Take a bungalow and call me in the morning

California governor: ‘Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing.’

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7 Responses to Take a bungalow and call me in the morning

  1. Bruce in WA

    Sure … and how about a car — electric, of course; and takeaway food, and a holiday to ease the stress of your “mandated” housing … ???

    As an old Aussie I used to know would say … “Spare me days!”

  2. stackja

    California Dems want more OPM to solve a problem created by California Dems. President Bernie would be more than happy to provide more federal OPM. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. 2dogs

    And then, magically, housing will just appear!

  4. MACK

    Responsible doctors also tell people not to do things such as smoking. We should add: don’t listen to any Californian politician.

  5. Robbo

    California the sun blessed land were most who live there are total fuckwits. Now they have progressed to electing a fuckwit as Governor. If visiting this area as you step over the piles of human and animal excrement marvel at just how low a society can sink even in a wealthy nation like the USA.

  6. Robbo

    Correction with apologies.

    ‘…….the sun blessed land WHERE most who live there…….”

  7. Ian of Brisbane

    Not such a big deal – the California homeless can’t afford to see a doctor.

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