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Gratuitous advice for Turnbull: ignore

I’m not sure whether there is much clearance that goes on in these self-serving submissions from investment banks (hint: senior executives should take some note of the rubbish that is put out under your firm’s name) but at least Malcolm … Continue reading

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How do refugees fare in the Australian labour market?

For a number of years, the DSS has put out a publication on The Settlement Outcomes of New Arrivals.  The data are very out-of-date, but the consistent message is that even five years after arrival, the majority of those who … Continue reading

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Cats: we’re all suffering from cognitive bias

Getting older?  Still living in your own home?  We’ll you’re suffering from cognitive bias and a bit of asymmetric bias, according to the Productivity Commission. You are just not getting with the program.  You should  be liberating the capital.  Selling … Continue reading

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Roll up, roll up, Cats: there are jobs for you

I was aimlessly flipping through the higher education section of the Aus (normal rent-seeking stuff from Ian Young, outgoing VC of ANU, telling us he needs much more taxpayer money for research), when I came across two positions advertised that … Continue reading

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So which is it? Fairfax can’t agree with itself

Don’t you love it when members of the same family can’t agree.  In the Fin today, there is a story about downward pressure on residential real estate rents, with rents actually falling in a number of cities. But then if you … Continue reading

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Acting Treasury Secretary: speaking common sense on super

The ‘progressive’ press continues to get itself into a lather about the supposedly inequitable taxation of superannuation.  Even some otherwise, quite sensible commentators fall into the trap of thinking there is any easy and sensible way to change the taxation … Continue reading

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Toohey’s wrong: The Insiders

It’s hard to believe that the ABC thinks that Brian Toohey should still be appearing on The Insiders, although he is probably better than some of the new teenagers they have been using. But he was dead wrong on a … Continue reading

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Two years on: the Abbott haters come out to play

Oh my Lord.  Mark an anniversary and all the Abbott haters (Taylor, Coorey, Grattan, Seccombe, Bongiorno, Mark Kenny, etc. etc) come out to play to give us their two-bob’s worth about the lack of achievements on the part of the … Continue reading

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What’s the age pension is worth?

I have been reading the latest report of the Institute of Actuaries, For Richer, For Poorer. It is pretty terrible – another case of these professional associations peddling lines that must appall most of the members. But I came across … Continue reading

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Does foreign aid dissuade asylum seekers?

I came across this interesting article in which the argument is put that increased foreign aid runs the risk of aiding massive migration, rather than dissuading it, as it provides the resources to people both to realise that a better … Continue reading

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