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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.


There has been a performance at the Victorian College of Arts by a 20 year old student, Isabelle Mason, called Where We Stand that asks people to ‘process their positionality in a colonial state and in a world where whiteness … Continue reading

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Gender inequality

Over recent years there has been a growing concern about ‘gender inequality’ (see for example the Workplace Gender Equality Agency) with claims that women are systematically paid less than men. Many of these claims are refutable – see for example … Continue reading

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The priorities of Woolworths and Coles

Woolworths and Coles have both announced they will ban single use plastic bags, straws and other plastic items, apparently in response to customer demand. In the old days a customer who didn’t want something would not buy it. The modern … Continue reading

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A Royal Wedding

I cannot understand the obsession / fascination and media coverage of this Royal wedding. The ABC – it’s budget apparently cut to the bone – has sent Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez to London – to join existing ABC reporters based in … Continue reading

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In an article in today’s Australian by the chair of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Elizabeth Proust, she states Australia needs more diversity on its boards, not less. Diversity of thought, experience, background, ethnicity and — yes — gender, … Continue reading

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The ABC versus the private sector

Tonight’s budget included a modest cut to the ABC budget, from  $1.132 billion in 2017-18 to $1.122bn in 2018-19, and $83.2 million over three years. That’s hardly the end of the world for the ABC, and far less than the … Continue reading

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Marx and communism

In 1989 I was convinced that Marxism was dead. I thought it was a ridiculous ideology that had been exposed, like infants in the Spartan hills. I was wrong, very wrong. Marxism is back, stronger than ever, even if in … Continue reading

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Medical cannabis/marijuana

There is an insidious movement at the moment to have cannabis legalised for medicinal purposes. Proponents see this as a means of ultimately legalising cannabis for recreational purposes. I support the decriminalisation of cannabis; indeed it should be taxed like … Continue reading

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Ken Henry

I can almost forgive Dr Henry for his recent tantrums about the lack of progress on tax reform which he had neglected when Treasury Secretary for 10 years. But his latest comments are absolutely outrageous. He blames investors for the … Continue reading

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It’s just not cricket

The expression “it’s just not cricket” is old-time Australian slang about the importance of fair play. This was a sport where the values of sportsmanship, fair play and honesty were paramount. That’s why breaching those values – as captain Steve … Continue reading

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