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Rafe’s Roundup 21 Nov

World news. Peter Klein on how to do economic development. Michael Hobbs takes on not only Bono and Jeff Sachs and USAID and the usual suspects, but even the randomized-controlled-trials crowd, or “randomistas,” like Duflo and Banerjee. Instead of searching … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: National Parks: Protected from What?

A guest post from David Leyonhjelm, his Friday op ed in The Fin Review One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The “hands off” management approach taken with national … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 15 November

World news. Eye candy on the tennis circuit Local. Another dissenting voice on Whitlamism. Cate Blanchett summed up the old and now new again orthodoxy at the memorial service for Mr Whitlam: “I am the beneficiary of free, tertiary education. … Continue reading

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Nothing has changed. A realistic look at the China/US climate deal

Today, the Presidents of the United States and China announced their respective post-2020 actions on climate change, recognizing that these actions are part of the longer range effort to transition to low-carbon economies, mindful of the global temperature goal of … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 9 November

Culture. A sublime collection of medieval icons is currently on display at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. It’s a rare treat for aficionados of Byzantine art as we have never had an exhibition of icons of this calibre in Australia … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on school ownership

David’s op ed from The Fin Review last Friday. Governments should ensure that a great education is available to every poor kid in Australia. But there is no need for governments to own a single school or employ a single … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 1 Nov

History. Samuel Gregg (ex CIS and now Acton Institute) reminds us that Oct 31 is the date of the Australian cavalry charge at Beersheba. Not quite the centenary, it was in 1917. This footage appears to be very inaccurate, it … Continue reading

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A slightly skeptical take on the Whitlam legacy

Barry Williams, the sometime Grand Vizier of the Australian Skeptics, produced an idea about the legacy of Gough Whitlam which he gave me permission to share. It is very much about the transition from the generation of ALP politicians who … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 23 October

UPDATED The voyage of life. Weather Channel man speaks. No significant warming at this time. Books. Classics, fun book covers, New books at Connor Court. A tribute to a great libertarian, Leonard Liggio. Corporate welfare in New Zealand. A new … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Pub: get with it you Sydney Cats!

8 pm WEDNESDAY 22 OCT IN THE WILLOUGHBY HOTEL 315 PENSHURST ROAD, CORNER MACMAHON Upstairs in the Henry Lawson Room Alastair Spate will be reading “My Love and I” and other poems Support the tradition of poetry reading, keep alive … Continue reading

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