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David Bidstrup: If one problem is too hard to solve try another one

Back in the 1970’s the big climate scare was the “impending ice age”. Temperatures had fallen since the 1930’s and Arctic sea ice was in abundance. All the “scientists” and the “scientific bodies” agreed that we would freeze. There was … Continue reading

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Justinian The Great: Pill Testing: What is Ross On?

Ross Fitzgerald had a completely vacuous opinion piece yesterday in The Australian advocating pill testing at music and other festivals where drug use is widespread. I say advocating deliberately because it certainly wasn’t a reasoned argument. Full of platitudes and … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien on Brexit

I am a ‘republican’, by which I mean I would prefer to see the British Monarch removed from our Constitution and his/her role taken by a President appointed by Parliament.  In other words, the Governor General would then become our … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: “What’s it like there Chips?”, “Hot mate, hot”.

Some people will remember Chips Rafferty, (John William Pilbean Goffage, born Broken Hill 1909, died Sydney 1971), the iconic “Australian” long before Paul Hogan assumed the mantle. In the late 1950’s he made a commercial for “Pope” refrigerators set in … Continue reading

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Muddy – Catictihog Day.

Oh alright, let’s do this Catictionary thing again… Since the last plaintive plea for participation, I’ve managed to scoop from the Catallaxy soup: Snarxixism and Snarxixist from Mr. Rusty, Patriarchybearpig from thefrollickingmole, Jesbian courtesy of Dr. Fred Lenin, Bimbocracy by … Continue reading

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David Brewer: It’s the subsides, Stupid

What is really behind the riots in Paris? Nominally, the protests are about the rising cost of living, and in particular a further increase in the tax on diesel of 6.5 Euro cents, due to take effect on 1 January. French taxes … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: The Liberal’s reactionary right

We are getting used to commentators such as Peter Van Onselen and Niki Savva railing against the ‘reactionary right’ or the ‘hard right’ of the Liberal Party, who apparently had the numbers to tear down Malcolm Turnbull but not enough … Continue reading

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John Adams: Stage four cancer

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David Bidstrup: The simple things are always the best.

I read a letter a gentleman wrote to “The Australian” where he calculated how many solar panels would be required to replace a 2,000 MW coal fired power station. He used 500W solar panels and concluded that the replacement number … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Kelly on Morrison

In an article in the Weekend Australian, Paul Kelly, rightly, excoriates Scott Morrison for his mishandling of the Israel Embassy issue.     Morrison’s total ineptitude has poisoned this well such that whatever decision is taken – move the embassy or leave it … Continue reading

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