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Guest Post: BorisG – Wisdom of quiet diplomacy

As a deal on the Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions emerged earlier this year, it was obvious that all the countries of the region apart from Iran’s client states are concerned about this deal. Yet while Israel was very vocal … Continue reading

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Guest Post: J-Man – Is a GST increase with compensation worthwhile?

 Most here have argued that an increase in either the rate or base of the GST is not good tax reform if low income households need to be compensated. The argument seems to be that a budget neutral package with … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Geoff Derrick – Malcolm goes to Paris

An advance copy of Malcolm Turnbull’s speech to the Paris COP 21 conference. Check against delivery. ~~~~~ Delegates, I bring you good news from Sydney, Australia .  Without the need for any computer models, but relying on observational data collected from … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Sanjeev Sabhlok – The elephant in the room in the Australian productivity debate: vast stores of fat in government

I attended an event yesterday which looked at options to increase productivity and innovation in Australia. The good things first: 1) Both sides of politics in Australia seem to agree that governments should not pick winners. 2) Everyone agreed that … Continue reading

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Guest Post: BorisG – On the Russia-Turkey incident

The shooting down by Turkey of a Russian bomber is the most serious military incident between Russia and a NATO country for decades. But whose fault is it? If the plane indeed violated Turkish airspace then Russia has done everything … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Riccardo Bosi – Knowledge Dispels Fear

It was a hot day just before Christmas in 1990. I was travelling through Sydney in a taxi and the cabbie was listening intently to ABC news radio which was covering the build-up of tension between Iraq and the rest … Continue reading

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Guest Post: David Leyonhjelm – The state doesn’t own your life

In 1997, Kevin Andrews succeeded in pushing a private member’s bill through Federal Parliament. It overturned the first legislation permitting assisted suicide in Australia, enacted in the Northern Territory. Since then, not only does assisting someone to commit suicide remain … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bruce of Newcastle – Good Green Innovation

I originally posted this as a comment, but in the lead up to the climapalooza in Paris it also looks worthwhile as a Cat article. The real-world climate data shows conclusively that CAGW will never happen, since actual climate sensitivity … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Michael Potter – Valuing Sydney Harbour

Reporting on economic studies is fraught with difficulties. Reporters often don’t understand what they are reporting on – particularly the caveats on the findings. The problems are exemplified in a recent article that misreported a study by the Sydney Institute … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Jim Rose – Jihadists and the Nisei soldiers

Japanese Americans interned during World War II jumped at the chance to volunteer to fight.They saw it as their last chance to prove their undivided loyalty to their country. One Japanese father, when saying goodbye to his son, stressed that showing … Continue reading

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