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I’ll have what’s she’s having: Labor’s superannuation policy

For many people, superannuation is a key issue in terms of determining how to vote.  The Coalition clearly broke a clear and solemn promise not to increase taxation on superannuation and has come up with an over-engineered, unworkable dog’s breakfast, … Continue reading

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Wolf cries ‘wolf’: the saddest of hours

Once upon a time, Martin Wolf was sort of sensible journalist-economist.  But it is a long time ago.  Today he is a grade A climate alarmist, full-blown Keynesian and internationalist of the worst sort. Check out this piece from the … Continue reading

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Best ask Ossie – I know different spelling

We all know that UK Chancellor George Osborne is thoroughly discredited – my advice is that we should have asked his cousin (different spelling through mistake made by George’s father) Ossie for advice about the economic implications of Brexit. Indeed, … Continue reading

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What’s say Britain exits the UN next

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If it meant so much to the young’uns

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Let’s ban old people from voting

The best part of the Brexit victory is the ensuing head-explosions of the elites, the entitled, the Europhiles on the gravy train and the young’uns. Here is a piece from The Times, no less, which actually played a fairly straight … Continue reading

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You just can’t trust the plebs

because they are wrong, angry and spiteful. Just check out these words from Chris Dillow: The EU referendum raises a longstanding question in welfare economics: why should we pay attention to people’s preferences? The standard answer is that people know what … Continue reading

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Still counting

Lord’s Prayer – 66 words 10 Commandments – 179 words Gettysburg address – 286 words EU regulations on the sale of cabbage – 26,911 words

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Best joke of the campaign

Yes, I know there have been a few clangers from both sides of politics in the past few weeks but, come on, this must be the best – from Billy’s campaign launch speech: We will not be a big-spending government. … Continue reading

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Entries for the Gold Medal now being accepted

As the Cats know, I like to run a competition during election campaigns to select the dopiest, most inane, most ridiculous policy proposal put forward by a political party. Now I know for all you hard-nosed, analytical Cats, you will … Continue reading

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