‘Catallaxy’ is a word that the great libertarian philosopher and economist Friedrich Hayek coined from the Greek verb “katallattein”, which means not only “to exchange” but also “to admit in the community” and “to change from enemy into friend” (F.A. von Hayek, Law, Legislation and Liberty, Vol 2, 1976, pp. 108-109).

Catallaxy the blog (also known as Catallaxy Files) was founded by Jason Soon as a solo blog. He was later joined by Heath Gibson and it sort of grew from there. Catallaxy’s current Editor-in-chief and administrator is Sinclair Davidson. Email him, if you must, at Sinclair Davidson (as one word) at gmail. Don’t forget to add the .com at the end.

Do not email requests for paid Guest Posts or for unacknowledged advertising or similar such stuff. All those emails are routinely ignored. We do not do that at the Cat.