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Roundup Feb 9

Culture. A meditation on cricket as a mental exercise. The mention of exercise reminds me of the time the English poet laureate William Henly threw Oscar Wilde out of his house (don’t ask me why) Wilde remarked “Conversation with Henley … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Privatise hospitals

Imagine if a libertarian like me had his way with health policy and nobody died. It would be a disaster. Not for the public, but for the thousands of public servants and lobbyists who would be out of a job. … Continue reading

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Roundup 7 Feb

Don Aitkin, hot off the press on the shock to the CSIRO when they are taken seriously that the science on warming is settled. With some great links to “restarting the climate debate” and John Christie at the U.S. House … Continue reading

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Jacques Barzun on race

From Race: A Study in Superstition by Jacques Barzun, 1937/1965 The principle of judging individual cases must apply whenever a group, thinking racially, feels attacked through a representation of one of their members in a work of art. The repeated … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 4 Feb

Progress on the nuclear front. Japan and the United States. LATE ADDITION in case you missed it last year Tesla electric car takes on the Model T Ford cross-country and wins in a photo finish. Regulation nation. Richard Ebeling on … Continue reading

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Be warned of “self-determination” and Constitutional reform

The shape of things to come in Australia? Winston Peters warns of the tribalization of NZ. Under the new bill, every council in New Zealand will be required by law, to invite the local iwi to “discuss, agree and record … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 29 Jan

Hypnotic whirlpool gets interesting towards 3 minutes. The ten most expensive military vehicles in the world. 24 types of libertarians. Almost as funny as windmills on fire. The Spectator digest of art and books. Striking lithographs. The term lithograph comes … Continue reading

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Don Aitkin on the history of the global warming scare

Another excellent historical commentary from Don Aitkin. I came into all this around 2005, with Kyoto. It has been an amazing intellectual journey ever since, quite without precedent in my life. This is probably a good place to say, firmly, … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: A fetish for uniforms

The mythology of Australia contains great stories of self-reliance, suspicion of authority and larrikinism. I love those aspects of our national story but I fear – if they were once a fair reflection of our culture – this is no … Continue reading

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Gordon Tullock on the politics of bureaucracy and rewarding men of war

Chapter 10 in Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is Why the Worst Get on Top. The opening section of Gordon Tullock’s The Politics of Bureaucracy is an analysis to explain how that happens. This is the book that Tullock put … Continue reading

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