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Is this appropriate for the Fair Work Commission?

A little bird tells me that anti-Abbott government posters are stuck to the cupboards in the kitchen of the Presidential floor down at the Fair Work Commission.  (The FWC building is that very shmick one on the south-west corner of … Continue reading

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Robert Carling’s wise words

Robert Carling of the Centre of Independent Studies had a wonderful piece in the Fin last week.  You know when you read something and you think: I wish I had written that. As the debate about super concessions and the … Continue reading

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Was Josh set up?

Here is a clear story being pitched by the panicked union-backed industry super funds.  There are some very serious ethical issues here, including why the journalist would fall for this spin to promote the anti-competitive intentions of the super funds. … Continue reading

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Just another grasping, grubby politician

I had for a moment thought that Jay Weatherill might suprise us and be a better Premier of South Australia than everyone expected. Forget all the drivel about climate change, having a Royal Commission into nuclear options for the state … Continue reading

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More Keynesian sludge from Gittins

It’s not a good time to cut spending (or raise taxes?) will be a common hysterical piece of advice offerred to the government (see Ai Group, big banks) in the coming weeks. But here’s a question for these simple-minded big … Continue reading

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Duke of Edinburgh Award (Failed)

One of my first daughter’s major claims to fame, she tells everyone in fits of laughter, is her Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze) (Failed). I know one fellow – he is now a partner of a law firm – who … Continue reading

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Another ridiculous decision of the FWC

For the tiny number of people who actually thinks that the FWC is a valuable institution and must be retained at all cost, let me tell you about another ridiculous decision by the Full Bench of the FWC (believe me, … Continue reading

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With friends like this: Ai Group wants more deficits

Did anyone notice the appalling budget submission by Ai Group headed by lobbyist Innes Willox? “The harsh reality of the 2015-16 Federal Budget is that it will be delivered with the economy facing weak business and consumer confidence, sluggish growth, … Continue reading

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Paying for nothing: Victoria’s forte

Victoria has one outstanding skill set – paying for nothing. A north-west pipeline was built (cost $200 million) and it has never been used. A desal built with egregious underlying take-or-pay contracts driving up water bills but not a drop … Continue reading

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We don’t care what you think

Oh please, why would Fairfax report what some typical sleazy liberal from one of the US think tanks has to say about Tony Abbott? We may all have our reservations about our PM, but please, not this drivel from some … Continue reading

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