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The Diabolic Policy Dilemmas Created by Previous Energy Policies

Regulatory measures – subsidies for wind/solar – have wrecked the Australian market, driving up prices and increasing supply costs.  And the policies have created wind and solar capacities that have on-going effects, which cannot be unwound by simply allowing the … Continue reading

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The red and blue of the US mid-terms

The US mid-terms: a victory for Trump? Many on the right felt relief at the outcome of the US mid-terms, where the message was that the incumbent President predictably loses support.  The House loss was said to be modest and … Continue reading

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Real people put living standards above virtue signalling on climate change

Leftist Economist Joseph Stiglitz, coming to Australia to collect the human rights activist “Sydney Peace Prize”, is not the only dreamer urging a carbon tax for Australia and proclaiming that climate change was not a liberal conspiracy. As Chris Kenny … Continue reading

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Socialism will impoverish you but it won’t solve climate change

Writing in the Guardian, Geoff Sparrow is not the first person to call for a socialist “dictatorship of the proletariat” as the only means of markedly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  In a curious conflation of … Continue reading

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Wentworth, the Liberal’s “broad church” and the Party’s demise

My piece in Quadrant concludes The seat of Wentworth is the latest casualty of these (broad church Liberal) policies.  In the wake of the loss, Trent Zimmerman was not the only NSW politician calling for a more robust attack on fossil fuel-generated … Continue reading

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Carbon taxes: many losers, some winners

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Bjorn Lomborg drew attention to the inconsistency of the global warming costs and benefit estimates made by newly minted Nobel Prize recipient William Nordhaus, and the alarmist IPCC climate review issued out of … Continue reading

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The Warmists Are Starting to Sweat

Over the next week the report being finalised at a United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), meeting in Korea, will see an outpouring of alarmist material.  Doom-laden factoids and forecasts will be released, all designed to head off … Continue reading

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Wasteful investment in wind/solar has a negative value

A breathless piece by the Guardian’s Calla Wahlquist announced that Victoria’s renewable energy boom is set to create six thousand new jobs.   And yet the head of the renewable energy lobby group, Tristan Edis, was downbeat because the subsidies are … Continue reading

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Victorian Government contracts for renewable energy supplies

Victoria has announced fifteen-year contract for wind and solar capacity amounting to 650 megawatts (the giant Loy Yang is 2,200 MW but renewables only provide about one third as much electricity per MW of capacity).  The price is said to … Continue reading

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The same old subsidies to renewables: only the name has changed

The NEG is dead but all its developers remain in place, thrashing around as they seek out a new moniker for the policy of penalising and rendering uneconomic the coal based generation that not so long ago gave Australia the … Continue reading

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