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Look who’s listening … pretty much no one

When you switch into the news tonight, there will be some carefully selected shots of our Prime Minister addressing the General Debate of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. There will … Continue reading

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Turnbull tries the charm offensive on LaTingle and Phil

What a joke – it’s so transparent. Turnbull and his office reach out to their pals at the Fin – particularly LaTingle and Phil – to tell them everything is working so well.  The office is world-best practice, decisions are … Continue reading

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You know it makes sense: turning on the desal plant in Victoria

Every night the news is about more flooding in Victoria, including around Geelong and Ballarat. But Labor’s Water Minister, Lisa Neville, has decided to proceed with the order for the desal plant to fire up to deliver 50 gigalitres of … Continue reading

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Stevens: just another lefty

I I I know that Glenn Stevens, outgoing RBA governor, is a good bloke and all that and he lives in Sylvania Waters – mind you, so what? Droll, laconic. And plenty of people think he did a good job … Continue reading

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Time to enact the Doomlord’s plan

Politicians are really a pack of twits if they think the public thinks it’s OK to charge the  costs of attending major sporting events to the taxpayer.  No wonder we have no faith in any of them – they are … Continue reading

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Seeking promotion

The only conclusion you can draw is that Karen Andrews, aspiring woman politician, has been told to go out and ‘sell’ the superannuation reforms because her promotion prospects would be improved.  I guess that’s how politics works but it is … Continue reading

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Why buy Liberal when you can have the real thing?

Michael Sexton has a very interesting piece in The Australian this morning, making the point that Labor is setting the policy agenda on pretty much every topic and the Liberals are really just a pale imitation of Labor. We see … Continue reading

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Who leaked this story?

Kelly O’Dwyer, of course. (She was a well-known leaker when TA was PM. Think NS.) The Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset is just dumb policy and she knows it but anything to discredit Tony Abbott will do it for her … Continue reading

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Good policy to leave negative gearing unchanged

You really do despair when policy issues are interpreted through leadership contests. Lefties Turnbull and Morrison like to copy Labor on policies – see, we went even further on super than Labor; should we take a bow now? – but … Continue reading

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Sinc’s man

Malcolm Turnbull has slapped down a push by his backbench to reform the Racial Discrimination Act, saying there are other “much more pressing priorities” on the agenda. A group of 20 senators, including all but one Coalition upper house backbencher, … Continue reading

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