Kol Nidre 2019

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  1. stackja

    New to me:

    The many different terms for vows and pledges used in Kol Nidrei can be confusing, especially because the English language is poor in short equivalent terms that express the same nuances. These terms are almost exclusively religious pledges of various kinds: That something will be done (or not done) or given in exchange for a prayer being answered, that something will be done (or not done) for religious purposes or to show religious devotion, that a thing will be used only for religious purposes (e.g., as a tool used for building or repairing the Temple) and never for mundane purposes, that a thing will be given to the Temple or treated as if it were already given to the Temple, and so forth; and to make this declaration all the more clear, every possible synonym for such pledging and for nullification or cancellation of such pledges is used.

  2. calli

    That was beautiful. Thank you, Sinc.

  3. C.L.

    Have always loved Neil Diamond’s voice.
    Nobody else has that timbre.

  4. Ellie

    Very noice. Lovely. Thank you, Doomlord. 🙂

  5. Bruce in WA

    I’m neither of that faith nor particularly religious, but that is beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Rex Mango

    Amazing how the human voice is such a distinctive instrument. Wish I’d heard that not knowing who the singer was, but am sure would’ve recognised him.

  7. struth

    Bloody snot.
    You dopey jooooos.
    You’re bloody music is shit.
    I had a knife to me throat it was that depressing.
    I’ve got Irish background.
    We know the difference between haunting and lonely and pure depression.

    I might support Israel but that doesn’t mean I do that shit.

  8. struth

    Honestly, you do get carried away with yourselves.

  9. C.L.

    The Kol Nidre is not really meant to be “music,” Struth.

    Related … speaking of Jéws’ music.
    Read something amusing today:
    The Razor Tongue Of Keith Richards – 15 Artists He’s Slammed, From David Bowie To Oasis.

    Bob Dylan:

    “Bob’s a nasty little bugger. I remember him saying to me, ‘I could have written Satisfaction, but you couldn’t have written Desolation Row‘. I said, ‘well, you’re right there, Bob’.”

  10. Gavin R Putland

    This is the context in which the piece first came to my Gentile attention:


  11. struth

    It’s crap.
    The joooos need to not be humoured sometimes.
    Their music is snot.
    God bless them.

  12. Clam Chowdah

    My family are of that faith, though I am an atheist. Though not a militant bore.

    This reminds me, I’ve drafted a complete religious rights bill, to assist the Australian government avoid the pitfalls of drafting legislation that would limit rights:

    Section 1 any person shall have the right to pursue any religion as long as it does not break any law or in particular infringe on any other person’s rights and liberties including the absolute freedom of adherents to decide they no longer want to be a member of any religion;

    Section 2 every person shall have the absolute right to criticise or ridicule any religion including if it hurts your stupid feelings.

  13. calli


    The ‘flu is affecting your hearing.

  14. Vagabond

    I couldn’t watch it. I’d get PTSD from my early life with the black hats.

  15. Win

    Thank you ,I also only knew the Bruch version ,which caused me to waste a lot of time playing it to myself on a viola.I never did master the last bit.

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