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What a surprise … not

One of the problems with the debate about energy policy is the failure to differentiate between small-scale renewables – very popular, people think they are saving money as well as being virtuous – and large-scale renewables. Actually, the small-scale renewables are … Continue reading

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Good news either way

Trump Cabinet to undermine international climate action   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump’s advisors and Cabinet officials will convene a meeting tomorrow to consider the United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement, according to reports. The two choices under consideration … Continue reading

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So coal fired power plants are unbankable?

Japanese companies plan to develop about 45 additional coal power plants, adding more than 20 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, in the next decade, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Fossil fuels accounted for about 82% of Japan’s net … Continue reading

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Crony capitalism: green style

I picked up this piece from Alan Moran about Elon Musk and his mates ripping off the taxpayers in the US – to do green good, of course. We should not think that this stuff doesn’t happen here and note … Continue reading

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South Australia: renewable energy economic superpower

Ross Garnaut, whose final climate change report was so full of I’s that the Gillard government dropped him like a hot potato as an embarrassingly impractical zealot. Now he has joined the tribe of rent-seekers by sitting on the board … Continue reading

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The lowdown on the RET

I found this article pretty informative, particularly the growing involvement of the ACT and Victorian governments in further subsidising renewable energy projects (through the egregious reverse auctions that guarantee the cash flows of these carpet baggers). It was put out … Continue reading

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Engie tells Koutsantonis to get stuffed: sound

Actually, the head of Engie is Australia is a pretty sound guy. He makes the obvious point that he is not going to keep the second turbine in the Pelican Point plant going just so AEMO or the South Australian … Continue reading

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Fake News from the Guardian

Here’s what we learnt from The Guardian today: In 1999 John Howard and Peter Costello halved capital gains as part of a wider tax package after the Ralph business tax review. Actually, the main change was the way the capital … Continue reading

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More middle class welfare/ buying votes

Give it up, I say, to the Turnbull government that wants to pour even more taxpayer funds into regulated childcare the fee subsidies of which are overwhelmingly snaffled by the middle and upper middle classes.  This must be a try-on. (Don’t … Continue reading

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Give it up, Innes

We all know that the Ai Group is a blot on the landscape but Innes thinks he is quite the expert on energy, although the RET can’t be changed – his green rent-seeker members couldn’t stomach that.  (Mate, the RET … Continue reading

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