The Grumpy Four

Head of Royal Children’s Hospital condemns racism against Asian medicos.

The head of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department has called out as “racism” the refusal of families to have their children treated by Asian staff members amid fears of a coronavirus pandemic hitting Australia.

Dr Stuart Lewena said the “paranoia” around coronavirus “is acceptable”, but discriminating against medicos on the basis of race is not, citing at least four instances at the Royal Children’s Hospital in recent weeks.

“Whilst at the moment we’ve only seen a few isolated cases Whilst at the moment we’ve only seen a few isolated cases of what we would only view as racism being directed towards some of our staff, we did identify the fact that that was unacceptable,” Dr Lewena said.

We weren’t going to wait until it became a larger problem, and we’re well and truly supporting our staff and getting the message to the community and those who attend our department that we have complete confidence and faith in all staff who work here at the hospital.

“There’s no need to be picking and choosing the doctor who sees you when you attend the hospital, and there’s certainly no need to be making that decision based on their race.

Because Dr Lewena said “recent weeks” when he could have said “month,” let’s assume he meant three weeks. The Emergency Department at The Royal Children’s Hospital treats 250 patients a day. Or 5250 in three weeks. Four of those allegedly refused to be treated by Asian doctors. We don’t know why. Some people prefer to avoid doctors with a poor grasp of English. On this flimsy basis, Dr Lewena rushes to the media to declare a pandemic of racism. Don’t be silly, old China. It probably came up at a department heads’ meeting and you felt you had to publicly ‘care.’ We get it. But don’t insult the people paying your salary with nonsense.

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  1. Nob

    Guardian, Age etc and ABC will be right onto this.

    This is the outbreak of racism they demanded, I mean predicted, caused by the public voting wrong.

    Never mind health risks , someone might make a Poorly Worded Tweet.

  2. sfw

    About 16 years ago when our youngest girl was just a toddler she had trouble urinating, it was a weekend and she was in pain so we took her to the Childrens Hospital, After being seen by a couple of doctors my wife and I were separated and questioned rather intensely by the staff. I thought this was strange and refused to talk to them. In the end it turned out that they suspected that our daughter was being molested by one of us.

    We left and took our daughter to a pediatrician the next Monday, he diagnosed her as being constipated, some laxatives later she was fine. Why would a bunch of professionals jump straight to the conclusion that she was molested rather than constipation? Don’t know but I would never go back there. I did write to the hospital about it and received a mushy reply re ‘Our staff do their best’ crap.

  3. Lee

    Four examples of “racism” out of thousands treated, while not good, is hardly panic stations.

    I would be interested to know the ethnicity of those refusing treatment from Asians. It is too easy to assume they were all “evil” Caucasians.

  4. Nob

    #3337101, posted on February 27, 2020 at 10:23 pm
    Four examples of “racism” out of thousands treated, while not good, is hardly panic stations.

    I would be interested to know the ethnicity of those refusing treatment from Asians. It is too easy to assume they were all “evil” Caucasians.

    It shouldn’t matter.

    But it does matter to the usual suspects so I guess we’d have heard pretty quickly if they were skips.

    Judging by what’s happening in Box Hill, most likely to avoid Chinese ethnics are other Chinese ethnics. They’re not sentimental.

  5. Scott Osmond

    I usually call bullshit on racism claims. For 2 reasons. 1 they are usually made up and 2 when the term can be defined and redefined it becomes meaningless. Back in the 90s racism was what you believed and did. Now it is who you are and who your ancistors were.
    I’ll also bet that if it even happened those 4 cases were Chinese or ethnic themselves. Because if they were legacy Australians they would have been named and publicly dragged through the media political machine. The police would have dragged them down to the station for a interview. Remember what they did to a 13 year old girl completely in violation of all rules and regulations on how to treat minors.

  6. jupes

    I would be interested to know the ethnicity of those refusing treatment from Asians. It is too easy to assume they were all “evil” Caucasians.

    Of course they were Caucasians. Only white people can be racist.

  7. PB


    What you experienced is an example of one of the more difficult reaches of the Nanny State into healthcare. The symptom you described IS seen in abused children, and the Laws are such now that they are required under threat of prosecution themselves to investigate this kind of presentation. This unfortunately is where we are at in the modern world.

    Modern healthcare is slave to the algorithm.

  8. Howard Hill

    This what you get when you have psychopaths running the government universities and our media.

    This virus is a a shocker and people know it’s being played down by the aforementioned Arseholes. The lack of understanding surrounding the virus itself and the reaction of people afraid of dying is breathtaking. These scum should be sent to the Wuhan wet-market for a bowl of bat soup! Perhaps then they will understand peoples fear.

    I have a mate that manages a very successful multi million dollar business here in Dannostan. He has to go to Vietnam next week for a business meeting, he’s shitting himself. It’s either that or quit his job, he’s seriously thinking of quitting his job. He’s on a great wicket, but has a young family to consider. These scum should have a bit more empathy in these trying times.

    My wife has a sick father in New Zealand, she’s just got on a plane to go and see him. Again doesn’t want to travel in a confined space full of unknown Chines students, bribed to bypass quarantine laws. I pray she’ll be ok.

    Roll on the zombie apocalypse, I hope these scum are the first to fucking die!

  9. Mother Lode

    Racism is not just differentiation based on race. It is groundless differentiation.

    The high proportion of blacks in the NBA is not proof of racism – they choose the best players available and most of them are blacks.

    These people with a problem with Asian doctors are ignorant and/or paranoid, but they are likely proceeding from the premise that the virus du jour came from China, it seems out of control in China, and we hear the ongoing to and fro about quarantine procedures and how and when people will be let in.

    If that is the case it is not racism. They would not have responded the same way 6 months ago.

    The word racism is now just a signal, sounded to instruct everyone “Hate this person!”

  10. Chris M

    He has to go to Vietnam next week for a business meeting

    I would go there again no problem Howard, in fact was next door earlier this month. Just try to get the most direct flights / pick the route. Give it a month or two the situation will be much worse but at the moment significant parts of Asia are still safely travelable, although everyone knows the actual numbers are being under-reported.

    Can’t do much here except don’t buy any Chinese communist made products that you don’t have to, find alternatives from other countries that haven’t polluted the world with disease.

  11. When there isn’t much racism about, one needs to create some.
    Good Friday Appeal is just around the corner. A little sympathy will go a long way to raise extra funds.
    I call bull shite. None of it happened.

  12. shatterzzz

    He has to go to Vietnam next week for a business meeting
    My youngest daughter (31) is off to Vietnam for 8 days next Tuesday .. brought the virus thingy up with her and she’s not the least bit bothered

  13. Roger

    Racism is not just differentiation based on race. It is groundless differentiation.

    What irks me is that the run of the mill xenophobia that all discrete ethnic groups exercise to some extent as a social defence mechanism has been promoted by the prog-left into the full blown doctrine of “racism”, the doctrine of racial superiority which we normally associate with the evils of Nazism, in order to intimidate and silence their political foes: mostly white social conservatives. It is despicable.

  14. Mother Lode

    slave to the algorithm


    I got it.

  15. JohnJJJ

    So we changed our transit flights from HK to Bangkok, as I would be banned from work (unpaid) for a few weeks if I went to HK. Qantas who said it was free to change, charged us $1000 for the change. In Bangkok the immigration lines were huge with everyone pushing and shoving. It was about two hours in very close proximity to thousands of people on their way to or just coming from China.
    If you are about to travel – keep this in kind. It is not a simple get on and off the plane.
    Also I kept away from the big Chinese tour groups…. er… is that racist? What a stupid discussion. If you are so ‘tolerant’ go to Chinatown for your food.

  16. The Sheriff

    The problem with the Royal Children’s is that the staff there mostly have a God complex thinking they are holier than thou angels saving the lives of children. Most paediatricians at other hospitals hate the RCH and all the media fluff they always get – the Good Friday Appeal is a particular waste of time given that RCH is probably the best-funded hospital in the country (they even get to waste millions on a bloody aquarium – so never let anyone tell you that public hospitals don’t get enough money!)

  17. calli


    You know it makes sense.

  18. notafan

    The RCH doesn’t identity who did the racism thing.

    One has to consider who it is that fills up the waiting room at RCH.

    I think I took one child there once to general emergency and only because a local medic insisted because rare infectious disease.

    Otherwise wouldn’t go within a country mile of the place.

  19. rickw

    Do we know the origin of those who refused treatment by Asian Doctors?

    My money is on:

    Middle Easterners

    Australian’s now carry the can for what has been let in.

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