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The ANU divestment saga continues: Sandfire Resources NL sues

One of the companies that was recommended for divestment by the Centre for Australian Ethical Research – you know the one that shares premises with the Australia Institute – is now suing. Good on them, I say.  Among other things, … Continue reading

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I’m back again, said Judith, with a rat-tat-tat-tat

  We have been away for nearly a month – one of the longest holidays in living memory. We drove around South-West US – Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico.  It was a little less cowboy than I had thought but we … Continue reading

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Sharon Strzelecki: Kim’s second best friend

I must admit to getting a bit of chuckle when Mercer decided to award the silver medal to Australia’s system of compulsory superannuation, just being pipped by Denmark.  It was a bit like Kim Day telling us that Sharon Strzelecki … Continue reading

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Future Fund on fossil fuels: sound

From the Fin.  Note the splendid returns for the year.  Congratulations, Peter. The $104 billion Future Fund said there were opportunities for good returns in fossil fuels and while it was monitoring long-term demand, divestment was a “last resort”. Future … Continue reading

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Just a coincidence: CAER and TAI share premises

Probably just a coincidence that the group the ANU commissioned to undertake an “INDEPENDENT” ethical assessment of its investment portfolio shares – the so-called Centre for Australian Ethical Research is sharing accommodation with The Australia Institute (Richard Dennis’s outfit). Check out … Continue reading

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More news from the ANU

CLOSURE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE In more news from the ANU, the Council has decided to close its Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science immediately. The Council has this morning met with the group, Students for Post-industrial Social Justice ANU … Continue reading

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ANU agrees to reduce student fees from next year

In a move that will set the ANU apart, the Council of the university has agreed to reduce all student fees, commencing next year.  This move is allowed under current government policy.  The policy will also apply to overseas students. … Continue reading

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Do not donate to the ANU Campaign

I guess if it’s OK for the ANU to selectively divest certain investments – OK, let’s face it, the ANU’s reserves are essentially a gift from the taxpayers, a real case of OPM – then the ANU shouldn’t mind if … Continue reading

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Don’t miss it: the Crawford School lifts off

If you are in Canberra, there is a very important event at 5.30 pm today, hosted by the Crawford School at the ANU.  Don’t miss it.  (Do you think she is a pal of Ken’s?) The title of the lecture … Continue reading

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HESTA at UN Climate Summit

This is a photo of Anne-Marie Corboy, CEO of industry super fund, HESTA. I have been doing a bit of digging around on the issue of the governance of industry super funds and the misuse of members’ funds.  I came … Continue reading

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