Our brief moment in the sun

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  1. Cpt Seahawks

    Is the number two about Labuschagne?

  2. one old bruce

    That about sums it up Steve. Mind you Australia’s been on fire before, with repetitions every couple of decades, while the whole ‘sea change/tree change’ /retirement thing has created a vast new set of risks with the unprecedented spread of non-farm settlement outside cities.

    I recall when these coastal towns had very small populations or mostly didn’t even exist, even 55 years ago. And holidays meant a week in Manly or an Oriana cruise to Fiji for the adventurous.

    How on earth do I pronounce Labuschagne?

    Of course ‘WW3’ is standard hyperbole but hey, that’s how people talk.

  3. Shy Ted

    Coming second is a good thing.

  4. Labuschagne = La bu Skagg knee

    Ska as in skate
    now the gg = only South African’s can pronounce. When you see someone spitting they usually make this sound momentarily before.

  5. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    Jan 4 last days of Boxing Day sales
    Jan 5 Hot Cross Buns will be onsale again shortly

  6. Professor afred Lenin

    Fair shake ,saw the yesterday in Coles ,wondered where Valentines day was? Its before Easter innit>\?

  7. Ken

    I haven’t stopped chuckling all morning.
    And feeling just slightly guilty for it.
    Thanks Steve for the levity in serious times.

  8. Judge Dredd

    That is funny, well done!

  9. Squirrel

    It was, of course, Ron Burgundy who memorably asked “does anyone here speak Australian?”

  10. stackja

    Sea side towns accessed by narrow roads, surrounded by mismanaged forests and parks. Drought and summer winds. What could possibly go wrong?

  11. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle
    #3281808, posted on January 5, 2020 at 9:40 am

    Jan 4 last days of Boxing Day sales
    Jan 5 Hot Cross Buns will be onsale again shortly


    What an insincere kafkaesque penal colony.

  12. Wozzup

    Jan 4th
    “We’ll all be murdered in our beds!”

  13. That does seem quite similar to my week:

    30 December – hey look, it’s quite smoky out there. *consults rfs fires near me*
    31 December, 3:39am – *binoculars* …ooh, I see flames on the far ridge, hey that’s a warm wind, let’s PO.
    31 December 6:44am – RFS text warning, evacuate area now.
    1 January 9:41am – Oh. Damn. We should at least have taken the generator.

    Slightly OT, Happy New Year to all Cats!

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