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Productivity, productivity, productivity

Stop celebrating over the Carbon Tax and get back to the main game. The mantra in real estate is location, location, location. In economic policy, try “productivity”. This is a warning shot from Robert Gottleibsen. Of course Grace Collier has … Continue reading

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Guest post from David Leyonhjelm: Marriage is a private matter

From The Fin Review. Most Australians are horrified when they read stories detailing how, in some countries, parents arrange their children’s marriages and then get mighty stroppy when the kids won’t play along. The explanation for this is simple: one … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 12 July

World news. A positive take on the future of Israel. Good news from India. Good news from NSW, top of the super rugby ladder. History. Wells Fargo, stage coaches, mail and financial services. Cobb and Co. Nature study. Hippos doing … Continue reading

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Blogging on Broadway

Currently blogging on Broadway in the Happy Bagel on the corner of Broadway and W101th. Stinking humidity although only about 80F actually 24C, work that out. Drove up or down from Washington with Mark and Ieva Notturno through Baltimore, over … Continue reading

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Rafe’s roundup 4 July

World news. This is one of my favorite blogs. This is another good one as well. Climate news. Warming pause approaches 18 years. The cost of renewables. Ageing celebrities. Remember Ralph Nader? Nice picture of a big tree. Books. First … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka & the fruits of affirmative acton

Picking up the civil war theme from the open thread. Sowell did a worldwide study of affirmative action. The most destructive result of preference policies is the polarization of whole societies, as in Sir Lanka, Nigeria (with the attempted Ibo … Continue reading

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Guest post: David Leyonhjelm. A new era in the Senate

From The Fin Review The first of July 2014 will be my first day as a Senator, representing NSW and the Liberal Democratic Party. I hope history will say it was the day we got to work putting Godzilla back … Continue reading

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Parasites and predators

Nominations are invited to list parasites and predators who have rorted the political system to get benefits for a few people at huge cost to the common wealth. Prompted by the threat of some senators to frustrate the Government on … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 25 June

News. 40 years after the revival of Austrian economics – see the special post. Employment. Past peak climate science employment. Human rights. The destruction of human rights by the Human Rights movement. Books. Black comedy. One of the inspirations for … Continue reading

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Rafe on the road #2 still in Arizona

For film buffs. Anthony Quinn tried out as an architect at the Frank Lloyd Wright school. One of the features of FLW raining was the Friday evening parties where the students were required to mingle with a range of guests … Continue reading

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