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Anyone for polo?

Politicians must think we came down with the last shower if they imagine we accept the lame excuses of being “within the rules” and undertaking official ministerial business when it comes to these private jaunts that politicians are so fond … Continue reading

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Economists against Trump

I wouldn’t sign a group letter in a fit.  So what accounts for the 370 mainly academic US economists, including 8 Nobel Laureates, putting their name to an initiative called Economists against Trump, with its own app? The amazing thing about … Continue reading

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Give it up, Bronnie

Bronwyn Bishop is obviously still smarting over her ‘unfair’ treatment after she was caught taking a helicopter for a 90 kms trip to attend a party fund-raiser courtesy of taxpayers. Get over it, I say.  This didn’t come close to … Continue reading

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Don’t rely on economic opinion, particularly if given by Joe Stiglitz

I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump doesn’t give a toss what Joe Stiglitz or any of his left-leaning economic buddies, some Nobel laureates, think about his proposed economic policies. (Stiglitz is up there with Krugman for partisan stupidity.) Let’s face … Continue reading

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Is this accountable government?

I can’t understand why Labor’s indefensible, possible illegal, use of taxpayers’ money to fund the 2014 election campaign in Victoria hasn’t got more traction in the press. It’s a complete ripper – Labor rorting the rules by reassigning taxpayer-funded electoral … Continue reading

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Is it time for Ley to quit?

I would be perfectly happy for Sussan Ley to quit as Health Minister.  She has achieved nothing as Health Minister apart from setting up review upon review stuffed with the rent-seekers she should be taking on. She seems much happier … Continue reading

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No one should buy this bogus rationale, Haldane

Let’s face it, elite insiders around the world have been caught out.  And among the most egregiously behaved were the economists (and governor) of the Bank of England who overtly campaigned for REMAIN.  (We should also throw in the economists … Continue reading

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AGL is not a charity or government department

Now I’m no fan of AGL – it is mainly a green rent-seeker these days determined to make a buck by pretending to go along with the climate change story while seeking out the most profitable (and guaranteed) ways of … Continue reading

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Thank God he was born in Austria

I have been looking at the catastrophe of the Emissions Trading Scheme in California – it has been a complete disaster and is currently being legally challenged – and I came across this fruit-loopish facebook entry from none other than … Continue reading

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What’s good for the goose is evidently not good for the politicians

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