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Renewable energy and government policy: the plot thickens!

In the Spectator-on-line I address the latest developments of the energy policy, the gist of which is being selectively leaked by Josh Frydenberg.  Here is an extract The government’s abandonment of the expanded renewable energy target that the Finkel report … Continue reading

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ACCC offers some clarity but much obfuscation in its report on electricity price rises

The battle of the causes of Australia’s excessive electricity prices is well and truly on.  Having moved from the world’s lowest cost electricity to among the highest cost in less than a decade, finally questions are being asked. The government … Continue reading

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Labor threatens renewed land expropriation to meet greenhouse emission reductions

Among the egregious instances of government property theft, planning regulations contain some of the greatest calumnies. And, within planning regulations, a stand out is the conspiracy of state and federal governments of allegedly different political stripe to seize rural property … Continue reading

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Gas and electricity crises need deregulation not more interventions

It is perhaps a little cruel to apply the epithet, “The best energy minister we have” to the likeable Josh Frydenberg, especially since he alone with Tony Abbott actually writes his own media pieces.  In today’s AFR he writes about the … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Australian, Battling the Nation’s Interest

BHP, the world’s largest mining company, has demonstrated its clout by firing the head of the Minerals Council of Australia, Brendan Pearson. Amongst the most competent and seasoned energy specialists in Australia, Brendan had led the MCA with self-effacing charm. … Continue reading

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ACCC offers no answers to government created energy crisis

Appointed as head of the ACCC by Rudd Gillard, Rod Sims has a long association with the ALP going back to the Whitlam years. His re-appointment by the Coalition is unsurprising given the callow nature of conservatives and the fact … Continue reading

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Unwinding the renewable energy scam

I have an article in the online Spectator which addresses measures in place to correct the economic fall out now manifestly evident from green energy policies. Escaping the renewable energy subsidy trap It concludes Whatever the fall-out one thing is … Continue reading

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How does the free market cope with rogue businesses?

AGL from being a local NSW gas company has become the largest energy business in Australia.  Having weathered a disastrous period when Welshman Paul Anthony was installed as CEO in the early 2000s, the firm went into rehabilitation under the … Continue reading

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Andrews treads SA’s rocky path of costly power

My piece in the Herald Sun this morning Premier Dan Andrews is copying South Australia’s energy policy.  The Premier aims to lift wind and solar’s share of the state’s electricity supply from its current 8 per cent to 40 per … Continue reading

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Liberal, Green and ALP politicians conspire to destroy the economy

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull, unveiling the plans by Pratt for new investment in containers said, “You know everything my government does is designed to encourage Australian businesses to invest.”   The absurdity of this was underlined by Anthony Pratt informing us, “Our … Continue reading

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