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Cross Post: Terry Barnes – Constitutional smoking ceremony

The push for changing our Constitution to recognise explicitly the special status in Australia of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders is well and truly on, but misguided. Tony Abbott is sincerely passionate about combating Aboriginal disadvantage, as his volunteer work … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien – On vested interests

As a vociferous CAGW sceptic in my local newspaper, I often refer my antagonists to various papers and articles that lend credence to the sceptic case. Generally, the first (and often only) defence offered against these sources is to claim … Continue reading

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Guest Post: B.P. Terpstra – Latham slams Labor’s same-sex marriage romance

Mark Latham has slammed the ALP’s culture of identity politics, including its romance with same-sex marriage. Writing for Fairfax’s Financial Review, the former Labor leader advances the view that his party is out of touch with mainstream voters. “The tragedy of modern … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Clinton Mead – Something is rotten in the City of Campbelltown

I often joke around (although quite seriously) that local government is a lot like the British comedy, “Yes Minister”. However, I’m starting to understand it’s perhaps closer to the darker British drama, “House of Cards”. Campbelltown is currently in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Adelagado – A very expensive hole in the GST import threshold argument.

A debate is currently stirring about whether the GST exemption threshold for imported goods should be lowered to well below $1000. The argument in favour says that lowering the Low Value Threshold (LVT) will raise more revenue for the Government. … Continue reading

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Cross post: Christopher Snowdon – Aussie tobacco figures again

I didn’t intend to revisit the Australian tobacco sales data again. The only remarkable thing about them is that, after years of decline, they didn’t fall in the first year of plain packaging. In fact, the latest set of figures … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Michael Potter – Will gay marriage stimulate the economy?

In short, probably not. The argument, raised on ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night, is that gay marriage will cause a boost to economic growth from all the weddings that will occur. An article in the Fairfax press raised the … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Simon Breheny – Shifting the goal posts on plain packaging

Earlier this year, I made a submission to the Department of Health’s post-implementation review of the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011. Ostensibly, the objective of the review is to determine the extent to which the regime has met its stated objectives. Unfortunately, the review seeks … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien – Passing the hat around for Gaia

The UN is calling for national leaders to sign up to a global agreement on reduction in human CO2 emissions that will “limit global warming to 2C degrees above the pre-industrial level”.  This agreement is to be signed in Paris … Continue reading

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A message from Tim Andrews on Academic Freedom

Last week, cowed by a shrill vocal minority of far-left radical environmental activists, the University of Western Australia cancelled its contract with internationationally renown academic Bjørn Lomborg to establish a leading research centre to apply cost-benefit analysis to development projects . For daring to … Continue reading

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