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$190 carbon tax needed to meet Paris Agreement

The Finkel inquiry into the energy future got off to a bad start with its preliminary report erroneously claiming all this wind and solar we are seeing is being driven by technology and consumer demand when it is clearly a … Continue reading

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Grasping at straws in the march to energy disaster

As I pointed out in my previous post, republished here, the Australian government is using all its abundant intelligence resources to argue that Trump will not follow up on his strictures regarding the global warming scam.  Julie Bishop is unfortunately proving … Continue reading

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The Paris Agreement, Trump, Turnbull and Tesla

On the night Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister, Julie Bishop was quick to step in to forestall him responding to a press question about Australia’s future global warming/emissions policy.  She said, as Malcolm was collecting his thoughts, the policy remains … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Treaties and Policies in the Trump Era

  ​All are welcome to attend events to assist the promotion of this new book published by Connor Court. ​ Events are in Melbourne 6 March 2017 12.15pm with ANDREW BOLT Il Gambero, 166 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne Register here and 6.30pm with TERRY McCRANN … Continue reading

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Subsidised renewable energy: from little things bad things grow

In his outstanding address launching the compendium Making Australia Right, Tony Abbott offered a fivefold agenda. Malcolm Turnbull recognised this as, in effect, throwing down a leadership challenge. The key feature, as when Turnbull first lost the Liberal Party leadership … Continue reading

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Electricity: no end to the damage regulations are doing

There is no let up in the lies, ignorance and dissembling that passes for debate on Australian energy policy. Tanya Plibersek ventured onto the Bolt program and said, in line with green ideology, that the Renewable Energy Target means cheaper … Continue reading

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No answers blowin’ in the wind

The Financial Review recognises that wind has broken Australia’s electricity system, and quotes Grattan advice that we need a new system, (redolent of Brecht’s channeling of East German politicians that it would be easier to dissolve the people and elect another). Entranced … Continue reading

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Trump: the first two weeks

Maggies Farm has a summary of the most comprehensive Presidential storm of action ever TRUMP PROGRESS REPORT 1.   Trump erased all mentions on the White House web site of “climate change.”  He did that within ONE HOUR of taking the … Continue reading

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Free speech – lie down and forget it!

In a robust discussion on Bolt tonight, left wing Melbourne counselor and former Gillard adviser Nicholas Reece tried to equivalate left and right.  He said that some irrigators who put up an effigy of a Liberal Premier in a Murray … Continue reading

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Energy policy’s slow inch away from the abyss

Well here’s a turn-up.  Malcolm Turnbull, apostelistic slaughterer-in-chief of carbon emissions, is not only acquiescing in producing more of them but is seeking to divert funds from an agency set up to kill coal to assist in its resurrection! Turnbull … Continue reading

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