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Wage regulations: yet another measure undermining living standards

See saw Marjorie door Johnny shall have a new master He will earn but a penny a day because he can’t work any faster The unions have found a cause in Barry’s– a brother and sister run café in Melbourne’s … Continue reading

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Emissions and the meeting of energy ministers

Ben Potter, who as a useful idiot, was leaked a copy of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) report by the Victorian Government, reports today that the states are likely to sign off on the NEG at their meeting tomorrow. Potter … Continue reading

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Energy Battlegrounds and Furphies

I have this piece in this morning’s Australian which addresses the direction of energy and climate policy in light of Josh Frydenberg’s Press Club address.  Aside from demonstrating how the renewable program has wrecked the electricity supply industry and brought … Continue reading

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Trump’s breakthrough on trade rules

Though under pressure from the Mueller investigation seemingly trying to establish a link between Russian influence on Trump and the pornstar Stormy Daniels who claims a one night stand with Donald a decade ago, Trump seems to have kicked yet … Continue reading

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Energy policy takes center stage

The action is getting hotter on the energy front.  Having been in a small minority for years, readers and writers on catallaxy are now finding themselves closer to the mainstream on the policy on energy/climate. To recap, the recent initial … Continue reading

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Can the backbench energy revolt steer us back low cost electricity?

It all came so suddenly. Over the Easter break a ginger group of Coalition backbenchers, the Monash Forum, was announced.  Chaired by Craig Kelly, one of the few MPs who has really studied the economic disaster that greenhouse policies are … Continue reading

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The costly outcomes of renewable energy subsidies

I have a piece in Quadrant on line which is summarised as follows The fall from grace of the Australian electricity industry has been breathtaking. At the turn of the century, Australia had perhaps the world’s lowest-cost, most competitive electricity … Continue reading

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Beware of propaganda organs extolling new electricity power

While the ACCC’s Rod Sims may have had a Damascene conversion when he noted that he would like to get the price of electricity down half a dozen years after the reason for the price surge became obvious (hint look at … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tariffs and Trade

I have a piece in The Spectator on-line covering this tortured issue.  In it, I note The action was not taken on anti-dumping grounds but under national security provisions, which are anchored on ‘domestic production needed for projected national defense requirement’ It … Continue reading

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Australian governments are far more effective at killing the aluminium industry than Donald Trump

I have a post in the Spectator, a shortened version of which is as follows It seemed too good to be true: Snowy being bought by the Commonwealth from state governments in what appeared as a money creation process – … Continue reading

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