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More Madness from The University of Melbourne

Funny how things just come together sometimes. There was my earlier post on the climate change ideology infecting APRA. Then there was the post by Rafe on the Madness of The University of Melbourne. Then knock me over with a … Continue reading

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Weaponising APRA for Climate Crusade

Geoff Summerhayes is an Executive Board Member of APRA. Over the weekend he gave a speech in Singapore to an international conference of financial regulators outlining a case for an increase in APRA scope and powers to regulate the Australian financial sector … Continue reading

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Moral Hazard: Finance Sector Banks Reputation Renewal on Indigenous Rights

You have to love the total absence of self-awareness from John Wylie the other day who sanctimoniously opined a column in The Australian stating: “Last month, 22 leaders in the ­finance sector issued a a joint call for Australians to embrace … Continue reading

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Emma Alberici: A Victim of Domestic Appliance

I read with sorrow this morning that Emma Alberici had been admitted to hospital over the weekend, a victim of senseless domestic appliance. Emma Alberici’s injuries to her fingers were caused while cleaning a stick blender used in the preparation … Continue reading

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What about Julian Assange?

A few ABC reporters and one News Limited reporter get raided by the AFP for publishing classified material and the media class go apoplectic in defence of free speech, a free press, public interest and holding government to account. Julian … Continue reading

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Higher journalistic standards would be in the public interest!

What is in the public interest? This has been getting a good run by the journalist class this past week in the wake of the AFP raids. Apparently breaking laws and reporting of classified documents is ok if there is … Continue reading

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Politics and Sport: Not a Goodes Look

I am calling BS on Adam Goodes and the politically correct and biased documentary making him out to be a victim of racism. Special mention to Jupes who has already covered this topic brilliantly as I share most, if not … Continue reading

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Position Vacant: Liberal Premier of South Australia

As reported in yesterday’s The Australian:   “South Australian Premier Steven Marshall remains on the hunt for a new governor, with his preferred candidate a female with links to the Liberal Party’s moderate faction, sources say.” Seems to me the … Continue reading

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