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Pierre Lemieux: Public Health Officials Far Too Often Ignore the Costs and Trade-Offs Involved In Policy Decisions

Public health theorists typically ignore that their proposed interventions have costs. It is understandable that, in the current COVID-19 health emergency, nurses, physicians and other health care providers are appreciated and popular. Experts in so-called public health benefit from this … Continue reading

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Bill Muehlenberg: Corona, the Expansive State, and Shrinking Liberties

It was the Austrian-English economist and philosopher F. A. Hayek who once rightly noted, “‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.” With the growing list of statist corona horror stories, his … Continue reading

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John Comnenus: Never Again – What we must learn from COVID-19

The most important thing we need to learn from the COVID 19 experience is we need to find a better way of dealing with the next pandemic. There is an exceptionally high probability that we will face another pandemic in … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Some random thoughts on the ‘THE CRISIS’

On Wednesday  night,  Peta Credlin, on her Sky News show, said words to the effect that we cannot ease up on current restrictions because we must be ready for ‘the surge expected in three week’s time, around the time of … Continue reading

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The Beer Whisperer: The Madness of the Precautionary Principle

In the unprecedented trampling of rights characterised by the response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the common justification is that it will save lives, as though no measure is too great to save even one life. This has echoes … Continue reading

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Adam: Adding fuel to the fire.

I haven’t had any posts up for the last few days as I haven’t had anything to talk about. There is only so much discussion of the current virus situation that my patience can put up with. What I have … Continue reading

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A message from the Australian Government Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly

Our way of life in Australia has changed dramatically in recent weeks – and it will keep changing as we continue to respond to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. Governments across the country have imposed tight restrictions on our daily lives … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker We Were Wrong: So Sorry that We Ruined Your Life

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, is moving up in the betting odds for getting the Democratic presidential nomination, even though he is not running. The reason is that binge-watching newshounds have noticed something about his comportment during this crisis. He seems … Continue reading

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Patrick Basham: COVID-19 WHO is to blame?

Several voices, mine included, have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will be a boon to populists and economic nationalists everywhere. Heightened concerns over migration, border security, Chinese imports, and the outsourcing of antibiotics and other generic pharmaceuticals will drown, politically at least, the … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Another honest question

TAFKAS has asked us one Honest Question. Now, I want to ask another: what temporary policies will best serve the restoration of commerce once the present emergency passes that is politically viable? One mistake often made by Cats and even … Continue reading

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