Dan in DC and Tony in Melbourne. Etc.

Dan our man in DC reports some good news for libertarians on the Word Trade Organization.

Earlier this year, I shared a short video about the benefits of the World Trade Organization. 4 mins.

I wanted to keep the video short, so I focused primarily on how the United States disproportionately benefits because other nations are pressured to reduce their trade taxes down to American levels.

Though I also pointed out that all countries benefit as global trade increases.

This is particularly relevant when you ponder President Trump’s trade spat with China. Yes, it would be good for the United States if China liberalized its economy and got rid of its mercantilist policies.

But it also would be good for China.

That’s why free trade is a good idea. It’s good if it’s unilateral free trade. It’s good if it’s bilateral free trade. And it’s good if it’s multilateral free trade.

Tony Thomas relates another sad/amusing story to illustrate the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

BONUS. Climate change not driving wildfires in California.

Ca winning the RE crash dummy race.

In sum, this is SoCalEd’s version of the Green New Deal. Pigs cannot fly no matter how much lipstick is put on them. The stock is a strong short. California is a strong short. There are three climate response crash test dummies in the world today: Australia, UK, and California. This new position paper by the largest California electric utility leapfrogs California into first crash dummy place.

Bashing Fauxahontas with facts about the US energy industry.

This post is extremely political. If you are offended by hardball politics, stop reading here. Comments to the effect that you don’t like political posts or are offended political incorrectness and moderately insensitive language will be mercilessly ridiculed.

Fauxcahontas is truly a “stupid and futile gesture”…

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3 Responses to Dan in DC and Tony in Melbourne. Etc.

  1. stackja

    Fair trade is good.
    DT still President.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Yes, it would be good for the United States if China liberalized its economy and got rid of its mercantilist policies.

    But it also would be good for China.

    Exactly. The current trade war has nothing to do with Trump, it has been Chinese policy for a couple of decades. I’ve seen it many times with Western companies investing then being ripped off.

    Unfortunately the problem is that for the Chinese business is war, and trade is war too. All of it is about maintaining and expanding the dominance of the Party.

    Because the Party has a shaky hold on power they will continue to pursue an aggressive mercantilist policy, seeking to blame foreigners for the woes they have themselves caused.

  3. Fair trade is for wispy mustache soy boys who vote for the Greens.

    Kerry Packer wanted totally free trade. So did Trump, actually.

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