Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit – new judges are causing a ‘shock wave.’

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  1. cuckoo

    Some judges said that in the early months of his tenure, Collins has appeared oblivious to court tradition. He has sent memos at all times of the night in violation of a court rule and objected to other judges’ rulings in language that some colleagues found combative, they said.

    Oh the humanity!

  2. Tom

    Trump has perfectly understood the left’s (and the Democratic Party’s) historic use of the judicial system to subvert federal and state legislatures by the back door — effectively making new laws without being been elected.

    Trump is now doing to the left what the left has been doing to America via the judiciary for the past half-century. And the ones that aren’t squealing like stuck pigs are howling like 13-year-old girls.

  3. JC

    This is wonderful news. You go girl.

  4. …some colleagues found combative…

    It’s always combative when the Left has to deal with a conservative.

  5. Lee

    Leftist government appoints judge – good.
    Conservative or right wing government does so – shocking and terrible.

  6. NoFixedAddress

    Do we actually have any ‘conservative’ judges in Australia?

  7. Judge Dredd

    Trump has now named 10 judges to the 9th Circuit — more than one-third of its active judges — compared with seven appointed by President Obama over eight years.

    4 more years.

  8. Scott Osmond

    Wait till Vader Ginsburg drops off the purch. I’ve already got the earplugs so I can survive the screeching. Seriously if you have a chance check out the video when Brett Kavanaugh’s vote came up in the senate. The screams and hysterics from the gallery sounded like something from an insane asylum. Topped off only when he was sworn in.

  9. OldOzzie

    Summed up perfectly by this Editorial

    The Resistance Starts To Infect Our Courts
    Editorial of The New York Sun | February 25, 2020

    Then, after the Justice Department moved to reduce a sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, USAToday reported that the Federal Judges Association was calling an emergency meeting. Its president, District Judge Cynthia Rufe, said the idea was to address concerns about how Justice officials and the President were intervening in sensitive cases.

    That shocked a number of federal judges, and Judge Rufe later tried to play it all down. Not, though, before one of the towering figures on the Second Circuit, Jose Cabranes, fired off to Judge Rufe a now widely circulated email. It expressed concern that the emergency meeting would “purport to speak for the federal judiciary on a pending political question.”

    “I urge you to come off this precipice, and to withdraw from active politics in the name of the federal judges of this country,” Judge Cabranes, a longtime member of the FJA, wrote in his brief cable. “If you do not do so, you risk confusing the public about the role of the courts in our constitutional order and thereby deepening the crisis in confidence in our institutions.”

    That strikes us as sage advice for all 870 of the judges commissioned under Article III of the Constitution. It may not be easy for a judge to keep his cool in these times. The Wall Street Journal, though, has already reported that Democrats’ “Resistance left” could try to pack the Supreme Court by creating new justices. In which case, the whole Article III branch could yet be “flipped.”

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