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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Coalition losing its base

Would the last liberal in the Liberal Party please turn off the lights? Waves of memberships, donations and pledges of support from people who have traditionally supported the Liberals are flowing into parties that support liberal values. We’ve certainly benefited … Continue reading

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Short Roundup 27 May

UPDATES ON SATURDAY Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog. h/t Paul in the comments, check for another good link. Hadron collider boffins damp warming alarmism. The global warming shakedown. Continued. Dan Mitchell is great value! Whether they call it global warming or … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to the El Nino

How much cause for alarm here? The Figures tell the story.

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. The Nanny State

The Senate Nanny State Inquiry, which I chaired, has ended due to the election. Its seven short reports, available on the Parliament House website, make sobering and even disturbing reading. Throughout the inquiry – during public hearings and in submissions … Continue reading

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Living large into your 70s and beyond

Wed 18th at 8pm. A talk by myself with discussion and an interactive pen and paper exercise: the Circle of Life. At Humanist House, 10 Shepherd St Chippendale, Sydney, off Broadway near City Road. A lot more people these days … Continue reading

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Roundup 13 May

Busy this week. Completing the ms of Five Guides to various Karl Popper books in one volume for paperback production. Books. Classic travel books. This selection details journeys by car, train, boat (and lifeboat), horseback and on foot. In fact, … Continue reading

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RIP Jenny Diski 1947-2016

Jenny Diski. Not well known but an interesting minor literary figure in London. Actually I got fed up with her reflections on herself which the London Review of Books ran for months last year. I have also cancelled my subscription, … Continue reading

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2 winning issues for the Coalition

Starting even! Better than the Coalition deserved on recent performance. Two winning issues. Border protection and power prices. See this wall to wall and see what happens to the 50:50 Current power price x Coalition increase approx. 24% ALP increase … Continue reading

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Roundup 3 May

Organizations and Markets closes. Farewell Pete and thanks for the memories! See you later in the year! Pete Boettke on the dynamics of interventionism. Weather. Lomborg on the impact of electric cars on emissions _ Not very much!! Clean fossil … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm’s Senate election prediction

When the politicians convene in Canberra in the depths of winter later this year, the headlines will read ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. Prime Minister Turnbull will flash a forced smile as he walks past … Continue reading

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