Too late to support IPA Climate Change book but there is still Project Hope!

Subscriptions have closed for Climate Change: The Facts 2020 and the good news is that you can still signal virtue by supporting campus coordinators. I have set a good example by double-dipping! Project Hope is a  pushback against the left on campus and people are invited to put in 10K over two years to ensure that there is some cash flow to maintain continuity and build momentum. Surely they will accept smaller amounts, think of the widow’s mite!

Project Hope is the ambition of the IPA to take the message of hope and freedom to every student at an Australian university. We will do this by having an IPA Campus Coordinator at every one of the country’s 40 universities by 2022.

There are now 16  coordinators and one of the latest is at my alma mater The University of Tasmania. More about Project Hope here.  Meet the dynamic pioneer of the movement at Sydney University and now the coordinator – Renee Gorman.

In recognition of your generous support you will receive:

  • The knowledge you are changing the future of Australia and giving hope to the next generation
  • An exclusive invitation to the annual Project Hope Retreat and Annual Gala Dinner
  • Project Hope Yearbook
  • Project Hope Newsletter every six months
  • A personalised notebook and Project Hope desk calendar
  • Optional recognition in IPA Annual Report
  • An IPA Premier membership

The Project  Hope Information Booklet. It is in full colour with a very nice shot of John Roskam.

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