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Spin from the Fin

It is getting to the point that the Fin cannot be regarded as a serious financial newspaper when its lead story essentially picks up the press release of rent-seeking wind farm operator Infigen Energy, which arose from the ashes of … Continue reading

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“Freeloading” workers don’t deserve perks

What a complete disgrace this rort is.  Building employers are forced to pay ‘redundancy’ payments on behalf of all workers (in excess of $100 per worker per week) which are then paid into a fund; in the case of Queensland, … Continue reading

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Hot rocks a dud: ask Tim Flannery

Here is a very balanced piece by Keith Orchison, who is always worth reading. It tells the story of investors (who should have known better) and the taxpayer getting caught up in the fairytale of hot rocks (which need to … Continue reading

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Good: UK slashes climate diplomacy budget

Yes, I know, climate diplomacy budget.  Read on, though.  20 UK consular officials in the China embassy dealing with climate matters: is this a joke? The UK is slashing its climate change diplomacy budget even as global efforts intensify to … Continue reading

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Productivity Commission Report on Childcare

I wrote in the weekend on the Productivity Commission’s highly anticipated, but extremely disappointing, report on childcare.  Indeed, the first key point of the report demonstrates that the PC has been completely captured by the industry, preferring the term: Early … Continue reading

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As one of our more eminent Cats would say:  Perhaps the please is not always there. I made the mistake of turning on ABC24 this morning to be impacted by a one Dr Peter Chen from the University of … Continue reading

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The poor will always be with us

I was trying to find a slide which demonstrates the benefit of school attendance (also the detriment caused by non-attendance, especially for students from low socio-economic groups), but I have failed at this stage.  This is important piece of evidence … Continue reading

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Income inequality in Australia: are you listening, Joe?

Thank God that Joe Stiglitz has left our fair shores: all that ill-informed, gratuitous advice was really getting out of hand.  And all complete tosh: Stiglitz has never come across a problem which is not solved by more government spending … Continue reading

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So how’s The New Daily going?

Recall the kerfuffle about AustralianSuper, Cbus and some others ‘investing’ in a new website, The New Daily.  AustralianSuper is using funds from the service fee that all members must pay to finance this highly dubious venture. Recall also that The New … Continue reading

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Oh dear, Gittins thinks he’s getting with the program

Actually, Ross, the debate on the minimum wage has come and gone and Gittins is the one looking the goose.  And here’s the thing: I am a labour market economist and you are not. For a while there, the work … Continue reading

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