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Booth blowhard bothered by Bolt

Paws of fury: Singo’s house cat lashes out                                                                                       RAY Hadley has refused to give Andrew Bolt a live right of reply on 2GB after maliciously accusing the Herald Sun columnist and blogger of being a serial defender of paedophiles. Like … Continue reading

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Protecting The Shutdown

The problem of states now having a huge vested interest in managing c-v death statistics had occurred to me: Guidelines recently released by the Centers for Disease Control bolster concerns that the death toll is being rigged to show a … Continue reading

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Predictable: legal team opts for boilerplate ‘high bar’ lament

Found out in the end, Cardinal George Pell’s accuser – no doubt briefed by his lawyer on PR tonality – pretends the system is to blame for not sustaining a bullshit story like his: It is difficult in child sex … Continue reading

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Who needs evidence? If we say it, it’s true. Right?

For the record, again, I have not colluded with Victoria Police and there is no evidence to show that, anywhere. — Louise Milligan (@Milliganreports) April 7, 2020

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Moment of liberation: cheers, prayers and a juicy steak

It seems the Cardinal gave his first exclusive interview to the American Catholic News Agency. Good choice. “I was watching the television news in my cell when the news came through,” Pell told CNA, in an exclusive interview shortly after … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull and our “friend and brother,” President Xi

Why is it that certain former Australian prime ministers can be counted on to spread the lies of China? Amir Husain is a Punjabi-born computer technician and artificial intelligence entrepreneur, a very successful one. Whether or not that makes him … Continue reading

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Musical Intermission

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Statement by His Eminence George Cardinal Pell AC

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Linemen For The Country

As Australians Google Depression recipes, two millionaires squabble                                         Only in a second-rate nation would two former leaders fight for history’s honours – over telephone wiring. Before Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison sabotaged the NBN after 2013, Oz was on track for 98% full-fibre to … Continue reading

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THERE will be something ironic and remarkably apt about an acquittal tomorrow for George Pell, if that’s what the High Court has decided. A man held in solitary confinement will be released into an imprisoned country. In light of the … Continue reading

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