Donating your own money to non-Labor parties “obscene”

ANTHONY Albanese channelled Bernie Sanders this morning, declaring “democracy shouldn’t be for sale.” He means that wealthy individuals should be legislatively banned from supporting independent conservatives or the Coalition. Speaking to friends on ABC’s Insiders, the leader of the Opposition magnanimously allowed that Australian citizens should be allowed to “participate in our democracy” by making donations but … “But what they shouldn’t be able to do is to spend an obscene amount of money, which is what we saw in order to change a political [outcome in 2019],” he said. He was referring to the $4.1 million donated by Isaac Wakil to the Liberals and the $83 million donated to the UAP by Clive Palmer’s Mineralogy.

Leaving aside the insulting conspiracy inherent in claiming the last election’s outcome was ‘changed’ by cash rather than decided by voters (and blown by Bill Shorten), that Mr Albanese had the temerity to say this on the ABC is risible. The annual budget for the national broadcaster is $1 billion – or $3 billion over the course of a conventional parliamentary term. The entirety of the political commentary and promotion generated by that massive treasury – across all platforms – benefits the Labor Party and the Greens exclusively. Union affiliation fees are the major official source of ALP funding. So the LNP and the UAP were backed in 2019 voluntarily by private individuals or entities spending their own money (a dud investment, in my opinion). Meanwhile, Labor sneakily received – in effect – at least as much, but likely far more in free propaganda, from pickpocketed union members and taxpayers forced to bankroll the ABC. If the LNP is dumb enough to legislate one itself or keep in place a Labor-enacted donations cap, they don’t deserve to hold office again.

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  1. BorisG

    Excellent post, CL. Please send it to the Australian.

  2. iain russell

    I used that exact argument immediately after the May Miracle when a BoBo Prog pal of mine complained about Clive. He hasn’t spoken to me since.

  3. iain russell

    Re me at 4.31am…note to self: use the argument more often!

  4. Ian of Brisbane

    Much better ti give other peoples money to the ALP.

  5. Dianeh

    Any donations cap should also apply to union donations.

    It shouldn’t need to be said but the LNP should add this to any bill put up by Labor.

  6. Cassie of Sydney

    I bet the Marrickville yob didn’t mention GetUp…..oh noes.

  7. CameronH

    You don’t need to wait for a Labor government to introduce stupid legislation that restricts the conservative side of politics from raising funds. The stupid party is quite capable of doing it to themselves as they rush left to try to appease their enemies on the ABC.

    You just watch. The ALP will start this as a campaign. They will get full support from the ABC. Most of the rest of the main stream media take their cues from the ABC and will join in. This will include the ever increasing leftist faction in the Murdoch press. The stupid party will do the usually cowardly thing, go into appeasement mode and try to make some compromise legislation that they think will do them the least damage.

    This will assist the ALP into government where, because the precedent has been set, they will ramp up the legislation that will make it impossible for the LNP to raise much money. If by some miracle the LNP gets back into government they will be too stupid and cowardly to reverse any of this. We are still suffering from that madman Whitlam’s idiocy 45 years after he was thrown out after only 3 years in government. This after the LNP has been in government for longer that the ALP since then. Also look at the climate change renewable energy hoax started by the LNP. Just look at the creeping destruction caused by the Native Title act which Howard the Coward could have ditched as soon as he got in. The stupid party can’t even pick High Court Judges who aren’t left wing radicals.

    The only question I have is why anybody else is stupid enough to give money to them. Why not just burn it up in the back yard?

  8. MACK

    Indeed the most perplexing issue at present is why the LNP continues to fund and put up with the rabid ABC/SBS propaganda machine. Yesterday they even tried to blame ScoMo for the Victorian train derailment.

  9. Roger

    On the bright side, Albo doesn’t appear to have learned a thing from the election.

  10. Mother Lode

    Indeed the most perplexing issue at present is why the LNP continues to fund and put up with the rabid ABC/SBS propaganda machine.

    I suspect because they believe (and and they are not entirely wrong here) that ordinary Australians believe the ABC to be a competent and vital institution. Most people are brought up having this belief instilled without actually having first hand experience.

    So they would think that any threat to the ABC is an undeserved attack against something precious.

    The first step would be to expose the ABC. But not one single politician has the nads to do it.

  11. Iampeter

    Donating your own money to non-Labor parties “obscene”

    Yea it’s the same thing as those claiming firing Folau violated his “religious freedom.”
    Once again, leg to stand on, you do not have.

  12. Tel

    If all political donations could be conveniently paid in non-seqential unmarked bills placed in an Aldi bag … that’d be great!

    What’s that? Undeclared? Forgot to make a note of where it came from? Never mind dear … should happen to everyone.

  13. Professor Fred Lenin

    Political donations (bribes) should be restricted to $10 per person or eorganisation per annum , with draconian fines and jail time for breaches . No taxpayer money should be contributed to support political cliques , like election funding which is theft so much per vote ,how the hell did the rooked bastrads sneal that through?

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