Not quite smallpox in the blankets but pretty close

As an Indian, Elizabeth Warren should know better. She and fellow Democrats have endorsed what could be described as epidemiological rape. If you’re not aware of it, libertine boundary pushers now demand the repeal of laws which prohibit the intentional transmission of HIV. Warren was so impressed with their ‘argument’ that she included it in her official campaign platform. “We must also decriminalize HIV transmission,” she insists. Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg are also in favour. This may be the most perverse illustration yet seen of the Democrats’ reliance for gaseous fuel on any exploitable malice bubbling up from the sewers beneath them. For a political party whose most powerful institutional ally today is Planned Parenthood (the Auschwitz of interest groups), that’s saying something. Ed Condon has written a brilliant essay on the Democrat push for a “woke integralist regime” where all things must conform to what he calls a “magisterial progressivism” enforced by the state. The party’s lunacy on HIV is an example of how far they’re prepared to go.
Warren’s ‘reasoning’ is that drugs have now made the disease safer than a MAGA cap. At least “in individuals who adhere to treatment and have suppressed the virus,” she adds by way of waiver. But here’s the con: no HIV-positive person is charged under existing laws anyway unless he knowingly infects an oblivious partner; or unless a disease-free complainant discovers a partner’s HIV status and feels aggrieved – if not assaulted – for not having been informed. After all, nobody gives sexual consent to somebody who may or may not be adhering to treatment. Obviously, such litigants very often have a case. Warren, then, is not merely proposing to repeal an obsolete law. She positively intends to legalise something reckless as part of an ideological war against “the right” (blamed for the ‘stigma’ associated with HIV). “We … must prevent the weaponization of religion to discriminate against or harm LGBTQ+ people,” her manifesto thunders. This is the inverted truth always to be found in woke integralist dogma. Translation: Warren is weaponising homosexuals to discriminate against and harm her enemies. Trouble is, innocent people would pay the price.

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  1. stackja

    Does Warren care?
    Probably not.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    HIV ,thats another sex disease they get from sitting on infected toilet seats isnt it?
    Just wait till homosexuality becomes compusory there will be infectious toilet seats everywhere .
    Wasnt HIVinvened by the CIAto wioe out people of colour ? The KGB said it was .
    Thought poofter “marrige “would put a stop to it ,wasnt that the idea?

  3. duncanm

    discriminate against or harm LGBTQ+ people

    hang on – we’ve all been conditioned to the idea that HIV is asexual.

    Is Elizabeth telling us something different?

    It’s so hard to remain bleeding-edge woke these days.

  4. It’s ever the way of the Left. Just consider the latest issue on drugs at music festivals. There are those who want testing of illegal drugs so that festival goes can get their illegal drugs tested for purity and then take them with confidence. What next, government supplying these people with certified safe, illegal, drugs?

  5. Louis Hissink

    Yonks ago I read in either American Thinker or a similar conservative US website that AIDs was essentially self inflicted. The article went into a little detail, which isn’t all that necessary to recount here, but the author pointed out that promiscuous homosexual men tend to have daily colonic irrigations, thus opening the back door totally by removing the protective mucous lining of the colon that stops bacteria getting into the thoracic cavity; the need to perform multiple times per night for many week nights, thus the need for chemical stimulants, etc., the sum total of which results in a basic systemic failure of the human organism, aka as AIDS. Add booze and what not and…

    But…Since their sexual behaviour can’t possibly be the cause of their medical dilemma, it must be something else that is doing it, hence the so-called HIV bug or virus. Typical progressive blaming anyone and anything for one’s own misfortune except themselves. Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

  6. duncanm

    Louis – that’s pretty flawed thinking.

    Transmission of HIV via blood debunks it off the bat.

  7. BoyfromTottenham

    CurrencyLad: “As an Indian…”? I remember Warren having a DNA test that demonstrated she was no more Indian than Donald Trump or I. But I agree that she and her loopy Dems proponents must be bonkers to propose this decriminalisation of HIV transmission.

  8. C.L.

    I see what you did there, Ted. 🙂

    BoyfromTottenham, you’re right. I was being a tad sarcastic.

  9. Mak Siccar

    As an Indian, Elizabeth Warren ….

    Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Wrong! She is one-poofteenth Indian. She cannot ignore the remaining 1023 poofteenths non-Indian. This same malaise affects our so-called indig brethren here in Oz. Call it out at every opportunity.

    EOR (end of rant)

  10. Sean

    Her reasoning seems odd. Even if there is a simple treatment, that’s still a burden someone is passing onto another person for life, with costs involved and a restriction of their own freedoms also.

  11. Mother Lode

    What is the deal if it is the same situation but where the disease is herpes, rather than HIV?

  12. Iain Russell

    Bemused, that is the obvious next step. To prevent an OD, a nurse would be provided to ensure only an appropriate dose was ingested. That M/F/OSD nurse would also remain with aforesaid ingester til sobering up. Simples, I would have thought. Nothings to good for Gen-FWit.

  13. The other thing that comes to mind that makes these issues so insane is that while almost encouraging drug taking, but certainly supporting it, things such as vaping that can actually help smokers are vehemently banned.

  14. So spreading “hate” will be illegal but spreading AIDS will be legal.
    OK got it.

  15. So spreading “hate” will be illegal but spreading AIDS will be legal.

    Stating opinions will be illegal.

  16. NuThink

    Stating opinions will be illegal.

    Stating opinions as news is and will be compulsory for their ABC.

  17. The Left continue to coalesce into an hysterical mob, sucking on dummies in a rubber room.

  18. classical_hero

    AIDS is the first ever PC disease. We know exactly how it’s spread and we can easily stop the spread of it but that would offend a certain demographic and we can’t do that. Prevention is always better than the cure. Don’t forget that the treatment of AIDS is not a cure but a suppression of the disease and requires lifetime usage to stop the spread. This is a costly option and one the taxpayers will foot the bill for. Why should the average person pay for the irresponsible behaviour of a few people?

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