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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

Glaciers and gender

While Steve Kates is showing some very interesting science with the photo of an atom, there has been some more profound science (from 2016) conducted at the University of Oregon. I will let the abstract speak for itself Glaciers are … Continue reading

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Documents in filing cabinets

It has been reported in the AFR and elsewhere that dozens of sensitive documents obtained by the ABC were in a couple of filing cabinets that had been sitting locked in an ex-government shop for some months. The reports say … Continue reading

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Fire and fury by Michael Wolff

I have now read this book, which is an easy read, although the author does not source his quotations or statements. This makes the book less compelling than it might be had there been thorough references. I suppose he would … Continue reading

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Corruption in the US Congress

There is a thought-provoking paper in the Cornell Law Review by Zephyr Teachout on corruption in the body politic. He states that the founding fathers of the US Constitution had a broad definition of corruption To the Delegates, political corruption referred … Continue reading

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Peter van Onselen – Coalition club must make room for women

In an article in today’s Australian, Peter van Onselen argues that the Liberal Party must institute quotas for women in Parliament. He engages in sophistry to argue that gender quotas do not affect merit selection (which shows how out of … Continue reading

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Americans love their titles

For a country formed as a rejection of monarchy and supposedly with an aversion to titles, Americans are far more title-obsessed than Australians. We know our former prime ministers as Mr Hawke, Mr Howard, Mr Rudd, Ms Gillard and Mr … Continue reading

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Io Saturnalia

I like my Christmas carols in Latin or at least the original language rather than the gospel style favoured by Sinc. Here are two of my favourites so Merry Christmas or in my time io Saturnalia (unfortunately I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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The balkanisation of public policy

One of my greatest concerns in public policy is the tendency for each side to admit no error and to hold certain “truths” which are defended at any cost. There is no room for introspection in such an environment and … Continue reading

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In despair

I’m in despair. The days of good economic reform are long behind us with no prospect for a return. Australia is drifting, with complacency ruling the roost, while our citizens have no capacity for introspection. We are rudderless, with useless … Continue reading

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Sir William Blackstone

William Blackstone (1723 – 1780) was an English jurist and judge who wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England which included the statement All presumptive evidence of felony should be admitted cautiously; for the law holds it better that ten … Continue reading

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