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More great stuff from Dan Mitchell: the Narcotic of Government Dependence

I’m sure many Cats follow Dan Mitchell but this story particularly caught my eye and I thought it would be of interest, particularly in the context of the debate about the taxed and the taxed-nots.  (Mind you, Morrison is not … Continue reading

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Please explain, Alan Kohler

Now I generally don’t agree with Alan Kohler and that’s fine.  But I generally understand the point he is trying to make.  But not this morning. But just check this one out: backdating the cap on non-concessional contributions is actually … Continue reading

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Advice to Cats

I’m pretty sure most of us won’t.

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Morro in the crater

Morro should send his kids around to my place and I can explain to them that a retrospective non-concessional contributions cap of $500,000 will not ‘save’ the government $550 million over four years.  In all probability, it will save the … Continue reading

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Christian Porter:

One of the most annoying features of Facebook is the insertion of material that you never requested; it is not from accepted friends but lobbed there because you seem like the right demographic. One of the most irritating insertions I receive is … Continue reading

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More anti-free speech from a journalist

Let’s face it, I can say anything because I am an angry white woman – a victim, indeed. But frankly, I think David Leyonhjelm’s tactic of launching an action under 18 C is brilliant: He loses and this means that … Continue reading

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Tell us what you think, Phil

In what is really a disgraceful piece of journalism, Phil Coorey of the Fin, who should be standing up for freedom of speech if he were to merit the title journalist, tells us what he thinks.  I really can’t recall … Continue reading

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Why is she even still there?

Australia’s Olympic Chef de Mission, Kitty Chiller, reminds me of a PE teacher at a private girls’ school. Mind you, most of the Olympic athletes carry on like badly behaved school children, so maybe she is a perfect fit. But, … Continue reading

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Something sensible on the taxation of superannuation

I’m not sure I agree with John Piggott in part because taxing contributions at full marginal tax rates and then leaving earnings and withdrawals/pensions entirely tax free, while a very sensible route, would be hard to execute from where we … Continue reading

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It’s not intergenerational theft

  Grace Collier is completely on the money to call out the Grattan Institute for releasing tacky, biased pap and using cheap undergraduate humour to make its point.  A picture of pigs with their snouts in the trough as representing people … Continue reading

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