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Musk magic and the Tesla torment

Bad luck for the much hyped Tesla battery when the grand opening in South Australia yesterday coincided with storms that brought power outages in its immediate vicinity. Designated as reliability-proofing a state that has seen the future of electricity generation … Continue reading

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The Commonwealth’s energy policy proposals will not unwind the regulatory-induced damage

I have a piece in The Spectator about the government’s leaked release of the Frontier Economics report it commissioned. The Government plans to retain the increased availability of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) subsidies until 2020 and then maintain payments … Continue reading

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Post-mortem of the Australian electricity Industry

All thinking people actually know what has gone wrong in the Australian electricity industry: a doubling of wholesale market prices, diminished reliability, investment being policy – directed into fashionable but high cost avenues – wind, solar batteries, pumped storage. Unwilling … Continue reading

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Is renewable energy competitive?

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is now on his way to the UN conference in Bonn to pay obeisance to a global warming fraternity strengthened by two new members (Nicaragua and Syria) to the loss of merely one (the USA).  Renewable … Continue reading

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Opinion polls on green energy: a glass half full

There is some interesting material thrown up by today’s release of the Newspoll results on climate change.  One interpretation is that a majority of respondents would prefer to leave the Paris Agreement, which the Government uses as justification for green … Continue reading

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Politicians should face a penalty for costs stemming from their wilfully negligent decisions

I have a piece ($) in the Herald Sun today in which I note that the Victoria’s Wonthaggi desalinisation plan, soon to be five years old, cost $19 billion and will never be required. As I say, The money spent … Continue reading

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Creating Prosperity: its few friends and many enemies

I have a piece in Quadrant on interest groups and economic advice. Read the whole article and see if you agree with the its conclusion, which is as follows Business group now constitute an unlikely source of policy guidance – and … Continue reading

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Australia’s new energy policy and its dishonest depiction

The government’s electricity “reforms” merely confirm the existing subsidy arrangements for renewable electricity, with consumers paying the renewable tax till 2030. Its “reliability guarantee” adds no greater certainty but will entail a vast new inflexible bureaucracy. The measures will not … Continue reading

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Renewable energy and government policy: the plot thickens!

In the Spectator-on-line I address the latest developments of the energy policy, the gist of which is being selectively leaked by Josh Frydenberg.  Here is an extract The government’s abandonment of the expanded renewable energy target that the Finkel report … Continue reading

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ACCC offers some clarity but much obfuscation in its report on electricity price rises

The battle of the causes of Australia’s excessive electricity prices is well and truly on.  Having moved from the world’s lowest cost electricity to among the highest cost in less than a decade, finally questions are being asked. The government … Continue reading

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