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Stopping illegals from electing Hilary Clinton (or Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders)

The US President is elected on the basis of electoral college votes. These votes are based on the population of each state, adjusted every ten years after the census. The numbers are “whole numbers of people”, not eligible voters and … Continue reading

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Own goal by warming worriers in the US

The 20 climate scientists who urged President Obama to use anti-racketeer laws to prosecute rival climate scientists may have unleashed a hailstorm on themselves. The leader of the pack, Jagadish Shuklas of George Mason University will be investigated by a … Continue reading

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Roundup 5 October

Culture. The Spectator Culture House. Reforming the Swedish welfare state. The Camp of the Saints. Where Keynes went wrong. London Review of Books. Spiked. Mark Steyn. His week in review. Weather. Anti-Warming rallies cancelled due to bad weather. Coal still … Continue reading

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Truth stranger than fiction

A very strange artistic production. Conceived in Moscow in 2005 as a film about the great Soviet physicist Lev Landau, Dau turned into something much stranger. In 2009, in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, where Landau worked and taught … Continue reading

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Turkey: recycling posts from 2011

The demolition of the press in Turkey, hardly noticed in the West. After Kemal’s secular state, what next in Turkey? Reflections on the return to Islamism following the failure of secular Jacobinism.

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Roundup 27 September

Jet lagged in Washington DC after a 4 am start in Tel Aviv and 15 hours in the air. Arrived to find the streets of downtown Washington thronged with Chinese supporting and some others demonstrating about the visit of the … Continue reading

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Roundup 22 September

This Roundup comes from Tel Aviv which is the second leg of the tour after the conference in Ankara. Weather. Judith Curry on what caught her eye lately. A new book to contribute to the scientific debate. Anthropogenic modification of … Continue reading

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Guest post, Michael James on the British Labour Party

In July 2014 Catallaxy published my review of Peter Mair’s book, Ruling the Void: The Hollowing-out of Western Democracy (2013). I wrote that, according to Mair, . . . the parties are no longer significant venues of citizen participation in … Continue reading

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Kilmeny Niland pictures

A bit late in the day I decided to learn how to put up pictures. Five or ten minutes later, here are the works that were on display last month at the Artarmon Gallery. It is a big file so … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 10 September

My itinerary. Tuesday 15, depart for Ankara, Turkey, Sept 20 fly to Tel Aviv for some time with Jo Agassi, Popper’s research assistant for most of the 1950s, 25 Sept, off to Washington DC. December 10 depart San Frisco for … Continue reading

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