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The radical right in 1987

A blast from the past, discovered in my archives, something that I probably wrote for CIS Policy a few years ago. A review of The Radical Right: A World Directory. A Keesing’s Reference Publication, Longman, 1987. 500 pp. This compilation … Continue reading

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Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Martin Ferguson and Jennifer Hewett at the Sydney Institute. The podcast. See Bill Hutt in Revivalist 4 for some historical background on the role of trade unions in relation to wage fixing, law and order and productivity.

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David Leyonhjelm on the Murray Darling basin plan

The Millennium Drought, the longest and most severe drought for a hundred years, prompted some people to panic about climate change and conclude that drought was the new normal, that water would always be scarce, and that the environment was … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on electricity prices

Electricity prices are skyrocketing because of decades of government mismanagement. It will take time to undo the damage, but there is something the government can and should do straight away to alleviate the pain of rising electricity prices; it should … Continue reading

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From Sydney Institute: Media Watch and Martin Ferguson

Media Watchdog. If you missed or want to see again MARTIN FERGUSON & JENNIFER HEWETT speaking on AUSTRALIA’S WORKPLACE RELATIONS FRAMEWORK: THE CASE FOR REFORM it will be re-broadcast on Channel 648 and on SATURDAY 12 AUGUST 2017 at … Continue reading

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Liberty Quote

It is an open question whether the relatively free society, which can support autonomous sciences and is supported by it, which grew out of the ‘European Miracle’ and which constitutes a unique and fragile exception in human history, will be … Continue reading

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Australia Surrenders its Democracy, Sovereignty & Independence Part 1

An Introduction & Chronology of Agenda 21 in Australia Graham Williamson Agenda 21 – a brief introduction. Agenda 21, or the Agenda for the 21st century, is a detailed United Nations designed and controlled program, agreed to at the Rio … Continue reading

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Chronology of Agenda 21 in Australia Part 2

PART 2: 1999 – 2017 Graham Williamson Toward the end of the 1990s, Commonwealth Environment Minister in the Howard Government, Senator Robert Hill, “announced plans for perhaps the most far-reaching changes to Federal environmental laws in twenty years”, Shades of … Continue reading

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Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Off to the Sydney Institute in their new premises, high in the air in the Governor Phillip Tower in the city to hear Martin Ferguson launch a new round of reform in industrial relations. Perhaps. Tomorrow his talk will be … Continue reading

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Interesting US development. Dem governor jumps ship!

Governor of West Virginia changes sides. The story from Ballotpedia. Switch makes 26th Republican trifecta and 34th Republican governorship Citing concerns with the direction of the party, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia announced that he would switch his party … Continue reading

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