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The Forces of Evil are winning the climate debate

Here is an abridged version of a piece I have in The Spectator on line ($) Evidence does not seem to matter in the debate on human induced climate change.  Hardly anyone is listening to reason.  Minds have been made … Continue reading

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Australia’s dismal energy future

I have an article in the Spectator on-line which traverses the disaster that has been created in the energy market with renewables and gas search restraints. The result has been the dearth of new investment in reliable power, with $72 billion spent … Continue reading

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The Murray-Darling: concocting crises to kill agriculture

Politicians on the left and some on the right are throttling the use of irrigation water to accord with myths spun by nihilists and to the great disadvantage of the nation’s interest as well as those of farmers and their … Continue reading

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Courts start the process of terminating coal usage and all modern production

I had a piece on Quadrant covering the same issues asa Viv Forbes/Rafe regarding the pathbreaking decision of the head of the NSW Land and Environment Court.  This, if left as precedent, forbids any new coal mines and, though the judge … Continue reading

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Days of power and fury: January 2019 electricity prices and outages

Compared with a National Market that had a turnover of less than $7.5 billion a year  four years ago, the turnover in just two days in January was over $1 billion. It is impossible without all data on contracts to … Continue reading

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The Liberal Party: Going downhill fast

Last week, NSW’s Photios-aligned Arts Minister Don Harwin appointed Tim Flannery to the board of the Australian Museum. Days later, Olympics skier Zali Steggall announced the climate careerist would be aiding her independent bid to oust Tony Abbott from Warringah, … Continue reading

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Reaping the fruits of political sabotage of the electricity industry

The third world nature of Australia’s electricity industry was revealed this week with wholesale prices in Victoria and South Australia at the maximum $14,500 for lengthy periods in spite of thousands of customers being cut-off, major users agreeing to shut … Continue reading

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Banks pretend to be virtue signalling while plundering electricity consumers

In the salad days prior to 2015, before governments’ destructive interventions undermined Australia’s stable low-cost electricity supply, electricity as a topic of general interest hardly figured. Any concerns about power blackouts just did not reach the front pages or the … Continue reading

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The Australian Energy Regulator’s Wholesale electricity market performance report

The more desperate the situation of an industry, the more reports and regulatory overseers’ governments require, blind to any recognition of an industry’s malaise being created by their own actions.  And so, with electricity we have an alphabet soup of … Continue reading

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Australia’s chronic economic underperformance

I have this piece in Quadrant. It was triggered by this graphic presenting a 300 year review of the rise and fall of nations in the GDP stakes.  By 1913, the Western world’s living standards were two- to tenfold those of the rest … Continue reading

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