The Democrat semi-finals half time report

And you still can’t be sure that one of those Dems won’t be president next year. Via Instapundit.

FEBRUARY 19, 2020


Or to put it another way: Bloomberg got scalped.


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11 Responses to The Democrat semi-finals half time report

  1. Infidel Tiger

    Bloomberg finally made the Dems interesting.

    Now it is a bum fight for the next 6 months until they steal the nomination from Bernie at a brokered convention.

  2. Scott Osmond

    Not sure who will win the primaries. But if Bloomberg gets the nod expect all the sexist and racially charged things he’s said to be ignored or DemoSplaned away. Blacks and women will still turn out to vote for him because of reasons. Big money and insensitive comments like blackface are only wrong when those not of the left do it. Governor Blackface-Babykiller -Northam is a case in point.

  3. C.L.

    That Wiki vandalism is worthy of JC.

  4. David from Canberra

    So I watched the Democrat debate. Don’t care about their policies or issues but wanted to see what Bloomberg was like. I didn’t pay much attention as I was doing other things so probably absorbed 50%. Impressions follow:

    Bloomberg: unable to answer off the cuff or surprise questions. Made a couple of good points later on but his start was awful. Really bad. I doubt he’ll be the leader in the number of delegates

    Biden: seen as irrelevant by other candidates and ignored by the moderators. The few answers he gave were rambling and self-serving. Obviously past his prime, and his prime wasn’t that good in the first place

    Warren: strong showing. But she’s a consummate liar and as she is one of the few I know about I filtered everything she said through that impression. Nothing she said tonight led me to think she was trustworthy or believable. Her policies are identical (as far as I know and I don’t really care) to…

    Bernie: old, passionate, a true believer in his policies. I disagree with him but he’s honest, which Warren isn’t. He can’t do basic math though, the financial gaps are huge and unexplained even when challenged by others

    Amy: I’d read that she made a good showing in recent primaries and was one to watch as Warren faded. Boy was that wrong. She seemed nervous and defensive and comes across as ineffectual. Same speech pattern/uncertainty in her voice as Pauline Hanson twenty years ago

    Last guy: Buttigieg (sp?). Best speaker. Presidential demeanor. Has a perfect answer for everything, but says nothing, taking many sentences of grand words that sound well but amount to…? Closest public speaker to him is Barack Obama, same slightly aloof style and same high regard for himself.

    Summary: Bernie is obviously pissed at the Dems railroading him at last election and is pissed that it’s obviously happening again, and his frankness and honesty should see him be the front runner. Buttigieg should do well and is a likely #2, and if the Dems screw Bernie I think he’ll be the nominee.

    Likely outcome: Trump will win. Bernie too communist – sorry, “democratic socialist” – and Buttigieg too young, inexperienced, and smarmy. But Buttigieg is in it for the long game he’ll fight again in 2024 with more recognition and fewer septuagenarians in the field

  5. Judge Dredd

    Not sure if Mini-Bloomer has a chance. He is about 2 foot tall and appears in the infamous Epstein black book. Birds of a (((feather))) flock together, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some revelations that come out as the election process continues.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Amused that Bloomberg failed in a debate with a woman who couldn’t write a cookbook.

  7. Zatara

    But Buttigieg is in it for the long game he’ll fight again in 2024 with more recognition and fewer septuagenarians in the field

    He will have to actually do something other than get his ticket punched during that 4 years. Like get elected to something more significant than Mayor of a village and succeed at it.

  8. Chris M

    Realistically the whole party should just give up and declare no contest this cycle. But I do like the way they are burning through their cash and time with this sad-ass clown show – all helps to boost president Trumps economy that little bit more.

  9. Ben

    The date of death in the wiki screenshot is 2019. Shame about the typo, it’s pretty funny.

  10. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    Roger Stone, the longtime Republican operative, ally and friend of President Donald Trump, was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison for lying to Congress and witness tampering. It’s unclear whether the self-proclaimed dirty trickster will ever do time. Trump has hinted that he may pardon Stone, whose prosecution he openly criticized in comments widely seen as damaging to the credibility of the Justice Department. And the president made it clear this week that he’s more than happy to pardon controversial convicts.

  11. John of Mel

    Roger Stone will probably not see a prison for a completely different reason – it was all a political stitch up by anti-Trumpers. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has sentenced him but delayed the implementation of the sentence. Why? because she knows that resolving Stone’s motion for a new trial involves bringing jury foreperson Tomeka Hart to her courtroom for questioning. The activist judge did not want a damaging political optic prior to delivering her sentence. An appearance by the foreperson to explain overt bias begs the question of how poorly Judge Berman-Jackson handled jury selection.

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