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WA Meet up

All lovers of liberty in Perth are invited to a FREE event with Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Executive Director Tim Andrews and the great freedom fighter Peter Katsambanis MLA, the WA Shadow Minister for Police and Industrial Relations. This shall be … Continue reading

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Shadow of Muddy: Catalexiconographyfauxbicism

Our English language can be both a weapon and armour. Without maintenance however, it deteriorates in both appearance and functionality. Taken for granted, when called upon to perform, it may be found inoperative. Thus we have neither a sword nor … Continue reading

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Currency Lad: Big Rump

A livid Laura Tingle describes the THIRTY-FIVE anti-Turnbullites and the trouble they’ve supposedly caused for Malcolm Turnbull: … he has never been able to appease the conservative rump who consistently threatened — or destabilised — his policy positions, constantly moving … Continue reading

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Peter West: Restoration as revolution

About a week ago, Steve posted the article Jordan Peterson trashes the left once again. He quoted from an article by Joy Pullman, called (big breath) The Left Is Actually Afraid Of Jordan Peterson Because He’s Leading A Revolt Against … Continue reading

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The ATA’s Cheap Energy Guarantee

The ATA is inviting coalition MPs to sign up to their Cheap Energy Guarantee. 01 Scrap The Paris Mandate Utilising Behavioural Economics – not mandates – to achieve Paris Targets. It is proposed that the National Energy Guarantee would ensure … Continue reading

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John Constantine: Great Safe Cow Cull

How the Cull of grazing animals to meet turnbull’s Paris treaty will work. In Australia, stocking rates depend upon the access to water, the original settlers drove their herds from water source to water source, and the expansion of grazing … Continue reading

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Greg Chapman: Mornings with Jon

Good morning this Monday morning the 18th of August. This is Jon Fabian, and what a morning for news we have today. The tragic shootings in the Sydney gay nightclub over the weekend by a man identified by police as … Continue reading

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Peter Swan AO: David Murray exposes decay of corporate board box-tickers

David Murray has had a distinguished record as CEO of the Commonwealth Bank from 1992 to 2005. He headed the recent inquiry into the Australian Financial System. He has now been handed a poisoned chalice in the form of the … Continue reading

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Sanjeev Sabhlok: Fraser Anning’s ill-articulated concerns are a fight for Australia’s soul

I moved to Australia nearly 18 years ago. Many people in India were astonished, given I was so close to the top of the pecking order of India’s governance system. But I had become increasingly frustrated with the ultra-corrupt governance … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: PvO’s cut through analysis

Could anything highlight the vacuousness of Peter Van Onselen as a political commentator than the following quote from his column, prognosticating on the outcome of the next Federal election, in today’s Australian: The question time performances of Malcolm Turnbull and … Continue reading

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