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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

There are polls and then there is the ABS

So many of the same sex marriage proponents assert Australians are very much in favour of SSM based on ‘numerous’ polls. Yet they are strongly against the proposed plebiscite to be conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Jess Irvine … Continue reading

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Company tax cuts versus personal income tax cuts

I know it is not a propitious time to discuss tax cuts, but I do side with Paul Keating that company tax cuts (with full dividend imputation) are essentially tax cuts for foreigners. While I have a lot of respect … Continue reading

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Young white Anglo-Saxon male at university

I’m glad not to be a young white Anglo-Saxon male at an Australian university. They are accused of possessing white male privilege, while older men who may have previously mentored these young men are soaking up the love as Male … Continue reading

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In bad faith

Same sex marriage is a 10th order issue and it is amazing that self-interested parliamentarians are prioritising it above more pressing matters that affect the wealth of this country. But those Coalition MPs who are now pushing for a parliamentary … Continue reading

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The Trump administration is an international joke

Caligula, Nero, Maximinus Thrax, Commodus, Elagabalus, Charles VI of France, Justin II of Byzantium, Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Donald Trump of the USA. The truly insane rulers of history. The events of the last week, with Anthony Scaramucci and the … Continue reading

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A new health insurance system in the United States

Donald Trump may be finding it difficult to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). But what is he trying to replace it with? It seems nothing that will contain costs and provide a reasonable level of … Continue reading

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Make them pay

Who said that Woolworths and Coles don’t collude? Is it purely coincidence that both announce on the same day that they will be phasing out plastic bags within 12 months? Of course all the usual lobbyists have been consulted and … Continue reading

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Apparently too many Australians are islamophobes. There is even a Deakin University centre to combat islamophobia and (surprisingly) its research shows that there is a lot of islamophobia to combat. For example – sixty per cent of all Australians say … Continue reading

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Bernard Tomic is right to be bored with tennis

Oh my they are sensitive souls that administer tennis. Tomic has lost his racquet sponsor and been fined $US15,000 ($A19,700) for saying he was “a little bit bored” during his 6-4 6-3 6-4 loss to Mischa Zverev and that he … Continue reading

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The SHY playbook

So Sarah Hanson-Young (who received 8992 first preference votes in South Australia last election and just scrapped in as the last of the 12 senators of South Australia to receive a quota after 452 counts) has a massive sense of … Continue reading

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