Q&A Forum: November 25, 2019

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  1. Vic in Prossy

    May I have 23 please, Carpe?

  2. Grumpy Racist Homophobe

    2 please.

  3. Pete of Perth

    Scrolling txt will be in Chinese.

  4. Megan

    I am finding it harder and harder to even feign interest in anything to do with the ABC. This particular program needs to be put down with extreme prejudice. That said I’ll nominate 17 for the win.

  5. Davey Boy

    elf 11 if I may
    Dilberserk “we stopped taking foreign donations”

  6. Rex Mango

    Greg Sheridan should make the show watchable, though Snowcone will wear him like a cheap suit. 22 please.

  7. Davey Boy

    Dilberserk – politicians have to do their part in protecting democracy (says this with a straight face) and citizens have a part to play
    – as much as we would like to dear, the parasite class keeps shoving the citizens aside

  8. jupes

    Greg Sheridan should make the show watchable, though Snowcone will wear him like a cheap suit.

    Greg Sheridan still thinks Trump did something wrong and that there is no evidence against Joe Biden.

    They’ll get him to bag Trump.

  9. Rex Mango

    Got a mate flying out of HK & he says you post the wrong thing on Facebook, you are Gonski.

  10. Rex Mango

    James Brown needs to break into Living in America.

  11. Davey Boy

    James Brown the Godfather of Soul – we are now seeing China as they are and not as we would like them to be – it’s political warfare, which democracy is not good at dealing with

  12. Rex Mango

    Dan Andrews should be on the panel.

  13. Rex Mango

    Dan Andrews, Sam Dastayari, Gladys Liu & Keating would’ve been the dream panel.

  14. Davey Boy

    I am waiting for the first apologist for the ChiComs to pop up somewhere…

  15. Rex Mango

    Samantha Powers quietly slips the boot into Trump. Snowcone won’t be able to resist that lead. Shift focus from China to Trump666.

  16. Davey Boy

    well there’s a start someone invokes whataboutism in the Twitter feed by mentioning Nauru and Manus

  17. Rex Mango

    The Weegars are one people I don’t lose too much sleep about, however the Honkies are a different matter.

  18. Rex Mango

    James Brown could do with a dose of Just For Men.

  19. Davey Boy

    …and right on cue, someone mentions Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers… diversionary tactics via Twitter

  20. Rex Mango

    Great to see Plibersek so quiet on the edge there.

  21. Anonandon

    I’d like to know Pope Francis’ position on perecution of christians and muslims in China.

  22. Rex Mango

    Some of the slingshots the HK protesters have made are quite impressive.

  23. Rohan

    Rex Mango
    #3244895, posted on November 25, 2019 at 9:54 pm
    Great to see Plibersek so quiet on the edge there.

    Yeah, but has she rolled her eyes while talking yet?

  24. Rex Mango

    Has Tanya got chest hair?

  25. Where is the balance

    Moderator Tony Jones – hard Left
    Tanya Plebiseck – hard Left ALP
    Samantha Power – hard Left US Democrat
    Tamar Zandberg – hard Left Israeli politician
    Greg Sheridan – Right of Centre journalist
    James Brown – Malcolm Turnbull’ s son in law

    4 vs 2
    Doesn’t seem very balanced

  26. Rex Mango

    Great interrupt by Snowcone on Tanya, she was boring too.

  27. Davey Boy

    Greg Sheridan says HK protestors’ more recent use of violence is unacceptable
    A couple of weeks ago the panel at the time was openly advocating violence… so isn’t Greg part of the ray ray white supreme pizza patriarchal misogynist colonial capitalist ebil empire?

  28. Rex Mango

    Lefty Isreali girl gets to shift focus to Trump.

  29. Rex Mango

    Bilateral talks between Israel and Palestinians suggests Israeli girl. That will go well. James Brown gets handed ball by Snowcone.

  30. egg_

    Plibbers on horse tranquilisers again to curb the bile?

  31. Rex Mango

    Nice velvet smoking jacket on Samantha Power.

  32. Rex Mango

    Egg, you are right. Plibbers looks completely zonked out on the wing.

  33. Davey Boy

    All the panelists look reaaaallly bored. Conversation has shifted from China to the West Bank. FFS bring back Mona Eltahawy at least there was some colour & movement

  34. egg_

    International Relations, Diplomacy And War
    A focus on international affairs with Former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, Labor MP Tanya Plibersek, Israeli Parliamentarian Tamar Zandberg, James Brown from the US Studies Centre and The Australian’s Greg Sheridan.

  35. Rex Mango

    Sheridan knows the name of the settlements in Israel. That is impressive debating tool.

  36. egg_

    All the panelists look reaaaallly bored.

    Has Sheridan bored them to death, yet?

  37. Rex Mango

    Plibbers is the face of the ice epidemic in Australia.

  38. Davey Boy

    Dilberserk is obviously not using Energiser batteries – her words are dribbling out on automatic

  39. Davey Boy

    Question from audience: Trumpity Trump Trump and the ANZAAS treaty, should Oz stay in it?
    James Brown, stay on the scene, like a s-x machine: Trump’s treatment of the Kurds has cost him votes in the US military (quotes one anecdote as absolute proof)

  40. egg_

    When the tranquilisers wear off, Plibbers starts foaming at the mouth, as usual.

  41. Rex Mango

    Samantha Power just outed herself as a climate believer. Another one to put in the silly corner.

  42. Rex Mango

    If NZ attacked Australia, the USA would no doubt come to our aid.

  43. Rex Mango

    Sheridan attacks Obarrassment. Good to hear. He is the architect of many current problems with say China.

  44. The BigBlueCat

    Is Plibbers indulging in hubbies old products?

  45. Davey Boy

    I am attempting to divine what new insights or original concepts have emerged from the panel discussion, drawing a blank here. Anyone??
    Greg Sheridan says that Trump has turned out to be a better President than expected. Then apologizes to Samantha Power (why Greg?? never apologise)

  46. Rex Mango

    For older Cats out there the current questioner looks fit for purpose.

  47. Rex Mango

    Great question Snowcone. The USA is ready to elect a happily married gay President. That is such an important issue.

  48. Davey Boy

    Sam and SnowCone are having a deep and meaningful, about what the former learnt during the Obummer regime, perhaps because everyone else has fallen asleep

  49. Rex Mango

    Samantha now thinks the military is doctors without borders.

  50. Rex Mango

    The big question. Not will we see a ‘happily married gay president’, but will we see a female US president.

  51. The BigBlueCat

    Plibbers is a big fan of Hillary … figures

  52. Rex Mango

    Hillary’s decades of public service is the most stupid idea I have ever heard of.

  53. Rex Mango

    So now the debate devolves into, yes we have had women in charge, but they were men.

  54. Rex Mango

    Still no equality it seems for women. The never ending quest to keep shifting the goal posts.

  55. Davey Boy

    Q from audience on US election – Democratic candidates who are wymynzes – will we ever see a female US president? Snowcone allocates this to Dilberserk, who desperately attempts to handball the question to Samathana but SnowCone is having none of this.
    I suspect this is because Tanya’s software is glitchy due to low battery and she doesn’t want to create a problem by what she inadvertently may say – so mouth reverts to babble mode. Seems relieved when SnowCone hands the conch to the Isralei wymzen who starts off with bromides about equalidy. Women in leadership struggle apparently.

  56. Rex Mango

    Samantha Power of the Lauren Bacall deep voice school, held an election night party in Nov16. She is a loon.

  57. Davey Boy

    Then some bright spark on Twitter says that Australia needs a second woman PM
    yes because the first one worked out so well

  58. a reader

    If we had one the calibre of Maggy T available I’d be all for a female PM. I don’t think we have one even in the same league

  59. Rex Mango

    Samantha Power reckons Trumps election in 2016 accelerated China’s rise.

  60. Davey Boy

    Can anyone describe to me the value being added or delivered to the national conversation by the panel tonight? Feeling ripped off here.

  61. Rex Mango

    Plibbers cracked a smile on side of camera.

  62. Rex Mango

    That question about strong men was obviously tied in to lack of women in charge debate earlier. The old patriarchy narrative. Predictable conclusion.

  63. Rex Mango

    Backlash on gay rights, as just heard would be why now sodomy is the State Religion.

  64. Davey Boy

    Q from Audience: elections across the globe show the rise of strong men nationalists who use strong language. Is this a threat to demockeracy?
    Can’t have have any of that now, can we.
    Israeli – yes and this has lead to a backlash against feminism and gays. The extreme right is very blunt and certain which is “man style”
    then says that the other side (left) should do the same – because it saves lives (!)

  65. Rex Mango

    James Brown very aware he is in the follow spot and starts tap dancing.

  66. Rex Mango

    Populists and autocrats are mutually incompatible Tanya.

  67. Davey Boy

    dream on

  68. Rex Mango

    James Brown looked at watch as Tanya waffled.

  69. Rex Mango

    Tanya wants to save us from the populists. She shouldnt be in politics.

  70. Rex Mango

    Samantha needs to learn some history. USA was the top dog far more so in 1945, than 1989.

  71. RobK

    Plebers just destroyed occams razor with a misquote. Claiming that the simple answer is wrong.

  72. Davey Boy

    Party Political announcement from Dilberserk on fighting against shouty populism. we need to be on the journey (with people) of “convincing them”.

    Sheridan then points out that left wing extremism is rife (SnowCone doesn’t interrupt!) and that when the West loses links to transcendent values, it reverts to tribalism. This is too profound a statement for the panel and audience as they receive this like stunned mullets.

    Samantha Pwoer steers the conversation away to her show and tell of the Obama years

  73. Rex Mango

    I’m counting interruptions at about 3 and all of Plibbers.

  74. Rex Mango

    Yeah Sheridan’s statement about what does the West stand for, gets passed over and show ends. What a complete cop out.

  75. Davey Boy

    Tony the ray ray can’t pronounce the names of leaders from pacific island nation. Quick, somebody call Tim Southpossumarese!!

  76. Davey Boy

    Somebody remind me, howmuch does Tony SnowCone get paid for such sterling efforts??

  77. Rex Mango

    I guess what I took out of that 1hr of my taxpayer funded viewing pleasure was, there seems to a problem with China, Trump is a loon, but things will all be ok if we get a gay happily married female president of the USA.

  78. Ellie

    I don’t think my song attached. Try again.

  79. Ellie

    I’m doing a Lizzie – wrong thread!

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