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Emma Alberici: A Victim of Domestic Appliance

I read with sorrow this morning that Emma Alberici had been admitted to hospital over the weekend, a victim of senseless domestic appliance. Emma Alberici’s injuries to her fingers were caused while cleaning a stick blender used in the preparation … Continue reading

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What about Julian Assange?

A few ABC reporters and one News Limited reporter get raided by the AFP for publishing classified material and the media class go apoplectic in defence of free speech, a free press, public interest and holding government to account. Julian … Continue reading

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Higher journalistic standards would be in the public interest!

What is in the public interest? This has been getting a good run by the journalist class this past week in the wake of the AFP raids. Apparently breaking laws and reporting of classified documents is ok if there is … Continue reading

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Politics and Sport: Not a Goodes Look

I am calling BS on Adam Goodes and the politically correct and biased documentary making him out to be a victim of racism. Special mention to Jupes who has already covered this topic brilliantly as I share most, if not … Continue reading

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Position Vacant: Liberal Premier of South Australia

As reported in yesterday’s The Australian:   “South Australian Premier Steven Marshall remains on the hunt for a new governor, with his preferred candidate a female with links to the Liberal Party’s moderate faction, sources say.” Seems to me the … Continue reading

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