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Guest Post: John Constantine Lone Wolves that have nothing to do with the ABC and GetUp!

The attack on a journalist walking the public streets of Melbourne, a journalist that has previously received death threats, was obviously carried out by ‘Lone Wolves’ –  no left wing militia has yet claimed responsibility for the action. Mr Bolt, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Vengeful Ghost Outrage Over Fridge Hate Speech

There was outrage tonight all across Australia after a man used social media to express hate speech against refrigerators. Community leaders were quick to express their disgust with the man’s comments, and to affirm their solid support of refrigerators everywhere. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien on SBS’ The Truth About Racism

In last Sunday’s TV Guide, SBS tempted me with the possibility that I might learn “The Truth About Racism”.  “Well, that ought to be worth an hour of my time,” I thought and duly tuned in. And who should appear … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien Politicizing a Tragedy

One of the cheap tricks employed by politicians (mostly of the Left) to deflect serious discussion on matters of crucial public interest is to decry the ‘politicization of a tragedy’.  ‘Oh, now is not the time’ we are told in … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Alistair Crooks Aboriginal slavery in South Australia?

As the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 referendum approaches, and the debate on the Recognition referendum intensifies, it was interesting to read an article in the Australian about ‘myth-making’ (Myths about the 1967 referendum should be discarded) by Sydney University … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Warty Quadrant is back again

I need to preface this dreadful excuse for an article by pointing out that I’m totally opposed to fake news. Having said that I feel the need to embark on the very thing I hate: fake news. Actually, if I … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Advertising: HR Nicholls Society Seeks New ED!

The HR Nicholls Society, Australia’s leading industrial relations reform activist organisation, is seeking a new part time Executive Director. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who believes in the freedoms we all hold dear, particularly a student or recent … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Allan Hird Reply to Greg Hunt

The Australian on 22 & 23 May 2017 published four articles all supporting the Sports Minister Greg Hunt’s proposed new national integrity unit to handle drugs in sport. Good on Mr Hunt for recognising that in his words ‘we don’t … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Vengeful Ghost* The refrigerator of peace

*The Vengeful Ghost of Fiona Watson’s Moggie

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Guest Post: Helen A letter to Keith Windschuttle

Dear Keith, I have been a premium subscriber for some years now since the great defunding with the hope of shutting Quadrant down in the process. I have no evidence for this but believe it to be true. Even through … Continue reading

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