The media if Trump was a Democrat

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8 Responses to The media if Trump was a Democrat

  1. Alan

    In other news…
    Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit
    Sources: Dailywire and Fox19.

  2. stackja

    MSM biased towards Dems?
    I am shocked!

  3. nb

    They’d be wearing pussy hats much lower, begging for a grope

  4. I never realised how desperately the MSFM wanted to fellate barry ogabe

  5. Cui Bono

    Spot on Alan. Covington $$$ should be huge news but of course it isn’t. Now the defamation case will be launched against WaPo, NBC….gonna be sweet. The legacy media are the enemy of the people

  6. DaveR

    The evidence preservation notification list reads like a conservative’s whose who to blacklist.

  7. Crossie

    The media were shameless sluts for Obama and as soon as Trump won they became holier then thou in order to accuse him of every crime and sin in creation. Isn’t there a saying that there is nobody more sanctimonious than a reformed whore?

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