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The Australian Energy Regulator’s Wholesale electricity market performance report

The more desperate the situation of an industry, the more reports and regulatory overseers’ governments require, blind to any recognition of an industry’s malaise being created by their own actions.  And so, with electricity we have an alphabet soup of … Continue reading

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Australia’s chronic economic underperformance

I have this piece in Quadrant. It was triggered by this graphic presenting a 300 year review of the rise and fall of nations in the GDP stakes.  By 1913, the Western world’s living standards were two- to tenfold those of the rest … Continue reading

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NSW Energy Minister attempts to further undermine the energy industry

Yesterday, NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin made an astonishing attempt to force his fellow ministers into adopting an intensified series of new subsidies for renewable energy.  Masquerading as a resurrection of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and seeking to enlist … Continue reading

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The mirage of lower renewable energy driven electricity prices

Josh Frydenberg claimed the last week in Parliament was a poor one for the opposition and the triumph for the government. He made mention of the Opposition’s inability to get Peter Dutton and its failure to deliver its preferred outcomes … Continue reading

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Ontario rightly rejects carbon tax but wrongly seeks to buy emission reductions

I have a piece in the Canadian Financial Post commenting on the Ontario Ford Government’s rejection of a carbon tax but introduction of a carbon auctioning system along the lines of the failed Australian Direct Action scheme introduced by the … Continue reading

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IPCC Contradicts ‘Experts’, & Pours Cold Water on Man Made (Reversible) Global Drought Hysteria

Graham Williamson Guest Post Previously, In their AR5 Report, the IPCC have demonstrated that: Globally droughts are NOT increasing & any previous ‘evidence’ that humans were causing droughts is now seen to be exaggerated, alarmist or totally false. Droughts are … Continue reading

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The ALP’s emission reduction dreams will strangle the economy

Over the past decade, we have spent $70 billion on wind and solar.  Here are some statistics from BNEF, not uncoincidentally, the venue where Bill Shorten and Mark Butler yesterday launched an outline of the ALP energy and climate policy.   … Continue reading

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The Diabolic Policy Dilemmas Created by Previous Energy Policies

Regulatory measures – subsidies for wind/solar – have wrecked the Australian market, driving up prices and increasing supply costs.  And the policies have created wind and solar capacities that have on-going effects, which cannot be unwound by simply allowing the … Continue reading

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The red and blue of the US mid-terms

The US mid-terms: a victory for Trump? Many on the right felt relief at the outcome of the US mid-terms, where the message was that the incumbent President predictably loses support.  The House loss was said to be modest and … Continue reading

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Real people put living standards above virtue signalling on climate change

Leftist Economist Joseph Stiglitz, coming to Australia to collect the human rights activist “Sydney Peace Prize”, is not the only dreamer urging a carbon tax for Australia and proclaiming that climate change was not a liberal conspiracy. As Chris Kenny … Continue reading

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