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Our taxes at work Part 3

  Have you noticed the cringeworthy ads on the television and print media about the National Innovation and Science Agenda – oh please. All this is costing a cool $28 million and that of course doesn’t include staff costs, both … Continue reading

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Sugar Cave-in

Did I mention that Malcolm Turnbull and his fellow Liberal wimps in Cabinet have caved into the rent-seeking demands of the Nats, led by Barnaby, to decline to refer the Queensland Sugar Industry (Real Choice in Marketing) Amendment Act 2015 … Continue reading

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The Nats run interference on sugar re-regulation

Just as Labor’s ownership by the unions greatly diminishes the quality of public policy when Labor is in power, the coalition between the Liberal and National Parties means that there are lots of very dopey decisions made by Coalition governments … Continue reading

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Treasury stuffs up … again

Here we go again – another edition of the complete load of drivel, the Tax Expenditure Statement.  I had thought that new Treasury Secretary, John Fraser, might have devoted some energy to cleaning up this appalling and misleading document, but … Continue reading

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More platitudes from Wayne Morrison

I am now firmly of the view that our new Treasurer is not up to the job.  The fact that he was never Assistant Treasurer, Finance Minister or shadows of these roles (including of Treasurer) really shows. When he talks … Continue reading

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Is this a joke?

Is it possible that the Turnbull government could support the nomination of former sociopath (query: former?) and prime minister, Kevin Rudd, to be Secretary-General of the United Nations? How could this government think that it could be appropriate to support … Continue reading

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More pointless red-tape: loud groan

When the Abbott government came to office, there was talk that the pointless and burdensome Workplace Gender Equality Agency would be abolished. Can anyone point to one noticeable impact that this authoritarian-sounding behemoth has achieved anything at all apart from … Continue reading

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And option 3? Come on Wayne Morrison.

Repeat after me: increasing taxes is not tax reform. In a carefully leaked set of options, we are told the government is considering two possibilities one, with an increase in the GST, the other without.  Changes to negative gearing and … Continue reading

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Here we go again: groan

Why does Industry Super Australia, the vociferous lobby group for the union industry super funds, have a chief economist?  Buggered if, I know.  Yet another example of members’ contributions being wasted, I guess. The answer probably is that he feels … Continue reading

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Please give me a job, Mr Treasurer

I guess if you are feeling a bit desperate you might go public about your desire to keep your job. Here’s the public call from Rod Sims, Chairman of the ACCC: Please, Mr Treasurer, give me a second term.  I’ve … Continue reading

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