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Government induced power crisis averted, for now

At 12 PM on 19 January the electricity market manager, AEMO, to its own and everybody’s great relief announced “VIC AND SA ENERGY SUPPLY REMAINS SECURE”. It had been a knife edged couple of days with hot weather bringing high … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy: the mad saga continues

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) lobbies hard for renewable subsidies and estimates global “clean energy” investment at $333 billion. This excludes hydro-electricity other than Politically Correct “small hydro”.  Some 85 per cent of expenditure is in wind or solar with … Continue reading

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Equal pay for all!!

Still reeling from its double standards on tolerating child rape by some males, lewd semi-forced sex by others and the odd bit of hanky panky by almost everyone, Hollywood is now embroiled in self-abasement  over the discrepancy in pay between men … Continue reading

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Snowy 2: the policy of despair

Snowy Mark 2 as a pump storage is designed to use cheap off peak power to pump water uphill to a reservoir so that it can be used at a later stage when electricity prices are high.  It does not … Continue reading

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Inventing benefits from regulations reducing farmers’ use of water

An article by the excellent rural reporter Sue Neales, examined the sales and purchases of irrigation water rights for agriculture in the Murray-Darling Basin (agriculture uses about 90 per cent of water collected in dams for industry and personal consumption). … Continue reading

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Frydenberg falling short in his attempts to defray regulatory-induced energy costs

The following is a condensed version of an article I have had published in Quadrant on-line The Australian broke a story about dissension in the Coalition ranks regarding the “in principle” decision, announced by Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, to allow Australian firms … Continue reading

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Trump making headway

Just in case there is any doubt about the media and Trump, here is a graphic from a Pew Foundation study that shows media attitudes to Trump and the previous three Presidents in the first 60 days of their first … Continue reading

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Where to start with spending cuts

Australia’s policy dice is loaded in favour of more spending and regulation.  Major expansions in recent years have been on education, people with disabilities, the national broadband network (NBN) and renewable energy. Even those rare politicians who are genuinely concerned … Continue reading

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AGL: virtue signalling while raising prices by closing plant

Australia has lost its pole position in electricity competitiveness. The gradual increase in subsidised renewable energy in forcing out coal plant has transformed the Australian industry from perhaps the cheapest in the world into, on some measures, one of the most … Continue reading

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AGL’s proposed power station closure would ensure continued excessive electricity prices

Yesterday AGL confirmed its plans to close the Liddell coal powered electricity generator in 2022.  It did so in the face of calls from the government – even by notorious green aficionado Malcolm Turnbull – for its life to be extended. … Continue reading

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