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Fire crisis is normal: Abolish all energy subsidies

Now that the rains have arrived to turn 2019-20 into a perfectly normal year in Australia will all the alarmists at Fairfax, the ABC and the Guardian declare it so?  Not on your nelly – at least while their is … Continue reading

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Redemptionists versus rationalists and the future of world prosperity

The late great Ray Evans reminded us that Professor Robert Nisbet identified the three great redemptive struggles that had had taken place in what we now call western civilisation.  The first of these was Christianity which had a major influence … Continue reading

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Soleimani’s assassination and its aftermath

A mass murderer calling himself a general is killed on Donald Trump’s orders either and/or because he escalated terror by killing yet another American or to take him out before he escalated even further. George W. Bush did not target him during … Continue reading

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After Madrid the tear-droppers still rule climate policy

This is an abridged version of a piece I have in the Spectator on-line The objective of the successive biennial UN climate change Conference of Parties, like the one just finished in Madrid, is to replace the messy cacophony of market capitalism by one that … Continue reading

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Democracy, a precarious defender against national self-destruction

“Britain rejects descent into chaos”, writes Janet Albrechtsen.  Boris now has a solid majority to get out of the EU and Janet’s views would be shared by most of us. But go easy on the jubilation! Less than 44 per … Continue reading

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Electricity supply continues its dismal march

I have a piece in the Spectator today that draws together some recent developments in energy policy being developed in the half dozen or so agencies that control what is ostensibly, and was in earlier days, a market with supply … Continue reading

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Victoria bans leisure and commercial activities in the State Forests

I have a piece in Quadrant on the wealth destruction and human endangerment policies being pursued by Victoria’s government.  Here is an edited extract. Victoria is the vanguard of states in major struggles over the control and use of public … Continue reading

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The flagging economy, its causes and remedies

Keynesian policy lever pullers at the RBA and Treasury, as well as the Opposition, have been urging the government to inflate the economy. Some are calling for deficit spending, others are urging tbhe authorities to force interest rates even lower … Continue reading

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Ghost of the past – Ross Garnaut returns to haunt us

I have a piece in the excellent Spectator-on-line reporting on the return of the Rudd guru,  Ross Garnaut, who says with the upcoming technological changes, Australia in a “post carbon world could become the locus of energy-intensive processing of minerals”.  … Continue reading

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More electricity subsidies will increase the industry’s regulatory-driven high costs

I have a piece in Quadrant that discusses the new subsidies to transmission that the PM has announced.  Here is an extract Australia’s green energy subsidies have transformed the nation from having the cheapest electricity supply among major global entities … Continue reading

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