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Who said subsidies to renewable energy are finished?

How can it possibly be justified for the Australian taxpayer to hand over money to an effective business to rope businesses into renewable energy contracts? As we are told on a daily basis, renewable energy  is now the cheapest for … Continue reading

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Follow the money

There is no greater truth than this: follow the money To meet their Paris Agreement climate change commitments, both Australia & NZ will be expanding their pipeline of clean energy, low-carbon transport and sustainable water infrastructure as well as their … Continue reading

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How do you spell conflict of interest?

There is a very interesting story in the Fin this morning about the former head of property at AustralianSuper, the largest industry super fund, being forced out of his job. And don’t you just love the excuse: not a team … Continue reading

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Look who is sponsoring the ACTU Congress?

What ever happened to the sole purpose test that legally governs the behaviour of trustees of superannuation funds?  You know, the one that means that the retirement incomes of the members are the only focus of the activities of superannuation … Continue reading

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A picture paints a thousand words

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Which Kerry Schott quote would you prefer?

Kerry Schott is the chair of the Energy Security Board, yet another bureaucratic entity governing the National Electricity Market (sic). She is the one who has come up with the details of the deeply misconceived National Energy Guarantee that just … Continue reading

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But, but, but

But, but, but … the progressives cry.  We thought this Pope was a really good guy.  All that lecturing about the evils of capitalism and his homilies about the dangers of climate change.  WE THOUGHT HE WAS GREAT. But then … Continue reading

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LaTingle: sucked in already

It’s always good to start the weekend off with a good chuckle and here it is from Laura Tingle, who has astoundingly be allowed to continue to write a column for the Fin after joining the ABC. (That’s another story: … Continue reading

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John Monash … oo la la

What a ridiculous carry-on by the descendants of John Monash.  Monash died in 1931. It’s not as though John Monash is a copyrighted name. Perhaps they would prefer to keep the following under wraps too. … the sexually venturesome Monash … Continue reading

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Audrey knows best …. sure

I’m sure most Cats have come to the conclusion that the Australian Financial Review is the most anti-business business newspaper that has ever been published.  There is not a new tax or a higher tax that its journalists won’t endorse.  … Continue reading

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