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Wrecking the Murray Darling’s agriculture

Not for the first time Four Corners this week aired an alarmist program on the Murray and irrigation, full of dark forebodings of graft and corruption, overlaid on the familiar green left theme that Murray Darling basin, the source of … Continue reading

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Is the AFR rejoining economic rationality?

The AFR has spent a decade of extolling the merits of renewable energy.  It has waxed lyrical on the beneficial effects of taxes on fossil fuels (aka renewable subsidies, the NEG).  But, following a passage rightly pointing out the cost … Continue reading

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Clover Moore’s Climate Catastrophe

I have a piece in the Spectator that chides Sydney’s virtue signalling ‘climate emergency’ as being downright lethargic compared to star performers like Melbourne, which has had new programs every five years since 2003 promising carbon neutrality. In recent years, governments … Continue reading

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A cancerous fantasy: Australian Outlook 2019

Two years in the making and with a release planned for shortly after a triumphant Shorten Government occupied the Treasury Benches, we now have the Australian Outlook 2019. A team led by Dr Ken Henry, the man who developed Australia’s … Continue reading

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How to reinvigorate flagging productivity growth

With productivity flagging, the debate about what needs to be done seems to be between the Keynesians, who want to see government stimulation through lowering taxes and increasing spending, and those who want an alternative means of government stimulation through … Continue reading

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Can Australia regain the cheap electricity supply that politics has destroyed?

A piece of mine in the Spectator on-line addressed if and how the re-elected government might extract the nation from the parlous circumstances energy and climate policy measures have created for the nation. After recounting all the enmities that Minister … Continue reading

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Australia’s election result: a reprieve not a recovery

Oceans of ink have been used to address last Saturday’s election including by those, like me, who thought a reprieve was possible but feared the worst.  Steve Kates offers a comprehensive 10-point summary of why the ALP lost.  I have … Continue reading

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Election promises: eating the seed corn that generates sustained economic growth

I have a piece in the Spectator that addresses the importance of savings to provide the capital that underpins wealth creation.  Savings themselves will be severely constrained where the state or other looters can exproproate them or where the state … Continue reading

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The ALP’s green left policies will suffocate the economy faster than those of the Coalition

Here is an extract from an article I have in Quadrant On Line In response to an increasingly green-oriented urban electorate, the ALP’s environmental position has moved very close to that of The Greens.  And, like conservative parties in the … Continue reading

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The harbinger of the sub prime crisis

While searching for something else I came across this on the celebrated international crisis took place in the otherwise unremarkable year of 33 a.d. The financial crisis of 33AD is largely considered to be caused by policies that Tiberius took … Continue reading

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