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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

Profoundly undemocratic, even racist

The Prime Minister is right to reject the recommendation from the Referendum Council to establish a constitutionally enshrined indigenous advisory body. It is a profoundly anti-democratic and even racist concept. The sophistry of proponents who claim it is not a … Continue reading

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The Salem Witch trials

Anthony Rapp says that Kevin Spacey made sexual advances at him some thirty years ago when Rapp was 14. Spacey says he doesn’t recall. Ergo the Twitterati declare that Spacey is a paedophile and engage in virtue signalling. But surely … Continue reading

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It’s Mueller Time

One can only hope it ends this way, but it’s probably a forlorn hope. If the US wants to be great again, it will only happen if DJT is no longer president. But even then what’s on offer from the … Continue reading

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Can’t anyone keep secrets anymore?

The furor over the AFP raid of the AWU premises to gather information about donations to GetUp! has embroiled Minister Cash (who is one of the more effective Ministers in the Turnbull Government) in controversy as the media was tipped … Continue reading

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Robert Mugabe health envoy

The World Health Organisation is appointing Robert Mugabe, the tyrant of Zimbabwe, as its goodwill ambassador for health. This is absolutely bizarre. In a meeting held at Victoria Falls of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, the Director-General of the … Continue reading

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Winston Peters = Rob Oakeshott + Tony Windsor

The Right Honourable Winston Peters (for that is what he is) has sold out his constituency for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Holding the Government and country to ransom, he finally has decided to back the socialist unknown Jacinda … Continue reading

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Another Nobel Peace Prize fail

What is it with the Nobel Peace Prize selectors who seem to have a penchant for choosing people or groups that have done nothing to advance world peace or even have worsened that cause? We’ve had Al Gore and his … Continue reading

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Gillian Triggs is the 21st century sophist, employing clever but facetious arguments.  She obviously has a well remunerated post-HRC career plotted out delivering speeches to adoring crowds of acolytes. This by Tessa Akerman in the Australian. Triggs really has some … Continue reading

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We’re all Democrats now

Who would have thought? Donald Trump is fickle, he is repudiating the policies he took to the election and is embracing high immigration, no wall, signing on to the Paris accord and keeping Obama care. He is more Democratic than … Continue reading

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And what of nuclear energy?

Adam Creighton is right that Australian taxpayers and consumers have unwittingly subsidised foreign companies large sums to install solar and wind power. Adam notes that the solar farm at Moree has 100 jobs at a cost of $1.5 million each. And … Continue reading

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