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Joakim Book: The Real Reason Nobody Takes Environmental Activists Seriously

nvironmental activists are weird. Filled with a deep-rooted desire to do good, to save the world from imminent destruction, and to preach the ecological gospel to anybody (un)willing to hear it, they wield a surprising amount of influence — in the media if … Continue reading

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Peter Lang: What could have been – if nuclear power deployment had not been disrupted

If the pre-1967 declining cost and deployment rates of nuclear power had not been disrupted the world could have had cheap, reliable, secure, sustainable, comparatively safe electricity supply by now (Lang, 2017). The benefits for the global economy and human … Continue reading

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Statement from the Liberal Democratic Party

To all Liberal Democrat members and supporters, By now you may have read the media reports in relation to the Attorney General’s department targeting the organisers and key speakers at the recent CPAC event in Sydney. If not, please take … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: The Incredibly Uneventful Impeachment

When news on the radio news starts these days, the top item is about the impending impeachment of the U.S. President by the House. Every day for weeks now, I immediately think: ok but what’s the actual news? Anything interesting … Continue reading

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The Third Ray Evans Memorial Oration

  This is just a friendly reminder to join us next weekend for the Third Ray Evans Memorial Oration to be delivered by Senator Amanda Stoker in Melbourne, Saturday 9th November! The Oration is an opportunity to celebrate Ray’s memory … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: More from less

Many Cats will be familiar with Liberty Fund’s EconTalk podcast. Over the last few years, its host, Hoover and ex-George Mason economist Russ Roberts, has widened the scope of interviews to cover topics as diverse as stillness and political philosophy.  … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: Why the Moral Panic Over the Libra?

Bitcoin was invented eleven years ago this month with the release of the famous white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. The little crypto that could has rocked the world financial order, not only because of its high performing price  – with … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Picketty and Saez?

Thomas Picketty is the poster-boy of a certain sort of left-wing, numerate social scientist: the author of at least one thick book (which may not be much read at p 3) and many articles on income distribution, making arguments that … Continue reading

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Greg Chapman: The Corbyn Conspiracy – How he intends to achieve Brexit and become PM

After the spectacular success (by ABC standards) of my previous Brexit predictions, I have decided to polish the crystal ball to see what new schemes are hatching. Jeremy Corbyn wants to be the first communist Prime Minister of the UK … Continue reading

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The Future of Employment

The Future of Employment with Airtasker, Deloitte and RMIT. Presented by Mercedes me Store Melbourne. About this Event Date And Time Wed., 16 October 2019 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEDT Add to Calendar Location Mercedes me Store Melbourne 525 … Continue reading

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