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Guest Post: Guest – Australian house prices caused by land use regulations

Australian house prices have been on a huge upward trajectory since the 1980s, far outpacing both inflation and wages. The median price of all dwellings within Australia was $554,008 in June, 2014 . Only a median house price to household … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Milton George – Scrap the Renewable Energy Target and other subsidies today

If the Federal Government care even 1% about sustained economic growth in this country it has no choice but to scrap the RET Sustained economic growth is only possible when resources are focused on profitable and self-sustainable industries. The RET … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brad Emery – Greens leader’s fantasy speech a job killer.

I often wondered where Greens politicians go on their winter break from Parliament. Well at least I now know where Greens Leader Christine Milne chooses to holiday: New Zealand. Yes, I am certain Milne travels to rural North Island of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A Lurker – A question on 18c

I have some questions to pose to the Coalition Government, and to PM Abbott in particular. In keeping 18C as is (and given the premise that events similar to Rotherham might be happening here in Australia) do you think that … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Peter Swan AM – In defence of fiscally conservative treasurers

Many highly distinguished economists such as my friend Geoff Harcourt come from what is commonly known as the Post-Keynesian school. This means they believe the theory of economics and fiscal policy applied to the nation bears little if any resemblance … Continue reading

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A message from John Roskam on 18C

Today Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the Coalition was abandoning its promise to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, the law that sent Andrew Bolt to court. Back in February last year I wrote to IPA members about something Chris, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dover_Beach – What is Marriage? II

Some people criticizing aspects of the argument of my last post don’t seem to appreciate the flow of the argument re marriage. Let me outline it. Firstly, the argument begins with an attempt to distinguish marriage from other types of relationship … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dover_Beach – What is Marriage? A Reply to David Leyonhjelm

In the Australian Financial Review (13/7/14) – you can find a copy of his essay here – DL outlined his argument for removing the qualification that marriage is exhaustively a relationship between the sexes. What is his argument? Well, it is actually difficult to … Continue reading

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Simon Breheny on 18c

On 12 March this year The Conversation published this report on a federal member of parliament who said: “But not one person has contacted me arguing for abolition. It shows the feeling is very strong the other way.”  It wasn’t a member of the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Noodle – Senator Elect Muir’s First Logroll?

In their classic treatise The Calculus of Consent, Buchanan and Tullock analyse logrolling: Logrolling seems to occur in many of the institutions of political choice-making in Western democracies… Under the rules within which such assemblies operate, exchanges of votes are easy to arrange and to … Continue reading

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