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Regulations create super profits in electricity supply – will Governments move to seize these?

Environment and Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg has assailed the Queensland government for presiding over (if not conspiring to produce) an outcome in the electricity market which has enriched the state government coffers by $1.5 billion (actually over four years). Following … Continue reading

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CoAG energy ministers’ meeting – another step to economic disaster

Here’s and extract from a piece in Quadrant today dealing with tomorrow’s COAG energy ministers meeting. With Australian electricity prices now approaching world-beating highs, tomorrow we have another meeting of the Council of Australian Government (CoAG) energy ministers who have … Continue reading

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Finkel recommendations would complete the economic destruction caused by current renewable energy policies

I have a piece in the Herald Sun this morning on the appalling Finkel report.  Below is an extract and here is an anaylsis of Finkel that I prepared for On Nation’s Malcolm Roberts. Regulations currently force consumers to accept … Continue reading

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Coal versus wind in electricity Investment

Reliability issues aside, in the debate over the flawed Finkel report a vexed issue is that of  costs of coal versus wind/large scale solar.  Queensland’s Kogan Creek coal plant commissioned 10 years ago was offering long term baseload contracts at … Continue reading

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UK election: can democracy eat liberty and prosperity

Cross Post If Boris Johnson replaces Theresa May, the UK will have a Donald Trump of sorts — an advocate of the political good sense in reducing the size of government as a basic principle. That would be a start, … Continue reading

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Energy policy: Finkel Twinkle Little Star

Predictably, the Finkel report came out with a concealed attack on coal – a new tax which Finkel falsely described as “all carrot and no stick”.  This is to cut in at a politically specified level of emissions with those … Continue reading

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For violent crime we need to look at life inprison after three strikes

As Andrew Bolt has told it, the Melbourne Brighton Islamist murderer, YACQUB Khayre, had been convicted of over 40 offences.  He was a confirmed recidivist who would always be a burden on society even if locked up for life.  But … Continue reading

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Trump Exits Paris!!!

He was elected by the people of Pittsburgh not Paris.  The deal would stifle the US economy and drain billions of dollars a year from the US to an anonymous international bureaucracy and have negligible effect on the climate. The … Continue reading

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Make the World Great Again

Donald J. Trump [email protected] I will be announcing my decision on Paris Accord, Thursday at 3:00 P.M. The White House Rose Garden. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  That’s 5 am on Friday Eastern Australia time. Always a reliable advocate for economic … Continue reading

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Whither the Paris Climate Change Agreement?

The media battle lines are set on the Paris Climate Change Agreement with Politico hoping that Trump will continue to “study” the issue Trump himself said he’ll make the decision this week  while Marc Morano says he has already indicated … Continue reading

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