Support “Climate Change: The Facts 2020” from the IPA

Donate here. Every widow’s mite is welcome! It might be hard for a rich man to get into heaven but for $400 you can make yourself a target of abuse from all your leftwing colleagues by having your name published in the book as a sponsor.

The 2017 edition sold more than 30,000 copies, a remarkable achievement with international sales that made it the Number One on Amazon’s list of environmental science books.

This edition could be a collector’s item with contributions from some of the most illustrious contributors in the field. Richard Lindzen, the doyen of climate scientists, Hendrik Svensmark, Roy Spencer and some of our local heroes including Peter Ridd.

It is a coup to have Richard Lindzen in the collection. Hendrik Svensmark is not so well known. For decades he has been exploring the role of the sun and cosmic rays to correct the obsession with CO2. This is a recent paper. Roy Spencer wrote the report that described the spectacular failure of the standard climate models after the pause in warming around 1998.


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4 Responses to Support “Climate Change: The Facts 2020” from the IPA

  1. Herodotus

    The eminent scientists who are sceptical of climate change CO2 hypothesis, or who say quite categorically that it’s a beat up, never get publicity in most of the MSM. Unless it’s to attempt to discredit them via Big Tobacco etc.
    Without an honest approach by the MSM you’ll not win the craven cowardly politicians, who still haven’t the courage to stop this madness.
    It may be a fine book, but most voters will never know it exists.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Plan B is a thinner and less technical book written to the level of the median punter who has a smattering of high school science but is ripe for arguments to explain why the power bill keeps going up while the MSM says renewables are cheaper than coal. This book will be available about the same time as the IPA production.

  3. MPH

    Are the IPA planning to release “Immigration: The Facts 2020”? I scoured their website and it appears to be treated as peripheral to other issues as opposed to a possible root cause.

  4. mem

    I will make it a point to purchase at least two copies, one for myself and the other for one of my alarmist friends that despite considerable education flies into a hissy-fit anytime I mention that the science isn’t settled. Mind you, he is a public servant with absolutely no experience other than working in a bureaucratic environment that trains you to accept whatever dogma comes down from the top floor.

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