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Anyone for a republic?

Prince Charles reminds me of his uncle David (Edward VIII) – a self-absorbed, opinionated tosser who should always be kept on a short leash. Luckily, Edward VIII was forced to abdicate and spent the rest of his life achieving nothing … Continue reading

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Who should be the next Health Minister?

When the AMA welcomes the prospect of Senator Arthur Sinodinos becoming the Health Minister, the PM should run a mile.  The last thing we need is another Health Minister cosying up to the doctor’s union.   The current President of … Continue reading

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Spot the inconsistency

Here’s a tip: never take public policy advice from a medical doctor. Here’s nanny-in-chief Professor (of public health) Stephen Leeder (a medical doctor he is) telling us that weight loss programs don’t work but that the state needs to intervene … Continue reading

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Shakira. Jamie Oliver. Ice Sculptures. Lavish parties. Concern for inequality. Welcome to Davos.

Here is a wonderful parody of Davos, whose attendees are so concerned about wealth and income inequality as well as climate change (gosh, what’s a few corporate jet and helicopter rides?): Hundreds of chambermaids, doormen and cocktail waiters have been … Continue reading

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Trump gives Davos a miss: sound

One of the reasons behind the first ever visit by a Chinese president to next week’s Davos boondoggle is that, as reported last week, president Xi was open to a meeting with US president-elect Donald Trump’s team, if clearly not … Continue reading

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Surprise, suprise: Bishop a no-show at polo

I guess she had forgotten to put the arrival of Japan’s prime minister in her diary; seems she has to be in Sydney and that clashes with the very important event, the Portsea Polo.  Gosh, she will be missing out … Continue reading

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Hayman Island: beautiful one day, caught the next

The funniest thing about this investigation into Industry Minister (formerly Environment Minister, groan) Greg Hunt’s gaming of the entitlement system – family trips to Hayman Island and Noosa, how convenient – is the stupid shrill rationales offered up by his … Continue reading

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Why the Halal caterer at the $30k interfaith dinner?

I’m sure that most Cats will agree that one of the dopiest things that MT has done as PM is order a $30k interfaith dinner to occur during the election campaign.  (Yes, I know he has done and said plenty of … Continue reading

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Will Julie Bishop go to the polo?

Is she damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. My advice would be to concoct some phoney excuse – an important ministerial meeting to discuss …. – and send apologies.  It is just such a bad look. Fairfax … Continue reading

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Anyone for polo?

Politicians must think we came down with the last shower if they imagine we accept the lame excuses of being “within the rules” and undertaking official ministerial business when it comes to these private jaunts that politicians are so fond … Continue reading

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