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Talking of rubbish

I think the Fairfax editors must be permanently out to lunch when such complete rubbish is published.  (And those industry super funds must have such fun briefing eager young journalists in their campaign against self-managed superannuation) But just pick the … Continue reading

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Treasury: on the one hand and on the other

I have long suspected that being assigned to work on the Tax Expenditure Statement in Treasury is the equivalent of the shipping news. In the past, no one seems to have taken much notice of the work and the unsupervised … Continue reading

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Did Bowen really say that?

I was reading Terry McCrann this morning and he quoted Shadow Treasurer as saying: Tax concessions don’t just happen – a tax concession for one person is paid for by higher taxes on another. I wondered whether Terry had made … Continue reading

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It’s really the government’s

I really can’t get over the illiberal nature of so many of the shrill comments made by journalists in relation to superannuation. It really seems to stick in their craw that some people should earn more than others (by being … Continue reading

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The disability dilemma

I came across this interesting analysis of what has happened to the disability support pension in the UK.  Recall that the Cameron government undertook a major revamp of the hugely expensive and growing system of disability income support. At great … Continue reading

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Fair Work Commission staff to strike: hilarious

You might have thought that the FWC is something of a dab hand at human resource management – or whatever it is called these days.  The story below might shake your confidence. I do love the fact that the enterprise … Continue reading

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Can we really be sure about foreign investment?

I have been reading the tax discussion paper with its annoying title: Rethink. Generally speaking, the paper is OK and relatively neutral.  But there are always implicit biases in the way the material is presented and what the proposals that … Continue reading

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Changes to the RET scuttled, but is it the end?

As I make my way into the budget lockup – yes, boo hoo – I have just read the following. It seems the rent-seekers didn’t get everything they wanted, particularly the wind farm developers.  So they have spat the dummy … Continue reading

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Get over it, Kate and Ged

What a lot of claptrap from Kate Carnell of ACCI that removing the right of new mothers to double dip the paid parental leave scheme will mean that employers vacate their obligations in respect of agreed paid parental leave (actually Kate, these … Continue reading

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Excusing parents: the Labor way

I have just been released from the Victorian budget lock-up.  Let me tell you, these marketing opportunities do not improve over time.  If it’s possible, they get worse. I thought it was extremely ironic that this first Labor budget should … Continue reading

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