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Friday 4th.

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David Leyonhjelm. The sharing economy

If a man’s home is his castle, he should be free to allow anyone he wants to stay in this castle. If a woman’s car is her chariot, she should be free to offer a ride to anyone she wants. … Continue reading

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Stabilizing the grid in South Australia

Nice work comrades! The closure of South Australia’s GM Holden Car Factory (13,000 jobs) will help stabilise South Australia’s green electricity grid, according to the government AEMO. Holden closure will help Energy Market Operator manage SA’s blackout risk. How many … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Are we really that smart?

In a survey undertaken in 2014, 55% of Americans said they were smarter than the average American, 4% thought they were less intelligent, while 34% said that they were about as smart as the average American. Those with higher levels … Continue reading

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A few more things

UPDATE. SEE THE CUTE PANDA! Interesting graphs as well. Our man in DC has a jaundiced look at the universal basic income idea. Still waiting for the results of the trial but anecdotally: In the five years after suffering a … Continue reading

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The hidden cost of unreliables

Under-estimating the cost of wind and solar? Who would have thought? A big part of our problem is that we are dealing with variables that are “not independent.” If we add subsidized wind and solar, that act, by itself, changes … Continue reading

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A few things

This is a long read, a gobsmacking account of the way billionaire John Arnold got into the war on bad science. After listening to the libertarain Russ Roberts on EconTalk he started giving out real money. The Arnold Foundation. As … Continue reading

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Guest post. Peter Campion on climate reporting and policy

What are the prospects for the HONEST Act? We Aussie climate sceptics can only watch in awe as the new US President begins systematically driving a stake a into the vampire heart of the climate-alarm industry. If we want to … Continue reading

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Uniting the non-left

First drafted in July 1986 in response to a piece by Greg Sheridan in The Australian but not taken by that newspaper nor Age Monthly Review, or various other avenues until it ran years later in the Victorian student newsletter … Continue reading

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The Soviet culture war

My Russian friend Pavel left the country in 1985 and became a wildlife collector and photographer based in Australia. He is a student of the history of the Soviet regime and its activities worldwide. He advised that from day one … Continue reading

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