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Actually in the real world we need more CO2

Will Happer is President Trump’s go-to man on Science and he is a great fan of CO2. In long-term historical perspective we are at a low point for CO2 and there is barely enough for good plant growth. The planet … Continue reading

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An inside story about the campaign to impeach CO2

A remarkable piece of historical and institutional analysis of climate science over the last 70 or 80 years by Ricard Lindzen, the doyen of genuine climate science. I appreciate that this is far too long for busy Cats to read … Continue reading

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Just don’t mention the Christians

Lefties invent a new word to avoid reality. Easter worshippers? Lefties stand with Muslims, LBGQT and nightclub dancers. What about Christians?

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Peak alarmism. Are we there yet?

Extinction Rebellion is trying hard. Located via this site, h/t TFX.

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Roundup 23 April

A stunning and informative architectural tour and visual history of Notre Dame. A video lecture on Notre Dame’s history from The Cathedral, a Great Courses production featuring William R. Cook, emeritus distinguished teaching professor at the State University of New … Continue reading

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David Attenborough, another victim of the climate change delusion syndrome

Only himself to blame. His facts turn out to be half-truths that fit the pattern of exploiting primal fears to create deep psychological spin. He says “we don’t know” but shows the opposite — associating every kind of bad weather, … Continue reading

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Light relief for Trump supporters

A remarkable exchange of jokes between a liberal commentator and a Never Trump Republican Just before the election.

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Notre Dame interview

A Chinese media source has reported an interview with a retired architect and engineer who worked on Notre Dame over three decades. According to my translator he thought that the electrical system and surveillance in the building were too good … Continue reading

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Midweek mini-roundup

Go meatless to save the planet! Greens prepare to drive Labor into extreme climate policies regardless of the cost. The carbon tax issue carries Alberta for the conservatives. Hey, maybe good policy could get votes? Alberta returned to its conservative … Continue reading

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Science site promoting critical rationalism

Scientia is dedicated to science practiced in the framework of critical rationalism formulated by Karl Popper along the lines “You may be right and I may be wrong and with an effort we may get nearer to the truth”. Up … Continue reading

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