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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

Too communist even for the Greens?

Are the Greens imploding with the watermelon group led by Lee Rhiannon being attacked by the rest of the party led by Richard de Natale? H.L. Mencken knew best when he wrote Democracy is the theory that the common people know … Continue reading

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Alex Malley

Well he has gone. Finally. Sacked from CPA with a payout of about $5 million. A person who took over a professional association and turned it into a personal fiefdom. Where the board – not elected by members but by … Continue reading

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Discrimination is the new watchword. One cannot discriminate against a person because of a whole host of attributes: sexual preference, gender, religion, age, intelligence, disability, culture and so forth. But of course one is always and everywhere allowed (indeed expected) … Continue reading

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Contempt of court

The Supreme Court of Victoria ordered three Turnbull Government ministers to appear before it and explain why they should not be referred for prosecution for contempt of court. In response the three ministers have apologised for their remarks about the … Continue reading

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Deadwood in Sydney stop pensioners gathering dead wood

Obviously those working in the NSW Environment Office live in the comparative warmth of Sydney (and sitting in an airconditioned building at the department paid by the grateful taxpayer) and do not experience winter life in much of NSW. From … Continue reading

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Are you a troll?

Four corners is covering the current trend for some people to troll. Brendan O’Neill calls this free speech if you’re not free to hate someone you’re not free O’Neill is right, people have the right to offend, even if it … Continue reading

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Do not visit North Korea

There is little doubt that the North Korean regime is the most odious in the world. Its abuses are legendary and the clique has impoverished the country since 1948. The gap between North and South Korea is so great that … Continue reading

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I’m very uncomfortable about the term ‘radicalisation’ as it is being applied to young Muslims (including converts to Islam) joining organisations such as ISIS. It seems to take away their agency, their self-will, their internal moral standards. It almost excuses … Continue reading

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Kristina Keneally joins Jane Halton and Clive Palmer

Don’t people love titles? “Professor” is a great title – it invokes superiority and learning (although there are plenty of professors with no idea whatsoever). Professor the Hon. Kristina Keneally – what a combination. It only needs an AC to … Continue reading

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Identity politics and objective truth clash

Over recent years there has been a disturbing growth in identity politics – where people identify as part of a group: female, Islamic, LGBTI, Indigenous, African-American, child abuse victims and so forth. And these groups become the focus of campaigning … Continue reading

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