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Justinian the Great: Our Bureaucrats Don’t Believe in Costed Policies

Politicians and bureaucrats love to espouse “evidenced based” policy making as though politics and economics were an actual science. It amounts to plausible deniability. Our policies were disastrous but the evidence and experts suggested otherwise. Evidenced based policy is largely … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Will the Liberal Party Capitalise on its Last Second Chance?

The Coalition has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. After six years of disunity and dysfunction this was the election they should have lost and justifiably so. Scott Morrison rightly deserves much praise for having steadied the ship and … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Morrison’s Miracle Stands As The Last Judgment on Turnbull.

This election must be particularly galling for Malcolm Turnbull. He has blown his cash, blown the residue of what was his reputation, and seen the Australian people poor cold water on his fantasies. By returning the Morrison Government the Australian … Continue reading

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Friedman 2019

It’s not enough to have the right ideas. You need to be able to put them into practice. We know our ideas – those of freedom, of limited government, of personal responsibility – are what made Australia great. But we need to convince others. That is why the Australian Libertarians Society’s Friedman Conference will be a little different this year.  … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Save the Black Throated Finch and Raise the National IQ: Return Brisbane to Nature

The Adani mine is once again being stalled and scuppered by rabid environmentalists and a pathetic government. Mark Latham eloquently got to the nub of the issue when he said words to the effect of: The Indians want the coal, … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: If you don’t like what Folau tweets, don’t follow him. Stupid.

Everyone else seems to have an opinion on Israel Folau so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring to. This all seems a tad ridiculous if you ask me. All Rugby Australia (with some help from media … Continue reading

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David Brewer: Bill Shorten’s Stupidity Test

How stupid are you?  Bill Shorten wants to know, so he’s now checking out how many voters would fall for his proposal on Reforming Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax Arrangements.  Highlights: Australia currently has the most generous property tax concessions … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Childcare: A rent seekers and union money-go-round.

Judith Sloan in The Australian  drew our attention to the obscenity that is the childcare industry in Australia which is fast approaching $10b per year in rorted Commonwealth spending. As Judith notes childcare fees in Melbourne and Sydney now approach … Continue reading

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Currency Lad on the Folau situation

In an ARU press release masquerading as a column, senior sports writer for The Australian, Wayne Smith, quotes a clearly nervous Wallabies scrum half Will Genia: There are blokes at the Wallabies and the Waratahs that have certain beliefs that … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: What is the cost of climate stupidity? It is huge!

Just when you thought Bill Shorten couldn’t get any dumber. Bill Shorten: “What is the cost of not taking action on climate change? It is huge,” How would Bill know? Surely the cost of his solution must be proportionate to the … Continue reading

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