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Centre-Right Recovery Highly Unlikely

Greg Sheridan should stick to foreign affairs. His latest political and economic musings in The Australian yesterday include: “The government’s massive fiscal intervention in the Australian economy, entirely justified by the gravity of the COVID-19 crisis, will change centre-right politics … Continue reading

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Royal Commission: Good policy to go up in flames and Morrison will get burned

What is the point of the SloMo Royal Commission into Bushfires other than politics? More importantly, what recommendations will the Government be able to implement? The Federal Government does not manage parks, forests and public lands. It has no jurisdiction … Continue reading

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SloMo Royal Commission: Destroying the Liberal Party in Order to Save It (and Himself)!

SloMo is launching a Royal Commission into bushfires. Exactly what this will add to the other 57 official inquiries we have had since 1939 is hard to imagine. Perhaps that should be item 1 in the terms of reference. Followed … Continue reading

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ScoMo Yet To Learn His ABC’s!

It was reported in The Australian today that the Johnson Government is very keen on reforming (and reducing) the BBC by abolishing its license fee and instead enforcing upon it a subscription payment model. Naturally, the BBC progressive class are … Continue reading

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A Black Eye for Parliamentary Sovereignty, Democracy and the Constitution

As of yesterday the Australian Government lost the sovereign right to absolutely and unequivocally enforce its its own Migration Act and effectively determine who is an Australian citizen and who is not. Four unelected judges have ridden roughshod over 25 … Continue reading

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AFLLBGTIQWM: A Very Modern General Manager

If the acronym in the title is a touch long and utterly stupid spare a thought for the AFL brains trust. Steven Hocking is the AFL “General Manager of Football Operations” which is pretty much as senior as it gets … Continue reading

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Bushfires Proof That Global Carbon Action Has Failed

The bushfires ravaging New South Wales and Queensland are proof that Australian climate policies are an exercise in waste and futility. While no scientist with any credibility would attribute the current bushfires to climate change that hasn’t stopped the usual … Continue reading

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Global Warming is producing fewer “very hot days”

Jo Nova yesterday had a post on the disappearing  “Very Hot Days” graph from the BoM website (see below). Jo made the salient points that there is no meaningful trend across the 105 years record and the year with the … Continue reading

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Busting the Morrison Myth

Scott Morrison’s growing stature amongst the conservative press and even some contributors to this blog belies his accomplishments. Denis Shanahan at The Australian seems so hell bent on restoring Newspoll credibility he has decided to invest in ScoMo “miracles”. Truth … Continue reading

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Academic Freedom Neutered as Predicted

Back in April I warned that Peter Ridd’s victory would be short lived: “Rather than accept the judge’s reasoning on academic freedom one suspects most universities will be running to their legal teams in order to double down on their … Continue reading

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