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Industry super funds attack SMSFs: what’s new?

Here we go again.  The union-backed industry super funds are using the lever of superannuation tax concessions to attack self-managed superannuation. No surprises there.  The industry super funds hate SMSFs with a passion: it is where all the large balances … Continue reading

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We need more government spending NOW

In line with the ‘we need more taxation revenue NOW’ pleadings áre the calls: ‘we need more government spending NOW. And the conflation of issues is extraordinary: worried about domestic violence? more government spending; 4 year olds need some early childhood … Continue reading

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We just need more tax revenue

Here is a classic example of the urgent call for more tax revenue. Actually, I think the figures in the article make my point really well: the system is incapable of generating significantly more revenue as a percentage of GDP. … Continue reading

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The good news: tax reform is impossible

I think we are missing the obvious point here – the fact that tax reform is basically impossible in this country is the good news not the bad news.  We really need to recall what one of our masters, James … Continue reading

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Candidates sign Code of Ethics: is this a joke?

The St James’ Ethics Centre likes to think of itself as a player.  There is no doubt that it has profitted mightily as a result of companies’ craven attempts to seek cover by paying for its services. This is one … Continue reading

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Sun versus wind: the fight to dictate government policy

The unseemly seeking of rents continues with the ‘negotiations’ about the RET still on-going and now it seems that that it is the solar industry which thinks that it should call the shots when it comes to setting government policy … Continue reading

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Is the ACCC right?

We all know that Rod Sims, head of the ACCC, just loves the sound of his own voice, particularly when his song is sanctimonious and threatening. Just talking about cartels, evidently, should have Twiggy sent to jail. But here’s another … Continue reading

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Renewable energy industry: rent seekers extraordinaire

I thought there was a very good comment about the activity of rent seekers in the childcare making the Australian automotive industry’s efforts look quite modest. But while we are handing out medals – or should that be wooden spoons … Continue reading

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Choice architecture: kind Nanny

I went to hear Patrick Basham speak at an IPA function yesterday on the insidious creep of the nanny state and associated infringement of personal liberties.  My guess is that the IPA will have the presentation on its website and … Continue reading

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Softening us for more waste on childcare and small business

Here is one of the slides presented by Joe Hockey to the party room this week.  I guess Tony and Joe feel they have to be inclusive given their near-death experience earlier in the year. It is complete mush and … Continue reading

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