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Rafe’s Roundup 31 Jan

Malnutrition in Greece. The science of inflating and deflating footballs in cold climates. Just fill the ball with warm humid indoor air, then when it temperature-equalizes with the 25°F cooler outdoor air on your AFC Championship playing field some of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the retention of metadata

From The Guardian Last week, Attorney-General George Brandis described data retention as ‘absolutely crucial in identifying terrorist networks and protecting the public’. On that basis, he argued for passage of the Government’s data retention legislation. This assertion is simply false. … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. We are not all Charlie

From The Fin Review. I hate to break it to you, but we are not all Charlie. The reason is simple: Charlie Hebdo was consistent in its support for freedom of speech. Its editors were not just targeted by Islamists: … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 24 Jan

Who is worried about climate change? Greece still a threat to the EU Greece is actually in the driver’s seat. It is currently running a primary surplus, historical evidence shows that once a country reaches such a situation it is … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup Jan 15

You are not all Charlie. A bit of realism on the cost of the NDIS The NDIS 0.5 per cent Medicare surcharge is intended to fund the scheme and according to the feds this will raise $20.4bn between 2014 and … Continue reading

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Free speech: How Charlie Hebdo could have been squashed by the progressive left in Britain

We are all Charlie? Week 1: Magazine’s editors and staff get No Platformed by the National Union of Students on the grounds that their publication has been ‘identified by the NUS’s Democratic Procedures Committee as holding racist or fascist views’. … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm on Free trade.

From The Fin Rev last Friday. Hot on the heels of the free trade deal with China there is clamouring for further deals with the likes of India and Indonesia. But if we want higher wages, cheaper stuff, less red … Continue reading

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It is worse than you think

It is not enough to find a way to counter radical Islamism. We have our own domestic religion of hatred and fanaticism. It is the genteel and respectable leftism displayed by the dedicated professionals in the NSW Dept of Health … Continue reading

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Holiday reading

Check out the visitors to the Guest Room of the Rathouse, a page created a decade ago for people who did not have a site of their own. John Stone, Peter Coleman, Barry Williams, Hal Colebatch, the late Roger Sandall … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm “Standing up to the anti-smoking bullies”

Published today in The Daily Telegraph. It is becoming less and less socially acceptable to bully people nowadays. Picking on people because of their physical appearance, opinions or intelligence is frowned upon. But there are some people who remain fair … Continue reading

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