Arms Race

DOES it still happen in primary school classrooms? You knew the answer (or thought you did) and maybe let out an “ooh, I know!” Nah-uh. Hands up, please, said Sister. She took her time to choose a hand – all the better to assess her charges and make non limb-raisers either think or feel ashamed of themselves. Eventually even they reached for the ceiling – what choice did they have? – playing the odds they wouldn’t get the call. As the seconds went on, the goody-goody know-it-alls … I mean, your laudable classmates – began to crazily pound the air with their forearms. Finally: “Yes … Paul.” Captain Cook? No, not Captain Cook.

Joe Biden at 0.18: the lame, guilty arm of a pretender. Doesn’t have a clue. Michael Bloomberg (between 0.28 and 0.34): new kid. He’s crying inside, asking why he’s here. Biden is planning to dack him at recess and taken his lunch. Smug Pete Buttigieg at 0.46 wants to talk about maths. This is social studies, Pete. Shoosh. Elizabeth Warren at 0.52 – mmm, interesting. That’s the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it salute of a pet who’s not sure about this one but doesn’t want her fellow front-row savants to sniff any weakness. In the end, the teacher makes a choice: “Bernie.” Communism? No, not communism.

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7 Responses to Arms Race

  1. Bloomberg admitted, quickly trying to conceal, the fact that he “bought” the 2018 election races that flipped the House to the Democrats. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain that control with money in spite of the fact that the majority got zero done aside from the partisan impeachment vote,.

  2. Tom

    Like George Orwell (Eric Blair), Alexis de Tocqueville was a man before his time who foresaw the end of democracy when politicians realised they could buy votes by handing out Free Stuff paid for with the people’s own money.

    The Democratic Party’s “debates” are an orgy of attempted vote-buying with the people’s own money.

    Congratulations, leftards — you’ve destroyed democracy! But that was always your intention because you believe the common man is too stupid to be allowed to vote.

  3. nb

    ‘you believe the common man is too stupid to be allowed to vote.’
    They keep on not voting for socialism/communism. That’s false consciousness. Only the philosopher kings of the left know truth. The prols are by definition ignorant if they do not vote communist.

  4. Geoff

    Hey so whats up with the external links disappearing???

  5. No Worries

    Raising your hand in school would now be considered a micro aggression against those who don’t know the answer.

  6. C.L.

    Hey so whats up with the external links disappearing???


  7. old bloke

    CL, the text in your yellow coloured boxes isn’t visible if you’re using a Firefox browser, but it’s visible if using the Internet Explorer browser. HTML coding problem?

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