You’re not in good hands with Amy

I put up a post yesterday on where presidential politics in the United States is heading and today I find John Hinderaker at Powerline saying virtually the same right here. I refer to his post, not for confirmation, but for his insights into Amy Klobuchar who would be the least familiar of the frontrunners of the moment.

That leaves Amy Klobuchar, who disappointed in Iowa but came on strong in New Hampshire. It is always dangerous to predict based on a process of elimination, but I think the nomination is now Amy’s to lose. (Heh.) She is smart enough and far left enough, while at the same time preserving the aura of moderation that made her popular in Minnesota. She has some problems, of course. So far, she has demonstrated little ability to appeal to minority voters, and, never having been close to the front of the pack, she has not yet been subjected to much criticism. Suffice it to say that weaknesses will begin to emerge.

Still, I think Klobuchar is now the Democrats’ most likely presidential nominee. Some Democrats still hold out hope of a deus ex machina like Michelle Obama entering the race. It isn’t going to happen. The good news is that I don’t see any way Amy Klobuchar (or any other Democrat in the race) can beat President Trump.

I’ll just add this in regard to Bernie: GALLUP POLL: US voters not likely to consider voting for Socialist for president. That is, of course, unless they disguise it, which all of the Democrats do.

THERE MAY BE A LOT LESS TO HER THAN YOU MIGHT EVER HAVE THOUGHT: It’s wasn’t funny in the first place and was never worth repeating even once. This is someone you could get very tired of very fast. [With thanks to lotocoti in the comments.]

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Don Surber had some fun today. The reference is of course to Frau Blücher in Young Frankestein. 😀

    Democrat losers and big losers in NH

    The big losers were Breadline Bernie, Alfred E. Newman, and Amy Klobuchar (horse whinny). One of them will get nominated now unless Mini Mike buys his way in.

    NH makes Katy Tur a star’

    The breakout star of the New Hampshire primary was not Amy Klobuchar (horse whinny) who finished third among Democrats. MSNBC afternoon anchor Katy Tur seized the day, said dumb things, and grabbed the spotlight.

    Read both, they’re rather good. Off-the-planet lefty journo Katy Tur chose the wrong man on the street to ask who he voted for…

  2. Iampeter

    That is, of course, unless they disguise it, which all of the Democrats do.

    Unlike conservatives who don’t disguise their socialism because they don’t even realize they are on the same side as socialists.

    Trump vs Bernie would be truly beyond parody, if for no other reason than conservative coverage.

  3. lotocoti

    You’re not in good hands with Amy

    Skip the veal.

  4. Stimpson J. Cat

    Can I just say this is an outrageous attack on Dr BeauGans cleaner and you should apologize.

  5. cohenite

    Has there ever been a funny woman?

  6. Women can be funny

    Carol Burnett

    Apart from Margaret Thatcher, has there ever been a good female politician?

  7. Mother Lode

    If she was right (and I suppose she thinks she is) then blizzards will be less of a problem.

  8. Mother Lode

    Has there ever been a funny woman?

    Julia Gillard had that thing of hers where she would misuse or mis-pronounce words.


    “High dungeon”

    Certainly the heil lights of her car ear.

  9. Phill

    Given your unique and indeed transcendent political acumen, I have a question to stretch your profundity.
    Do you think Nancy Pelosi’s suits make her arse look fat?
    Take your time.

  10. Squirrel

    By way of (further) light relief, this from Tom Lehrer about another would-be Prez from Minnesota –

  11. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Those crafty NeverTrumpers were at it again!

    A group of “Never Trump” Republicans linked to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich have secretly worked to boost Joe Biden’s campaign because they think he’s the only Democratic candidate who can beat President Trump in the general election, according to the New York Post, which obtained emails between the conspirators.

    Now sounds like their efforts were in vain.

  12. ACTOldFart

    A group of “Never Trump” Republicans … have secretly worked to boost Joe Biden’s campaign …

    The rats swimming towards the sinking ship

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