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Marching for science?

Hurry to reserve a good place! Please contact us ([email protected]) if you would like to reserve a place at the front for clear viewing. Send in the clowns! A nice commentary by Roger Franklin. Raining on the parade, a gory … Continue reading

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Odds and ends April 20

Back from Tasmania and packing for China. Tell Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor of “Australia’s leading university” what you think about student union blocking The Red Pill from screening on campus. mailto [email protected] He may claim this is out of … Continue reading

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At CIS on April 27. Andrew Robb on Free Trade in the Age of Trump

100 Days On: Trump and Trade — The Impact of Neo-Protectionism on Australia. The Hon. Andrew Robb will explain why free trade is in our national interest and why America’s turn towards protectionism under Trump is bad news for the … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell on how to make nations rich

A present from Dan Mitchell, our man in Washington DC. This mini-documentary from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation outlines the public policy framework that is necessary for a poor nation to become a rich nation and includes several … Continue reading

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Roundup 9 April

Update. Mark Steyn’s Week. Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator. Dan Mitchell. How to depopulate a state, the example of Connecticut where there is a flight of the well-heeled due to rising income tax and death … Continue reading

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CIS event. Postponed due to illness

Has taxpayer funding of elections polarised voters? Funding of elections is meant to make politics and democracy more transparent. At a time when there is growing awareness of the gap between the political class and ordinary voters, are political donations … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on S18C and changing our culture

When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats seek to explain their reasons for opposing changes to S18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, they mostly refer to the concerns of ethnic, religious and racial minority groups. Representatives … Continue reading

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For Steve

I will confine myself to a few words on one crucial point which seems to be to be absolutely clear…namely the pollution of the mind by the mass media. Every human society which has endured long enough to leave records … Continue reading

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Roundup 2 April

Steyn on line. The Media Watchdog. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator on line. Jo Nova reports on the testimony of climate experts at a Congressional Committee also reporting on Graham Richardson’s shifting position on warming. Quadrant on line. Minimum … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog

The last two weeks the column has come out by email. There is a web version if you look for it. Previously the weekly email just provided the link. Will ask why the change.

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