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Guest Post: Warty Christian symbols are divisive

The Sky News programme Outsiders mentioned the fact that a Lesbian bishop proposed removing crosses from churches in order to appease Muslims: in other words a complete capitulation. Now what was not mentioned, was that this same bishop achieved a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien Banning Muslim Immigration

Recently my mind has been exercised by the issue of banning Muslim immigration.   At the start I should say that, instinctively, this is not an idea with which I’m comfortable.  On the other hand it is not an idea that … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ooh Honey Honey Who will defend the west?

If you’re going to fight, better your enemy is weak than strong. Even better if you can weaken them before joining in battle. Sheer numbers alone do not determine outcomes. Morale is far more important. If your army wants to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary II – Review, Edit, Add.

Last week I introduced my idea for the Catictionary, a collection of words or phrases unique to this forum, and a practical – though small – step towards regaining the control of our language. Following are the contributions received so … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Warty Nikki Gemmell, the Wonder Woman (not!)

An Australian author called Nikki Gemmell wrote an article in The Weekend Australian, entitled ‘Wow, what a gal’, with the subscript ‘right now, it feels as if we need another Wonder Woman’. Going by the outraged male responses anyone might … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien on Tony Abbott’s second coming

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the knifing of Tony Abbott could be the best thing that has happened, politically, in recent years.  After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, hopefully in Abbott’s case, wiser as … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Brendan Pearson Why is Australia the only place in Asia where HELE coal generation isn’t clean?

The central organising principle of the Finkel review is the adoption of a technology neutral approach to energy policy. Although that is an important step forward, the review falls short of its own guiding principle in two fundamental respects. First, the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary

One of my frustrations with Catallaxy is that as much as I find it beneficial to educate myself and share thoughts with like-minded far-far-right, raycist, homofauxbic, fridgofauxbic, meesogynist, radical extremists, I want to be able to do something practical about … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Warty The Dark Side of the Moon Earth.

I listened to a Mark Stein video clip on his instantly recognisable blog, and he was talking about the number of Western young girls that were turning to Islam. He points out how these same girls, were rudderless, would go … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien The Australian and Climate Change

The Australian is consistently prescriptive in its editorials on topics such as the economy and terrorism but consistently ambivalent in its pronouncements on climate change and energy. Take this weekend’s editorial, for example, which describes the Finkel Review as recommending … Continue reading

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