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Please tell me you are joking, Michaelia?

  Read the following from the pernicious Workplace Gender Equality Agency and weep.  No, read the following and get really, really angry. We have a government in power which is committed to deregulation and removing red tape and yet they … Continue reading

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Investment certainty for everyone!

Did anyone notice the rent-seekers out in force today with full-page advertisements (at least The Australian had the sense to head it ADVERTISEMENT, I guess other papers did too) on behalf of a group called the Investor Group on Climate … Continue reading

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Daughter water … oh, pleeease

I always regarded this proposed evidence-free and costly regulatory intervention by the spookily named agency, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, as a test of the government’s commitment to removing destructive and pointless regulation and red-tape. (see below)  Would they remove … Continue reading

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The Age falls for crap yet again

Any newspaper that regards the writings of Michael West worthy of publication, let alone front page coverage, must surely not be long for this world.  Of course, he is not the only completely unreliable and slanted ‘journalist’ which this rag … Continue reading

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Am I missing something?

The headline screamed that the man had been killed by the Taliban because he was Australian.  Really? He had fled Afghanistan, before coming to Australia by boat in 2000, was granted refugee status (because it would be too dangerous to … Continue reading

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Riding the vomit comet

  I’ve had a busy week and have now only had time to watch the Ray Martin-Jools interview. Excuse me while I reach for the barf bag. Have you ever watched anything more fawning, more ingratiating, less informative? No doubt, … Continue reading

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1.8 per cent v 2.0 per cent: is this a joke?

I can’t believe the solemn commentary about the tosh coming out of the G20 Finance Ministers meeting.  Surely no one believes this underlying “modelling” by the IMF/OECD which purports to link the change to countries’ GDP arising from a series … Continue reading

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Forget the CFMEU/MUA: Think Pharmacy Guild

One has to have a certain admiration for the tactics of the CFMEU and the MUA – exploiting the full value of confected monopolies through any means, fair and foul. (Getting a Labor government to pass accommodating legislation helps quite … Continue reading

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Converting sceptics: the role of prize-winning scientists

I must be living on another planet because I thought the role of scientists was to be sceptical. But according to Eureka Prize winner for promoting understanding of Australian science research, her role is to change sceptical minds about climate … Continue reading

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An inclusive green economy: close down the IMF

Now that the lovely Christine is under investigation (no one seems to be prepared to use the fraud word – let’s just call it inappropriate behaviour), perhaps we should ask the bigger question: should the IMF be closed down, an … Continue reading

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