scientific evidence.

The EPA declares that human emissions are driving changes to the climate and the scientific data is “robust and compelling”. However the EPA does not list or discuss any data at all. It quotes The 2018 State of the Climate Report from the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO, and the October 2018 IPCCs Special Report on Global Warming.

“Taken together, this information is of concern and cannot be dismissed as speculative or incorrect.”

The EPA is not quoting evidence or data in the background paper. It is merely repeating committee reports. Given that management of the West Australian environment depends upon these forward projections, and billions of dollars depends upon the EPA guidelines, the onus of due diligence surely rests with the EPA, not with a foreign unaccountable organization such as the IPCC.

Read it all for more on the lack of credibility of the IPCC.

For a bonus, this is a summary of the demolition job that Donna Laframboise inflicted on the IPCC.

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29 Responses to The road to ruin in WA. The EPA goes mad, trusting the IPCC.

  1. Gbees

    “The idea is to lower temperatures over WA by 2100 AD.” – oh the futility of this. Isn’t the planet gone within next 12 years or was it 18 months? I’m confused.

  2. stackja

    Where was WA EPA when Marble Bar had record heat wave years ago?

  3. Rex Mango

    Australian voters elect representatives to state and federal parliaments, who then appoint agencies which then duckshove decisions based on the say so of UN kleptocrats, who are accountable to no-one. Why bother voting in the first place.

    Also is the weather a state, or federal issue and if it is a state issue, can’t the federales pass legislation that covers the field, thereby removing state governments from the equation? Surely the weather doesn’t obey arbitrary lines like state borders.

  4. egg_

    “The idea is to lower temperatures over WA by 2100 AD.”

    Global warming has now gone regional?
    Only to a Leftoid brain.
    /Clown Universe

  5. Karabar

    If SC 25 duplicates the Maunder Minimum (Which seems to be a very real possibility) then perhaps Perth will some year enjoy a white Christmas.
    Will that then be enough for these idiots to stop worrying about the “warming”?

  6. Rex Mango

    As all the WA weather ends up in SA, or the NT, can’t those two then drop their climate policies and get a free ride of the loons to the west who are working so hard to control the weather?

  7. Up The Workers!

    When the very last Australian is laying dying in the super-heated dried-up desert where our reservoirs, weirs and dams once used to be way back before the rains totally stopped falling in the 1990’s, will it be the heat from all that lethally poisonous human breath that finally kills him/her, or will it be the dreadful thirst, or will it be the drowning from the fast-rising sea levels which shuffles the unfortunate off this mortal coil?

    Personally, I have my money on the teeming masses of the imaginary “Stolen Generations” to all arrive ‘en mass’ out of the sunset in their petrol-guzzling V8’s, to save the day by putting Humpty Dumpty together again and utterly bamboozle all those cretinous fraudsters and scientifically illiterate carpet-bagging Leftard apocalyptic catastrophists at the:
    B.o.M. (Bureau of Mendacity),
    C.S.I.R.O. (Crap Science Inspired by Religious Oratory), and the
    I.P.C.C. (Imbecile Peons Compiling Crap).

    Brought to you by Flim Flannery’s grossly improbable kindergarten fairy-tales for gullible Leftard 4-year-olds.

  8. Roger

    The idea is to lower temperatures over WA by 2100 AD.

    Confusing weather with climate!

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    These polliewankers cant balance a budget but they can change the clliimate? Clever buggers arent they? Poor Ole Canute he couldnt even stop the tide ,but then he didnt have a tiny uni degree did he ?
    With a bit of luck the rising seas might drown the useless articles .

  10. Ubique

    The EPA should be asking itself to what degree have the untold billions spent on renewables and other climate change boondoggles in the past 25 years lowered temperatures over WA, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Thus informed, the EPA would be in a better position to consider the cost-benefit of its proposed policies.

  11. Lee

    Is the WA Environmental Protection Authority being advised by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Extinction Rebellion?

  12. kingsley

    Is anyone aware of a website that regularly tracks the monthly weather balloon or satellite data against the IPCC models? I can find graphs a plenty up to about 2015, but then with the El Nino in 2016 ”muddying the waters”, both sides of the debate seem to have stopped presenting the two alongside each other. When you look at the chart showing the average of the IPCC models done in 2015 you can see that by now the temperature anomaly should be at about 0.9 degrees, when last 2 months for instance, the UAH satellite data came in a bit under 0.4. It is clear that the models, bar the far more modest Russian model, only match real world data in El Nino years. Once El Ninos wane, the temperature drops way below their models.
    To my mind it is the ultimate argument against this madness. To graphically show with the real world data against the predictions just how hopelessly ”over cooked” the models are. But alas I can’t find a current graph.

  13. Shy Ted

    In recent days/weeks there has been a massive gas find in the Perth Basin with significant rises in the share prices of some explorers. Can’t have the proles getting ahead, can we? I have a pitchfork in my shed, I’ll see you in the street outside the WA parliament.

  14. Dear Rex Mango, sorry no free ride for SA and the NT. After WA grinds its economy into dust the productivity gains from “cooling” of 0.00 degrees C that we send eastwards will be worth nothing compared to the loss of the GST cash cow. All of Australia (especially states that are net takers of GST) ought be very concerned.

    Worse, WA will be fighting SA and the NT for its share of GST welfare so it too can avoid exploration and mining development.

  15. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Trust thorium.

  16. Nob

    You can defeat these parasites morally, politically, whatever.

    The insidiously evil aspect though is legal.

    They have embedded so much of their paralysing money grabs into legislation and compliance rules that no company in resources extraction can operate without funneling cash their way.

    That’s where the evil creeps are working hardest: using the law.

  17. Nob

    Shy Ted
    #3149009, posted on September 6, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    In recent days/weeks there has been a massive gas find in the Perth Basin with significant rises in the share prices of some explorers

    If you’re talking about Warrego/Strike’s development at Waitsia, near Geraldton, it’s big by recent onshore standards but small compared to the big offshore fields or even established onshore areas like Cooper Basin and Roma.

    All good though, just shows what you can achieve when you get drilling instead of discussing it for years.

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    A solution to politics would be to vote every sittinng member out of office ,think of the punishment that would inflict on the polyclass ,confusion would reign ,public servants would be worked hard like normal people ,all certainty in politics as a career would vanish,it would be a joy to watch . The new sitting members would be terrified of defying the voters ,the public service would be walking a tightrope .
    Now wouldnt that be wort seeing ?

  19. Frank Walker from National Tiles


    Vote them out.

    Vote strongly for minor right-wing parties.

    Imagine if the Primary vote of the three majors went down by 5% each and the LDP and PHON both went up by 7.5%?

  20. Rex Mango

    All these schemes to control the weather are so dumb, not least because we can’t, but also as they are counter productive. Malcolm Turnbull when Environment Minister banned cheap light bulbs to lower the oceans. Nowadays, I tend to leave my lights on more than I used to. This uses more electricity, because light bulbs no longer cost $1, but $6 and turning them on and off wears them out too quick.

  21. struth

    These people are dumb say many of the commenters here.

    You let them off too easily.
    They are nit dumb.
    The are unprincipled left wing hacks psid to grind the Axe against the west.

    While we continue to argue against their insanity with obvious facts we may as well shit in our hands and clap …..What good does it do to argue with those who get paid to believe in a religion.
    We must understand the socislist UN role in this.
    We must draw attention to the corruption of the UN by global socialists, to the bastard Gutteres and Soros…..until then we are the dumb ones.

  22. Nob

    Australia’s stupidity and complacency is Russia’s strength!


    12 August 2019
    Australian DIIS:

    Australia is on track to surpass Qatar as the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, according to Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science (DIIS).

    Biggest markets: China, Japan, Korea.

    29 August 2019
    Alexey Miller, Gazprom:

    In a mere three months, on December 1, 2019, Russian pipeline gas will for the first time enter the Chinese market.

    LNG plants, ports and pipelines on Russia East coast already setting up to supply Japan and Korea.

  23. Snoopy

    LNG plants, ports and pipelines on Russia East coast already setting up to supply Japan and Korea.

    That’s not so bad. Maybe there’ll be some left over for us.

  24. Cpt Seahawks

    Red tape, blue tape, green tape and black tape. Attempting non-Union verified “business” in WA is impossible.

  25. Nob

    #3149251, posted on September 6, 2019 at 9:38 pm
    LNG plants, ports and pipelines on Russia East coast already setting up to supply Japan and Korea.

    That’s not so bad. Maybe there’ll be some left over for us

    Good luck with permission to build pipelines and regasification plants.

  26. Herodotus

    The big glass dome covering the entire area of WA will cost a motza.

  27. Oh come on

    The EPA is indeed full of ideologues, but it is overruled when it goes off the deep end. For example, it nixed the Gorgon gas project before construction started, citing some animal species on Barrow Island. Gorgon was developed anyway.

  28. RB

    To lower temperatures over WA, you would have to reduce temperatures globally. Don’t they realize that the atmosphere doesn’t remain static over WA but circulates around the world? Their regulations won’t do squat. If they really want to reduce temperatures over WA, it would be more effective to eliminate the heat island effect over the cities….and even that would cost billions of dollars.

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