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Ali Salman: Moving away from the ‘Political Islam’ bogeyman

This is the text of my speech at the Europe-Muslim World Democracy Forum organized by the Europe Conservatives and Reformists Group led by MEP Syed Kamall on 19th February 2019 at the EU Parliament, Brussels. Let me begin by thanking MEP … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: The Founding Father of Eco-Fascism

The New Zealand* murderer who shocked the world with his ghastly actions also fashioned himself as a political philosopher of sorts. He released a 74-page manifesto of seemingly insane ideological ramblings that bear some resemblance to alt-right ideology. The document provides an … Continue reading

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Muddy: It’s a Cat-word Thing.

Well, well, well, look what the Catictionary dragged in! To avoid any further horrendous puns – hand over your NEW words (with definitions please) quick-smart. As examples of what I’m looking for, the following have been plucked from various threads … Continue reading

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Currency Lad: Fairfax Goes Full Heffernan …

… and you should never go full Heffernan. An ex-seminarian known as ‘‘Joe’’ came forward alleging that Pell and several other priests had, 10 to 15 years earlier, been having sex with Mannix College trainee clerics at ‘‘parties … involving … Continue reading

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Leisa Miller: 3 Reasons Millennials Should Ditch Karl Marx for Ayn Rand

Dear avocado-toast-eating brethren, We need to drop Karl Marx like we dropped cable TV. We’re a generation that’s sick of wars (and threats of wars), mass shootings, and media sensationalism. As the ambassadors of the sharing economy and investors in … Continue reading

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Arky: Milo ban

News is that the British author and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from coming to Australia. The British firebrand was barred from entering the country earlier this week, with the Morrison government fearful his views would spark violent protests should … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on the Economic Society

A confession.  Pyrmonter is a member of the Economics Society.  He is a member because, at its best, the Economics Society presents challenging speakers away from the increasingly tribal outfits like the CIS: he re-joined to attend a talk given … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner has ploughed something of an independent furrow, championing the cause of  ‘market monetarism’, an attempt to breathe life into that once common ‘monetarist’ approach to macroeconomics whose star has waned in the last 30 years.  Attentive Cats may … Continue reading

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Seigneur de Droit: Investment advice with Chris Bowen

Hi Chris, I’m a young Australian who doesn’t earn a massive salary but has been saving hard and would really like to buy a home. People like me used to buy a place and rent it out, using our hard … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Was it really a record?

On January 24 2019 Adelaide had a hot day with an official maximum of 46.6C. The “record” set in January 1939, (46.1C), was “smashed” by 0.5C. The temperature was measured in Fahrenheit in 1939 and the reading was 117.7F. This … Continue reading

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