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Guest Post: Zeev – New neighbourhood residential zones contribute to Victoria’s housing affordability crisis

Despite the difficulties ordinary Victorians face in renting or finding a home to live in, we now find new calls for restrictions on property development. The Liberal Democrats firmly believe that solving the housing crisis can only be achieved by … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Rabz on the pernicious impacts of “Broad Based Taxation” in Australia

Here is a current list of taxes that can be levied by government on individuals residing in this country: Airline Fuel Tax Airport Access (taxi) Tax Airport Departure Tax (Passenger Movement Charge) Alcohol Excise Boat License Tax Boat Mooring Tax … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anon – Illegal Logging – 0.0006% is not 9%

After years of extravagant claims that at least 9% timber imported into Australia is illegal, the government has finally found some some.  Well, er……it’s just one shipment to be precise, out of more than 180,000 shipments per year, or 0.0006% … Continue reading

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Guest Post: feelthebern – More questions for the ANU

Have a look at the ANU endowment 2013 report. The key line is: Investments LTIP (which typically stands for Long Term Investment Portfolio) – $165mill Now we look at the ANU’s own website: The stocks to be divested represent around 5.1 … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bruce of Newcastle – Day of Ret (sic)

No its not Sunday and its only a typo because I didn’t use caps.  The Renewable Energy Target requires 20% renewable energy usage in Australia by the year 2020.  Today is notable because four relevant articles appeared on line respectively … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Stephen Dawson – A tale of the ABS

I thought that when the Federal Government came all heavy with me, it’d be fronted by one of its bruiser organs. The Australian Federal Police, perhaps, or maybe the Australian Taxation Office. These are bodies used to issuing threats and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Gab – Just move on, says Abbott

We’ll all just have to learn to more on from Abbott and his broken promise. Yesterday in the House: Mr ABBOTT (Warringah—Prime Minister) (15:05): As the Leader of the Opposition well knows, the government has no plans to change section … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Alan Oxley – Regulationist Devilry

We all know the devil is in the details.  The Abbott Government won’t succeed in freeing small business from Green and Red Tape until it attacks the detail. A good place to start the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, enacted in … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bruce of Newcastle – Does going off-grid make sense?

No. But that would be a very short post, so this is a post about how you can do a simple Net Present Value (NPV) calculation to see if any investment is worthwhile.  Net Present Value is a method of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is the Aldabra banded snail a denier? – B.P. Terpstra

We need to talk. From NPR (“Purple snail may be climate change casualty” by John Nielsen, August 2007): A snail you’ve probably never heard of on the far side of the world was declared extinct this week. Normally, that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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