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Cross Post: Pointman Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.

If you look at the political headlines lately, the press and TV are really running two stories to the exclusion of all else. The first is Trump firing James Comey as FBI director. It’s a bone they just can’t let … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Beliaik TheirABC, diverse views and the FOI Act

When is it OK for our national broadcaster to thumb its nose at its own code of practice?  The obvious answer is never, but we know it happens routinely.  So what can the common worker-drone do about it?  Not much, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Lionel Page and Ahmed Skali English-Speaking Conservatives: Le Pen is Not One of Yours

On Sunday 7 May 2017, French voters elected, with a landslide, Emmanuel Macron as the country’s new leader, ending Marine Le Pen’s bid for the presidency. This has been a unique election in that neither candidate hails from France’s two … Continue reading

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Guest post: Zeev Vinokurov Victorian bail reforms undermine human rights and won’t prevent future massacres

Make no mistake: Victoria’s new law bail laws undermine your human rights and will do nothing to repeat incidents like the Bourke St massacre. They undermine your right to be presumed innocent before proven guilty at trial. Police can usually … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Arky looks back on Blair’s third way?

The shop. I have just returned from shopping at a large chain superstore. Everything about this experience fills me with disgust. The door “greeters” who are really there to discourage casual theft, because we can no longer be trusted to … Continue reading

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Cross post: Terry Barnes Time to scrap the rebates

Malcolm Turnbull almost lost an election because he had no health policy. Bill Shorten and Labor’s blatant, fabricated ‘Mediscare’, claiming secret Coalition plans to privatise Medicare, succeeded because Turnbull left a vacuum that Labor dishonestly filled. With Treasurer Scott Morrison’s … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Blaise Joseph The flawed school funding model at the heart of Gonski

Gonski 1.0 was fundamentally flawed to begin with. There is no reason to think Gonski 2.0 will be any better. Another report on education is not needed. What is needed is a reform of the obvious flaws in the current … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Robert Carruthers on BREXIT

A casual glance at history shows the human misery Brexit could cause. Mass forced relocations of millions. There’s probably been nothing like it since the partition of India at its independence. Britain has experience in losing parts of itself. It … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anthony Park An Incremental Pathway to Reducing Federal Government Spending.

Last Thursday Senator David Leyonhjelm posted a strategy of how to implement fiscal restraint using top down and bottom up strategies to implement this. His insight that we ‘wouldn’t start from here’ is welcome, but our society is largely change … Continue reading

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Guest Post: m0nty Veto: the most powerful weapon of modern conservatism

In the board game Diplomacy, a political strategy simulation with no random elements save for the negotiation skills of the players, it is possible to reach a stalemate where the simultaneously-resolved moves from each player all cancel each other out, … Continue reading

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