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Agenda setting by Abbott on energy needs to go further

I have a piece on the Spectator on line addressing Tony Abbott’s latest demarche into political controversy with his weekend address to the Young Liberals.  Mr Abbott continues to demonstrate his credentials as an Opposition leader addressing deregulation, Section 18C, … Continue reading

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Australian housing’s regulatory price boost not about to end

Global housing consultancy, Demographia, has confirmed what Australians always knew.  Our house prices are extremely high and there is no relief in sight. In 2016, out of 406 world cities surveyed for housing prices in relation to incomes, Australia is … Continue reading

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Trump and Australian political dithering over energy costs

What is wrong with these people? We have state leaders from South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland purposely rejecting the low cost energy option of coal that nature has provided and opting for renewables that will always cost three … Continue reading

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Victorian price electricity increases just a step to disaster

Well who would have thought this possible?  Substituting wind for coal prices is driving up the average Victorian’s electricity prices by $135 next year. After all this is occurring with increased wind that proponents never tire of telling us is … Continue reading

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No let-up in the stupid destructiveness of government energy policy

I have a piece in The Australian this morning. Australia ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement on the day after Donald Trump’s election victory. The AEMC costed this (achieving it through a form of carbon tax) at $55.4 billion. If, … Continue reading

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Billions wasted in economy sapping energy regulations

Each year the energy regulator, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), publishes data on the make-up of electricity costs for households.  This breaks down costs into three categories: environmental, regulated networks and wholesale/retail. In Queensland federal environmental policies cost the … Continue reading

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Trump’s energy and environment appointments

Although there are three key appointments Pruitt at EPA, and now Tillerson at State and Perry at Energy there are some concerns among those of us who hope that Trump will swiftly kill the climate dragon. Tillerson as ExxonMobil head … Continue reading

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Australia will need to follow US in lowering business imposts

From my piece in yesterday’s Herald Sun Australian politicians recognise that a Trump presidency will bring radical change in US.  But none of them understand that this also creates a competitive threat. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is backed … Continue reading

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Trump torpedoes the Global warming con but Australia soldiers on

At a tremendous cost to the economy’s future, Australia is refusing to heed the revolutionary change in global climate policy that Trump is ushering in, changes reinforced today with his appointment of an EPA Administrator who is at total odds … Continue reading

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Trump has changed the world; can Australia adapt?

Grace Collier’s great piece today shows just how the US will dictate policy throughout the world.  Trump will make the US a magnet for capital and initiative – not by mouthing bromides about what politicians will do but by action … Continue reading

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