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ABC analysis: to succeed, Boris must become more left-wing

YAY! Every single time. Whenever the left is slapped by voters like a bony Antifa moll at a street riot, ‘expert’ analysts rush to the scene of democracy, cordon it off with police tape and announce through a bullhorn that … Continue reading

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Thank A-Bombs, muzak and Linda Lovelace for quick checkout

This must be one of the more strange evolutions of an idea in capitalist history … George Laurer, Who Developed the Bar Code, Is Dead at 94. George J. Laurer, whose design of the vertically striped bar code sped supermarket … Continue reading

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She missed the biggest political scandal in American history

ZOE Daniels is leaving Washington DC after four years as the ABC’s Washington Bureau Chief. Today, she signs off on a familiar theme: Trump is the worst. Etc. “In four years … I watched Donald Trump explode the limits of … Continue reading

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No, it isn’t that one of them has the teeth of Kingston Town

Jenna Price: The incredible, telling difference between Ardern and Morrison. “She hugs those who need it …”

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While the Pell’s away, the church mice will play

AS the first prefect (from February 2014) of the newly created Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell quickly acquired a reputation for confrontational rigour as he worked to reform the Vatican’s notoriously slipshod and corrupt accounts. Even detractors admitted … Continue reading

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A logical progression

Delingpole: From Hitler and Stalin to Greta Thunberg — Time Loves to Celebrate Totalitarian Icons. Adolf Hitler 1938 Joseph Stalin 1939 Joseph Stalin (again) 1942 Ayatollah Khomeini 1979 Greta Thunberg 2019 Yes, you’ve got to hand it to what’s left … Continue reading

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Our thoughts go out to Hillary this morning

Woman Repeatedly Stabs Herself Because She’s ‘Tired of Trump Being President’.

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Britain’s Winter of Malcontents

POISED to win today’s British general election, Boris Johnson will take moral ownership of No.10 at a time fraught with phony crisis but real risk. The phony crisis is the Stayers’ scaremongering about the imminent economic and cultural collapse of … Continue reading

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Anthem opponents should try thinking for themselves

FREEDOM rides, boycotts, “first nations,” reparations and now the anthem. Just as Anthony Mundine made himself an Aldi Ali, Latrell Mitchell now wants to be a K-Mart Kaepernick. If Aboriginal leaders want broader Australian society to respect and work alongside … Continue reading

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In the interests of reason and science, I reluctantly step in …

woman [ woo m-uh n ] noun, plural wom·en [wim-in]. 1. the female human being, as distinguished from a girl or a man. 2. an adult female person. Very simple. Or so you’d think. On the BBC’s “Your Questions Answered,” a caller … Continue reading

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