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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.


Gillian Triggs is the 21st century sophist, employing clever but facetious arguments.  She obviously has a well remunerated post-HRC career plotted out delivering speeches to adoring crowds of acolytes. This by Tessa Akerman in the Australian. Triggs really has some … Continue reading

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We’re all Democrats now

Who would have thought? Donald Trump is fickle, he is repudiating the policies he took to the election and is embracing high immigration, no wall, signing on to the Paris accord and keeping Obama care. He is more Democratic than … Continue reading

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And what of nuclear energy?

Adam Creighton is right that Australian taxpayers and consumers have unwittingly subsidised foreign companies large sums to install solar and wind power. Adam notes that the solar farm at Moree has 100 jobs at a cost of $1.5 million each. And … Continue reading

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Same sex marriage and doctors

A significant number of members of the Australian Medical Association have written a letter in favour of same sex marriage (although they are critical of those who use that term rather than ‘marriage equality’) As a body of medical professionals we … Continue reading

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The Logies

The Victorian Government has decided to cease providing support for the annual Logies awards. I’m not sure why taxpayers should be providing support to an entertainment industry awards evening, but apparently we have been for years and now the Andrews … Continue reading

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How quickly people forget. After the disaster that was Helen Clark (who finished as Prime Minister of New Zealand on 19 November 2008), New Zealand has benefited from strong governments under John Key and now Bill English who have helped … Continue reading

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The pub test

The Chairman of Australia Post, John Stanhope, is trying to justify the $10.8 million payout to former CEO, Ahmed Fahour, by saying that community expectations (as to executive remuneration) have changed since Fahour was appointed in 2010. But that was … Continue reading

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There are polls and then there is the ABS

So many of the same sex marriage proponents assert Australians are very much in favour of SSM based on ‘numerous’ polls. Yet they are strongly against the proposed plebiscite to be conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Jess Irvine … Continue reading

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Company tax cuts versus personal income tax cuts

I know it is not a propitious time to discuss tax cuts, but I do side with Paul Keating that company tax cuts (with full dividend imputation) are essentially tax cuts for foreigners. While I have a lot of respect … Continue reading

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Young white Anglo-Saxon male at university

I’m glad not to be a young white Anglo-Saxon male at an Australian university. They are accused of possessing white male privilege, while older men who may have previously mentored these young men are soaking up the love as Male … Continue reading

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