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Roundup 3 May

Organizations and Markets closes. Farewell Pete and thanks for the memories! See you later in the year! Pete Boettke on the dynamics of interventionism. Weather. Lomborg on the impact of electric cars on emissions _ Not very much!! Clean fossil … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm’s Senate election prediction

When the politicians convene in Canberra in the depths of winter later this year, the headlines will read ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. Prime Minister Turnbull will flash a forced smile as he walks past … Continue reading

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Guest post: David Leyonhjelm’s alternative budget

This year’s budget provides an opportunity to return Australia to a path of fiscal responsibility. Rather than promising everyone some candy, the government needs to win back its credibility by demonstrating a clear plan to return the budget to surplus … Continue reading

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Roundup 23 April

Retraction Watch: Withdrawal of published papers due to fraud or flawed methods is becoming a major issue and the study of retractions is a growing field on the edge of science. A scan on the field. And a particularly powerful … Continue reading

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Don Aitkin on the 97% consensus

VIP Very important piece. The ’97 per cent’ figure is supported by three different published articles, with a forerunner by Naomi Oreskes…In 2004 she looked at 928 abstracts of articles in the climate science field. According to her, 75 per … Continue reading

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Guest David Leyonhjelm says: Do it anyway, cutting tax and tied state grants

A strange thing happened the other week. The Prime Minister had a good idea, and then asked the natural opponents of the idea for permission to pursue it. The essence of the Prime Minister’s idea was to abolish a whole … Continue reading

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Roundup 16 April

Debunking the Swedish myth in 60 seconds. Spiked, UK libertarians. Ideas from The Centre for Independent Studies. The UK Spectator. Sydney Institute, the Media Watchdog, functions, this week, the impact of the Korean and Vietnam wars on an Australian family. … Continue reading

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April Quadrant magazine

In addition to Michael Giffin on the April Quadrant magazine there is Chris Kenny on the “big picture” obstacles to “budget repair” in Australia. Europe’s political and monetary union has crashed hard up against its fiscal disparity. Its supranationalist altruism … Continue reading

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Brief Roundup 8 April

Western civilization. Will the Anglican Communion Survive? by Michael Giffin. Like Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism is a global phenomenon, quite different from other Protestant churches. If Anglicans are to avoid the “Incredible Shrinking Liberal Protestantism” curse, they must reflect on that … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post, a tale of two Malcolms

Malcolm was a popular Prime Minister at the outset. He had an air of confidence and a convincing manner, plus a belief in his own abilities. And his first term followed a disastrous period of Labor Government that the voting … Continue reading

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