Trudeau buying off the media in Canada

This is one of the pieces flagged by Tel in comments to indicate how the Canadian government is apparently using public money for the Liberal party political program. This is more than just spruiking government programs with ads which is something that all parties do.

Trudeau outright says “we paid them $600 million” to buy off the media in order to get good coverage.

First of all, that’s not Trudeau’s money. It’s YOUR money. Money taken away from you through taxes.

Second, the ‘joke’ might have been funny if the Trudeau Liberals were getting negative media coverage, except their coverage has been astoundingly fawning. Even during ‘scandals,’ the media runs interference for them, and skews the coverage in their favour.

The link again.  And a page of links on the same theme.

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7 Responses to Trudeau buying off the media in Canada

  1. Confused Old Misfit

    By the time Trudeau is finished Canada will be so screwed that no even Trump will make an offer on it.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Last night Bjorn Lomborg told us that the NZ PM surprisingly got a costing of her climate promises. The result was probably unexpected, certainly unwelcome and has not so far made any difference. The costing was 16% of GDP (did I hear correctly?) more than all the the other major government outlays added together, health, welfare, education etc etc.
    I suppose if you believe this it all makes sense.

  3. Canada is stuffed in so many ways. Rebel Media has been investigated by Trudeau because of its negative reporting of the government.

  4. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Rudd, that preposterous infuriating and staggeringly incompetent narcissistic pansy did exactly the same thing. He gifted hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to the braindead commercial FTA TV channels, precisely to puff up the stupid little twat’s ego and his mad incoherent and utterly destructive “policy agenda”. Duly bought off, the aforementioned braindead commercial FTA televisual knuckleheaded lickspittles then did exactly that.

  5. Des Deskperson

    This is Trudeau’s ‘media bailout’. a budget funded initiative aimed at propping up Canada’s apparently failing and floundering media. The details are here:

    They involve mostly tax incentives. Simply put,

    a labour tax credit to bolster the salaries of working journalists;

    allowing not-for-profit news organizations to apply for charitable status, allowing them to receive donations and issue tax receipts to donors

    Canadians who pay for a digital news subscription from a qualified news media outlet will be able to claim a 15 per cent tax credit

    Safeguards and processes are to be put in place to ensure that decisions about eligibility for these concessions are objective, transparent and kept at arms length from politics. The details remain fuzzy, but clearly, Trudeau doesn’t take these very seriously.

    One of these safeguards will involve ‘a panel of journalism experts from post-secondary institutions’. Hmmm.

  6. …journalism experts…

    These are the people that watch Play School, Peppa Pig and the like from within a safe space.

  7. Tel

    There’s this one, a slightly alternative source on the same issue.

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