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Section 44 (iv): where do ministerial advisers fit in?

Now we are all agreed that Section 44 of the Constitution is creating the silly season of all silly seasons; but the Constitution still stands. According to Section 44(iv): Any person who holds any office of profit under the Crown, … Continue reading

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The labour demand curve slopes downwards

If the Guardian thinks something is good, it is almost certainly bad. Just take a look at this piece telling us Kelly O’Dwyer – yes, groan Ms Hyper-regulation – is doing something good by chasing down unpaid superannuation. There is some … Continue reading

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Which one is it? No snow or record snow

Don’t you just love it with the online editor (let’s face it, Sunday is a bad day to work) has two completely inconsistent stories cheek-by-jowl. And so it was this morning with The Age. The first story had the scary … Continue reading

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BETA: working for all of us … sure

I had forgotten about this appalling and expensive initiative – BETA: the behavioural economics team of Australia! The basic idea is that us dumb citizens don’t know what is in our interests so we must be nudged by all-knowing public … Continue reading

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What ScoMo stands for: higher taxes

In yet more evidence that ScoMo has lost the plot, he has announced the imposition of GST on low value items bought from overseas even though the bureaucrats can’t figure out how this will work and the start date is … Continue reading

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Just as true for the mouse with an Aussie flag

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ScoMo completely loses the plot

You have to give SA Treasurer some credit for chutzpah in announcing the SA Major Bank Levy.  If it was good enough for ScoMo, who couldn’t ever explain the impost apart from needing the money and no one likes the banks, … Continue reading

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Rod Liddle on London

I am great fan of Rod Liddle who writes for The Spectator. Here is his latest contribution.   If you’re not tired of London, you’re tired of life Rod Liddle London, city of the damned. City of incendiary tower blocks, … Continue reading

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And it’s peer-reviewed

Here’s a post just for Alan Kohler and Ben Potter who continue to live in la-la land with other green rent-seekers. It is sourced from the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 76, 1122-1133. Burden of proof: A comprehensive review … Continue reading

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What a surprise … not

One of the problems with the debate about energy policy is the failure to differentiate between small-scale renewables – very popular, people think they are saving money as well as being virtuous – and large-scale renewables. Actually, the small-scale renewables are … Continue reading

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