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Fish farming: a new project’s approval illustrates regulatory weaknesses

Yesterday the Commonwealth government gave environmental approval to Project Sea Dragon,  a $2 billion scheme involving prawn farming in the North.  According to reports it will increase the national prawn catch by 55 per cent and employ 1400 people in … Continue reading

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Cheap wind power the latest furphy in support of suicidal energy policies

Hot of the press, The Australian is breathlessly reporting that Origin Energy has contracted to buy wind energy at $60 per MWh, a price that is comparable with contracted prices from coal.  The article sees this as evidence that the … Continue reading

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Yet another unbalanced climate change policy review by the government

I have, on behalf of the Australian Environment Foundation, made a submission to yet another of those kangaroo court reviews into climate change policy designed to pave the way to causing even more harm to the economy and Australian living … Continue reading

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Weak-kneed Australian governments are impoverishing the nation

Steve points out the idiocy of the Prime Minister who is tip-toeing to a form of gas reservation to ensure that domestic needs are satisfied before exports.  The tragedy for businesses investing on the basis that they can sell wherever … Continue reading

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Energy policy: no end to damaging political interference

The idiocy of Australian gas policies continues to add to those followed in electricity. Labor and the Coalition, having been spooked by Green-Alan Jones campaigns, have prevented new exploration in eastern states, bringing predictable and inevitable outcomes. Prices at the … Continue reading

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Housing policies as a drain on wealth creation

Everybody is talking about housing (Judith had a great piece in the Oz on Wednesday) as the government flies kites on policy and the regulators fret about the effect on the banking system from a possible lancing of the price … Continue reading

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Renewable energy the economy wrecker (cross post)

Matt Zema, inaugural head of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), attended a meeting a year ago of the Regulation Economics Energy Forum at which a number of prominent electricity industry executives were present.  Proceedings at the meeting were private, … Continue reading

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How governments have destroyed the world’s most efficient energy market

The nation’s energy policy is in the hands of ideological tyros. At the federal level Malcolm Turnbull is running the show with the equally green evangelist, his Departmental Secretary Martin Parkinson. At the state level, we have a Victorian Government … Continue reading

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$190 carbon tax needed to meet Paris Agreement

The Finkel inquiry into the energy future got off to a bad start with its preliminary report erroneously claiming all this wind and solar we are seeing is being driven by technology and consumer demand when it is clearly a … Continue reading

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Grasping at straws in the march to energy disaster

As I pointed out in my previous post, republished here, the Australian government is using all its abundant intelligence resources to argue that Trump will not follow up on his strictures regarding the global warming scam.  Julie Bishop is unfortunately proving … Continue reading

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