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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

The balkanisation of public policy

One of my greatest concerns in public policy is the tendency for each side to admit no error and to hold certain “truths” which are defended at any cost. There is no room for introspection in such an environment and … Continue reading

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In despair

I’m in despair. The days of good economic reform are long behind us with no prospect for a return. Australia is drifting, with complacency ruling the roost, while our citizens have no capacity for introspection. We are rudderless, with useless … Continue reading

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Sir William Blackstone

William Blackstone (1723 – 1780) was an English jurist and judge who wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England which included the statement All presumptive evidence of felony should be admitted cautiously; for the law holds it better that ten … Continue reading

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Combe and Dastyari – just bloody greedy

Here are two ALP characters, separated by 35 years, who have betrayed Australia and saw a business opportunity in helping a foreign power. David Combe was the ALP secretary who compromised Australia’s security by dealings with Soviet agent Valery Ivanov, … Continue reading

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Same sex marriage

  Back in August, Victorian National Party MP Andrew Broad threatened to resign from the Coalition if the promised same sex marriage plebiscite did not go ahead. You may recall that the Parliament rejected a Coalition sponsored bill to have … Continue reading

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ASFA to bust the super myths

Thus says the headline on the rear page of the Australian Financial Review this morning under the Chanticleer column (Michael Smith). A similar uncritical view can be found in Glenda Korporaal’s article in today’s Australian. Thus is the quality of … Continue reading

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Virtue signalling

There was a time that departmental secretaries received relatively modest salaries, worked hard in the background in the interests of the Australian people and helped governments by providing sensible advice. Those days have sadly passed. Today’s departmental secretaries are overpaid, … Continue reading

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The end of Robert and Grace Mugabe at last

It is perhaps too early to celebrate, but it seems that the Mugabes have been deposed. The tyranny of Mugabe knew no bounds, he raped and pillaged Zimbabwe and turned the once proud country to his personal fiefdom. Put on … Continue reading

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Profoundly undemocratic, even racist

The Prime Minister is right to reject the recommendation from the Referendum Council to establish a constitutionally enshrined indigenous advisory body. It is a profoundly anti-democratic and even racist concept. The sophistry of proponents who claim it is not a … Continue reading

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Stephen Parry

Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice states (p. 149) While in office the President is entitled to the title “Honourable”. When the President leaves office, the practice is that the title may be retained only if authorised by the monarch. A list … Continue reading

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