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Muddy: Just words

Everything I have wanted to write about language and the reason for the Catictionary, I have written previously. What follows is a collection of words contributed by readers of this blog, minus those brutally tortured and ‘disappeared’ during the editing … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Angus Taylor – a disappointment

So much for Angus Taylor being the great hope of the side.  Promoted, ostensibly, as the Minister for Getting Power Prices Down, Taylor has shown himself to be just as mealy-mouthed as the rest of his second-rate Coalition government. Here … Continue reading

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Greg Chapman: The mid-terms – The best possible outcome for Trump

Donald Trump couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome from the elections for the former legislative body known as the US Congress. The Emasculated Congress Almost no substantial legislation has passed in the US Congress, under the control by two … Continue reading

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Anon: Set the sexes free

The large dental practice I attend in Portugal is entirely staffed by females. As is the legal practice I used. There is either no law or no enforcement of laws around the hiring of staff based on gender. Imagine all … Continue reading

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A message from Peter Phelps

I have decided to run for the NSW Upper House, again, at the 2019 State Election. The Liberal preselection for the ‘At-Large’ positions will take place on 25 November, somewhere in Sydney. I say “positions”, but this is not strictly … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Is it getting hotter in Boulia?

With summer just around the corner we should be ready for the usual hype about heat waves and “hottest days on record”. These events will be presented as “proof of climate change” so it is worthwhile putting this into perspective. … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: A Seal in a Liberal Circus

No wonder Tony Abbott lost his job. He just doesn’t get it. There will always be some Liberals who want the party to go further on climate change or be more compassionate on boatpeople. There will always be others to … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great – Climate Realism: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

As Australians we really do live in a bubble. We like to think we are global in outlook but in fact we are very selective and very parochial depending on the subject. Which brings us to climate change. Almost every … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: How 570 MW becomes 52.

Details of the first pumped hydro/solar scheme in SA became available the other day when the State Development department released them for public comment. (If anyone is interested they can be found at The scheme is called “The Baroota … Continue reading

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Support Bettina Arndt

The riot squad was called recently to Sydney University to remove an abusive mob of protesters trying to stop Bettina Arndt talking about the fake rape crisis. Until the police were called, the mob was preventing Bettina’s audience from reaching the … Continue reading

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