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Income inequality in Australia: are you listening, Joe?

Thank God that Joe Stiglitz has left our fair shores: all that ill-informed, gratuitous advice was really getting out of hand.  And all complete tosh: Stiglitz has never come across a problem which is not solved by more government spending … Continue reading

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So how’s The New Daily going?

Recall the kerfuffle about AustralianSuper, Cbus and some others ‘investing’ in a new website, The New Daily.  AustralianSuper is using funds from the service fee that all members must pay to finance this highly dubious venture. Recall also that The New … Continue reading

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Oh dear, Gittins thinks he’s getting with the program

Actually, Ross, the debate on the minimum wage has come and gone and Gittins is the one looking the goose.  And here’s the thing: I am a labour market economist and you are not. For a while there, the work … Continue reading

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Anyone for a Gonski?

Can someone replicate this chart for Australia?

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No, yes, no … the cleaners’ pay rort

There were so many of these side deals to use taxpayer funds to push up unionised workers’ pay that the Gillard government tried (and sometimes succeeded) it is hard to keep up: there was the age care fund for unionised … Continue reading

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PUP: Keeping the Bastards Confused

What a great line from Helen Dale – Keeping the Bastards Confused – rolled gold. But what possessed Mark Scott, MD of the ABC, to tweet the following when it seemed, but was not the case, that the carbon tax … Continue reading

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And government is the answer?

I didn’t bother going to the Richard Snape lecture, sponsored by the Productivity Commission, delivered this week by Nobel-prize winning economist, Joe Stiglitz. What a choice of speaker.  What was the PC thinking inviting Stiglitz to give this named lecture, … Continue reading

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Should Sims shut up?

Call me old-fashioned, but I am inclined to the view that the head of a regulatory agency should simply get on with implementing the legislated regulations for which it is responsible as efficiently as possible and leave it at that. But … Continue reading

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Shucks, we missed it

Is the Australian taxpayer paying for this drivel?  And don’t you think the 20 thing is being overdone?  G20, C20, Y20, B20 … please make it stop. It reminds of the spin doctors who thought MY was the way forward … Continue reading

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Pathetic: get on with it

  This government needs to get on with correcting some of the most egregious wrongs when it comes to industrial relations.  There is no need for a review by the Productivity Commission to: introduce an appellate body to oversee the … Continue reading

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