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Donald J. Boudreaux: Earning Billions Impoverishes Nobody—Quite the Opposite

The Quotation of the Day is from page 4 of Alan Reynolds’s excellent 2006 book, Income and Wealth (original emphasis): The two young founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, quickly made something like $12 billion each by greatly facilitating our … Continue reading

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Terry Barnes: The Big Public Health donkeys

Public health Pooh-Bah bullies are at it again. With the Victorian and federal elections heaving into sight, this week a coalition of twenty-four public health and medical organisations, including the Cancer Council Victoria and the Australian Medical Associations, issued a … Continue reading

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Gene Tunny: The Andrew Leigh-Sinclair Davidson company tax debate

In March, there was extensive media coverage (e.g. in the Guardian Australia) of shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh’s company tax research which found companies paying lower effective company tax rates (i.e. actual tax paid/profits) did not create more jobs than those … Continue reading

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Victorian Police have just announced that they will charge Canadian speaker Lauren Southern a staggering $68,000 after violent thugs threatened to protest her talk in Melbourne. That’s right: A law-abiding speaker giving a legal speech is being charged because of threats by … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: The clinking sound as the penny drops for AEMO

The clinking sound we heard this morning was the penny dropping for AEMO. They admit that coal is “the cheapest power option”, (Australian July 17 2018). As the young folk would say, Duh!!!! It is amazing that they can come … Continue reading

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Donald J. Boudreaux: The Myth of Predatory Pricing

Economic reality is enormous and complex. Each and every moment brings countless actions, reactions, course corrections, and unexpected discoveries. To make sense of it all requires sound theory and a healthy knowledge of history. Among the important tasks that sound … Continue reading

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Stephen Cable: Pining for the imaginary man

I was reading the Weekend Australian last Saturday and came across an article in the magazine supplement about the former US President, Barack Obama. The article was titled ‘Disappearing Act’ by Gabriel Debenedetti, which originally appeared in the New York … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: The dickhead factor

Anyone who has been around in the real world for some time knows that there is a proportion of the population who are dickheads. They embody everything that is dangerous to the rest of us and are a real-life manifestation … Continue reading

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Jeff Stier: When environmentalists oppose science

In the era of self-driving cars, big data and increasingly sophisticated bio-medical advances, the age-old question of how regulation can keep up with technology is more relevant than ever. Scientific advances touch every aspect our lives, often in ways we … Continue reading

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Christopher Snowdon: Smoking rate rises in first year of plain packaging and TPD

The Office for National Statistics has just released its annual publication, Adult Smoking Habits in Great Britain, with data for 2017. 2017 was the year that plain packaging and the Tobacco Products Directive effectively began. Both were introduced in May 2016 … Continue reading

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