Religion of pieces

Top Iranian Cleric Ahmad Alamolhoda Calls for British Ambassador to Iran to be “Chopped Into Little Pieces.”

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’m amazed the Poms even have an embassy there.
    The Iranians have had a giant chip on their shoulder re the Brits ever since the days when BP was the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

  2. He just couldn’t say ‘Salami sliced’?

  3. stackja

    And Persia wasn’t friendly to WW2 Allies.

  4. Robbo

    Ah Islam the religion of peace and harmony, provided of course that you agree with everything we tell you.

  5. Robber Baron

    The UK will do nothing.

  6. Leo G

    One order of chopped peas Devil Macaire Ahmad a la mode, insular?

  7. Shy Ted

    Time for someone to drop another of those eviscerating bombs on the revered scholar. Do it, Boris.

  8. Iskra

    I am sure the learned mullah has been misquoted,he probably said”dressed in orange coveralls on his knees being beheaded with a real big knife ” That is more muslim like speech
    The left media cant even get their islamofascist allies speeches right.

  9. Professor Fred Lenin

    I am sure the media have misquoted the learned scholar,he more than likely said ,”the ambassador should be on his knees in orange overalls being beheaded with a big knife ” thats more muslim speak .
    The left media cant even get the speeches of their is;]lamofascist allies right .

  10. Mother Lode

    This is the price we pay for Trump selfishly and orange-ly took out a man who would have killed hundreds more people.

    No diplomatic nous at all.

  11. Chris M

    Trump should tweet asking for that clerics phone number so the Americans can chat directly.

    (I’d say Boris but doubt he is of the necessary calibre to troll like the master)

  12. JohnJJJ

    Interesting that Twitter has exposed the speeches and sermons of the Mullahs and Imams. Previously very few non muz realized the inflammatory language – especially the Friday sermon. Note how many attacks happen on Friday.

  13. Archivist

    The UK Ambassador has hightailed it out of Iran, a wise course of action, although the Brits are downplaying it as a routine visit home.

  14. John A

    bemused #3293071, posted on January 15, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    He just couldn’t say ‘Salami sliced’?

    That was the Science Advisor to the original Yes, Prime Minister, Jim Hacker.

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