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Some very woolly thinking on super

I don’t know if any Cats have their money in NSW State Super, but I would be worried given the very confused thinking of the CEO, John Livanas. “We spend a lot of our money buying shares that someone else … Continue reading

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Sense from the FWC: that didn’t last long

You will all be pleased to know that the Fair Work Commission has approved an application from the union (Professionals Australia – I think that is the old APESMA) to secure a period of protected industrial action on the part … Continue reading

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Our taxes at work down at the HRC

I’m not sure what Joe Hockey thought he was doing launching the Human Rights Commission’s dodgy survey on age discrimination in the workforce and congratulating the HRC? Didn’t his staff tip him off as to what a lot of tosh … Continue reading

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Some sense from the FWC: amazeballs

I couldn’t believe what I read in the newspapers.  The FWC coming to a sensible decision in the case of Aurizon Operations versus lots of unions. But the key was the composition of the Full Bench.  But what the heck, … Continue reading

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Just do it and let Lomborg get on with it

The Abbott government should have done much more of this – hand out funds to their friends and supporters.  And if UWA can’t stand the heat, I’m sure there is another university that will be happy to welcome Bjorn.  (Mind … Continue reading

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Bowen should know better

I wonder whether Bowen has narrowed his options by declaring that age pensions are sustainable but superannuation tax concessions are not. Let me be very clear, when Joe Hockey says the Age Pension is not sustainable, he’s wrong — it … Continue reading

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Childcare fee relief: it pays for itself

Whenever anyone says that government spending on a particular program or activity pays for itself, believe me it doesn’t. Here we go with Jessica Irvine trying to make the case for taxpayers subsidising childcare fees.  (If she felt she didn’t … Continue reading

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Just keep repeating the lie

I don’t know how many times it has been pointed out that the tax expenditure estimates related to superannuation tax concessions are complete bunkum – even the head of revenue in Treasury says so. But journalists, be they gullible, lazy … Continue reading

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The implied capital value of the age pension is $1 million

This figure is really dynamite for the government’s plan to change the rules governing the age pension.  Egged on by new BFF, ACOSS, one of the ideas is to increase the taper rate so that couples with assets in excess … Continue reading

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Renewables out, road tolls in for industry super

Well that worked well. Garry Weaven believes in AGW, he decides to invest OPM in renewables ( in this case, the money of the members of the industry super funds), it doesn’t work out well and massive write downs are … Continue reading

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