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Friedman 2018

It is just one month away until the 6th ALS Friedman conference, and what will be the biggest and best pro-liberty event in Australia’s history and the highlight of the political year for those of us who believe in free … Continue reading

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Ryan Ferguson: My 5 Favorite Evil Corporations

 Uber Everyone loves to hate Uber, but there are few companies that have made the world so much better in such a short period of time. Uber has done significantly more to improve the world than the Red Cross, Unicef, … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Is public ownership of electricity assets “socialism” or just common sense?

This article looks at the history of electricity generation, the reasons why governments’ were intimately involved in it and the reasons why they chose to exit the industry and create the godawful mess we have today. I fully expect to … Continue reading

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Barry Brownstein: What Happens When an MBA Student Raised in Communist China Reads Hayek

Imagine being born during the bloody Cultural Revolution in China and growing up in a country with little economic or personal freedom. Few Chinese citizens had the knowledge that human rights are not granted by government, and those few who … Continue reading

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Zeev Vinokurov: Cities can grow without gridlock

Perhaps you’ve heard of the City of Melbourne’s misguided plan to ban non-resident cars from the CBD. It’s understandable: our economy and population are growing, and the resulting congestion is costing us thousands of dollars per year individually, and billions … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Money for nothing

Ex-Nationals senator Ron Boswell wrote in “The Australian” today, (19 April 2018), making the point that the RET is failing us and forcing electricity prices through the roof, putting ordinary folk in energy poverty and destroying businesses. His solutions echo … Continue reading

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Chris Berg: Are Australians ready to embrace libertarianism?

How much influence does libertarianism have on Australian politics? The first thing to know is that the Australian political system has very few libertarians in it. The only federal member of parliament to self-describe as a libertarian is Senator David … Continue reading

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John Adams: I am ready to challenge

The time has come where we must speak bluntly. Australia is beset with a series of systemic and chronic public policy problems that continue to worsen by the day. The Prime Minister has had two and a half years to … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: van Onselin on Abbott

Is Peter van Onselen the most inveterate Abbott hater on the supposedly centre ground of political debate?  (OK , it’s a dead heat with Niki Savva but she’s been strangely quiet of late.)  And has there been anyone more obsessed … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: “Climate change”: All pain and no gain.

The climate change controversy rolls on and we continue to do stupid things in the quest to stop the “destruction of the planet” in some sort of man-made climate disaster. It is interesting to look at some of the things … Continue reading

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