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Guest Post: Ian Plimer – The environmental impact of Creation

In the beginning God floated the idea of creating Heaven and Earth. He was immediately served with an injunction by Greenpeace to prevent any creative activity whatsoever as He had not undertaken an environmental impact study and had no permit … Continue reading

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Napoleonic Complex?

It’s been a while since a single letter denoted a monarch. Will Hillary meet her match en route to Moscow?

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Guest Post: Christopher Rath – Australia again at risk of becoming the “poor white trash of Asia”

This week an alliance of the nation’s leading industry and business groups gave their sternest warning yet to our political leaders- neglecting reform “will set us on a path to economic despair”. This isn’t hyperbole as a quick glance at … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Peter Swan – Investors will be the losers if imputation system goes

Last Tuesday the Treasury announced in its discussion paper that the Abbott government was considering amending or abolishing Australia’s tax imputation system. Since 1987, Australian taxpayers have only been taxed once on corporate income, not the double taxation that investors … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ian Plimer – How to make Canberra efficient

At the IPA presentation in Melbourne by Treasurer Hockey on 31st March, 2015 the emphasis was on taxation. Costs, reducing the size of the bureaucracy and efficiency were not discussed. Here’s my proposal. The greens, social engineers and bureaucrat advocates … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brad Emery – Tim Winton’s message of ‘peace’ was anything but…

Easter is a time for reflection.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a Christian, it’s an opportunity to take time out and assess your life and perhaps even express thanks for what you’ve been given.  Obviously for Christians, it’s a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Jeremy Barlow – An open letter to Joe Hockey

Dear Joe, I refer to the closing question after your presentation at the IPA. It was a question concerning CSG and the reasons for the lack of development in the industry. Specific reference was made to the perceived threats to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ashton de Silva – Interest rates, taxis and the Payday loans The Small Amount Credit market

How many times have you got into a taxi and thought: This is outrageous, the charge I am paying ‘per kilometre’ is extreme.  Planes are much cheaper! Interestingly, I have – and came to the conclusion that the services are … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Advertising: The 3rd Annual ALS Friedman Conference

If you were to believe most of our media, politicians and academics then you would be forgiven for thinking that what Australia needs are just a few more taxes, regulations, prohibitions, and mandates. The steady stream of big-government rhetoric is … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bob Carter – What has climate change got to do with energy supply anyway?

As the Abbott government ponders the political realities of making needed changes to the economically damaging Mandatory Renewable Energy Tariff (MRET) scheme, late last year the European Union took the giant step backwards of combining climate change and energy matters … Continue reading

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