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David Leyonhjelm on President Trump

Whenever anyone asked my views during the US election campaign, I made plain my support for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. He shares my distaste for big and intrusive governments. I am no cheerleader for the policies of President … Continue reading

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RIP Chuck Berry

At last, some serious news from the states.

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Roundup March 17

The Media Watchdog. Renewed late on Friday afternoon. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator. Liberty quote. When the far Left was a global force, the mainstream liberal Left had to draw dividing lines and defend itself from its attacks. Now … Continue reading

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Regime uncertainty and the cost of power

A blast from the past. Interesting in the context of the gigantic outlays that are about to be sunk into expensive and unreliable renewable energy to make up for a shortage of cheap coal-fired power. Sinc writing in 2012 on … Continue reading

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Guest post on the Alt-Right from Driftforge

For those who haven’t been paying detailed attention to the Alt-Right over the last several years, getting a feel for what it is can be remarkably difficult. This is certainly not made any easier by the ubiquitous posts that try … Continue reading

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A new book on Patrick White

Michael Giffin has been a frequent contributor to Quadrant in recent years, covering many topics including the work of modern novelists from Jane Austin to Muriel Spark and Margaret Atwood, the state of biblical research and the relationship of Christian … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn calls out the American press

Backing up Trump’s tweet that the American press are the enemies of the American people. A bit long-winded but incendiary stuff, hear him out! So much for fact-checkers.

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Roundup March 11

Reminder, what the judge said about the Qld Uni 18c case. “No reasonably intelligent person would have understood Mr Powell’s posts as other than humour or irony,’’ Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Dan Mitchell. The case for lower corporate tax rates, … Continue reading

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Honouring Bill Leak: some great political cartoons.

15 historic cartoons. Not so impressed with the greatness of the some of the more recent efforts but the old ones are classics.

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The New Guard and the alt-right

It is only a matter of time and it may have happened already, some leftie will compare the alt-right with the New Guard in Australia before WW2. A couple of decades ago I did some research on the New Guard … Continue reading

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