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More electricity subsidies will increase the industry’s regulatory-driven high costs

I have a piece in Quadrant that discusses the new subsidies to transmission that the PM has announced.  Here is an extract Australia’s green energy subsidies have transformed the nation from having the cheapest electricity supply among major global entities … Continue reading

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Murray Darling farming: a victim of green-induced government policies

I have a piece in The Australian today on the government induced water price increase and shortage  in the Murray Darling which is responsible for over 40 per cent of the nation’s farm output.  Here is an extract. Drought Minister … Continue reading

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We should be afraid of rising fuel costs, not climate claims

I have a piece in the Spectator, an extract of which is below. Starting as a scientific backwater, climate change has come to dominate the scientific community and politics in general. Within the former “think tank”, the Tasman Institute, in … Continue reading

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Next week’s climate circus in New York

The following is an extract from a piece I have in the Spectator on line The push is on for the upcoming UN Climate Summit to be held 23 September in New York. Although the most senior leaders, Trump and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Australian Energy Market

By Ben Skinner and Carol Tran Australian Energy Council Discussion about the emergence of a new energy market dynamic and whether there is a need to address it, has recently developed in the public arena. There has been significant attention … Continue reading

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Irrigation water restraints about to become more harmful

There is a considerable interest in water in the Murray Darling, an issue that I have written about over the two decades during which concerted attacks on irrigation took place. Most of my articles and reports, including my latest piece … Continue reading

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Regulatory attacks bringing a sad demise of the Australian economy

The Australian economy has been flagging for many years now.  Over the past year we actually saw a decline in GDP per capita and per hour worked. There are many reasons for this but all come back to government intervention … Continue reading

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Another rope-seller to the hangman

An article in the Fairfax papers today asks how we proceed to make sure that regions don’t suffer too much as a result of the inevitable triumph of renewables and the consequent demise of coal.  The article represents the views … Continue reading

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The hazards of synthetic valuations of environmental services

I have a Spectator article ($) addressing new bans on rural, mining and recreational activities proposed in 77,000 hectares of the Victorian Goldfields region north of Melbourne.  The agenda involves converting the targeted area, which has no remarkable features, from … Continue reading

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Negative value-added from subsidising carbon capture and storage

Here is a precise of a piece of mine in today’s Australian Angus Taylor is trying to bring an erosion of costs to combat alleged climate change through ‘masterful inactivity’ – letting the programs expire.  But it will take at … Continue reading

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