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Roundup Friday 10 April

Holiday reading. Summary and annotations on the contents of the first 20 quarterly Quadrant magazines, edited by the stalwart poet, scholar and classical liberal editor James McAuley. Very cheap as well, get it before I double the price! You can read … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson out of intensive care & Trump vs WHO

h/t Jo Nova, this report. Mr Johnson has spent three days in hospital after being taken there “as a precaution” on Monday night. The Prime Minister was then moved into intensive care but was not put on a ventilator. His … Continue reading

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Guest post. Keep blowing those whistles to keep the elephants away

I’m a bit crisised out at the moment but there are 2 stories in the papers that have stirred me from my apathy. The first is in “The Australian” where the Queensland Premier reckons the “lockdown” saved 30,000 Queenslanders from … Continue reading

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Windpower advocates lying with statistics

Windpower Roundup reports. Roughly 176GW of new renewable energy capacity was added last year, accounting for 72% of global power growth.  Wind (58.8GW) and solar (97.7GW) accounted for about 90% of the new renewable energy capacity added in 2019, according … Continue reading

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Life goes on in the country. Meet Ted Trainer

Ted Trainer came under attack  from a major academic promoter of zero emissions. Years ago Ted wrote a paper that pointed to problem with getting to 100% RE, including the choke point factor. Chasing up the Trainer reference I realised … Continue reading

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Sheep drench to the rescue? And the wind flexes off…

Windwatch update at 6 pm. Across SE Australia the wind was delivering 2% of demand as the sun sets.  In South Australia  the wind contribution was  negative from 9am to 3pm and near enough to zero in every other state with the exception … Continue reading

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When will Audrey Zibelman and the AEMO come clean with the public?

We will not get out of the various holes that are falling into, debt, civil liberties, energy policy, without a move towards bipartisan politics. That will not happen until the general public have a half decent grasp on the real … Continue reading

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Can we do it in a canter?

The canter and gallop are variations on the fastest gait that can be performed by a horse or other equine. The canter is a controlled, three-beat gait, while the gallop is a faster, four-beat variation of the same gait. It is a natural gait possessed by all … Continue reading

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Subscribe to The Spectator and support the gin industry!

Not that I want to encourage loose living but The Speccie is a great read if you can find the time to take in more than a quarter of it. Bloody weeklies… Nice diversity of opinion as well, you can … Continue reading

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Something to learn from Germany?

The Germans have been capable of making big mistakes (don’t mention two World Wars) or border controls and they are losing WW3 against CO2. But they may have gone the right way in public health policy, as this paper suggests. … Continue reading

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