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Rafe’s Roundup 27 May

Stepping up in the absence of the Doomlord. Culture. Vintage book covers. “The very first dust jackets (or dust wrappers) appeared in 1832 with the sole purpose of protecting books during transport between the printer and the bookstore. The dust … Continue reading

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Conference on the history of conscription in Australia

Should have put this up earlier, next Saturday I will be in Melbourne to deliver a paper at The Great Debate: Conscription and National Service 1912-1972. This conference examines the history, politics, controversy and experience around the periods in Australian … Continue reading

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Guest post, review by Michael James.

Rod Liddle, Selfish Whining Monkeys: How we Ended Up Greedy, Narcissistic and Unhappy (Fourth Estate, 2014). Many readers of Catallaxy will be familiar with Rod Liddle from his column in The Spectator, where he regularly and entertainingly debunks the hypocrisy … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm, guest post on taxes

From The Fin Review Whichever way you look at it, our taxes are high. They are high by historic standards. Fifty years ago, taxes were around $5,000 per person after adjusting for inflation. This grew to around $8,000 per person … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 22 May

Breaking news. Nigel Lawson on the ABC! Jo Nova retrieving some value from the wreck of the Lomborg centre at UWA. Why does the Left kowtow to Islam? The American left has spent the past few weeks trying to tell … Continue reading

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25 years of predicting that it is almost too late….

The end if nigh unless we act now or next month. It seems like every year the “tipping point” is close to being reached, and that the world must get rid of fossil fuels to save the planet. That is, … Continue reading

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Mini-Roundup 15 May

Hot off the press. Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Update. Bill Shorten struggling with the maths of his promises. How does Labor explain the difference between $2.25 billion and its claim of $45 million? First try: Labor’s accompanying fact sheet said … Continue reading

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Rafe’s roundup 11 May. Take a break from the budget!

Australian gifts to the world. We did not just give the world the rotary clothes hoist, Don Bradman, Phar Lap and Les Darcy, we also let loose the songbirds of the world. Renowned for its unusual mammals, Australia is a … Continue reading

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Good news for the greening of the planet

Atmospheric CO2 has hit 400ppm and this is good news for plants because CO2 is plant food, not a pollutant. All life on Earth exists because of CO2. It is essential to flora, which then produce oxygen essential to fauna. … Continue reading

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Guest post. Reclaiming citizenship by David Leyonhjelm

From The Fin Review Earlier this year, ‘Reclaim Australia’ and various counter-protests were in the news as people hurled abuse at each other and engaged in punch-ups. And since both sides had a fair sprinkling of the great unwashed, we … Continue reading

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