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Fresh air in a US classroom

Freeing kids from mediocrity and boredom. A new video from Reason suggests that it is possible to liven up the classroom and in fact, is actually being done quite effectively. Host John Stossel found a school filled with kids who … Continue reading

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Venezuela on the brink

Stories from inside Venezuela from The Rebel. The people of Venezuela are rising up against their brutal dictator, Nicolas Maduro. Most of the world’s democracies have recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimately elected president of Venezuela; dictatorships like Cuba, China … Continue reading

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Stephen Hicks. The Battle for the Soul of the University

Universities are political places, but there’s good politics and bad. Some students, however, are always protesting. First point: The protesting students are neither “snowflakes” who can’t take the heat nor “delicate flowers” whose feelings have been bruised. University students have … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on the prospect for batteries bailing out the unreliables

Two minute video. The punchline. There is no substitute for way the western economy is running today.

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Australia the runaway gold medallist for electricity grid destruction

A killer piece by Jo Nova on the ludicrous claims for the benefit of leading the world in unreliable energy. OK the grid will not literally be destroyed, indeed there will be an awful lot more of it but it … Continue reading

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Guest post. The Rising Tide of Climate Lunacy

A NSW judge (an ex-solicitor and activist from the Environmental Defenders Office) has stopped development of the small Rocky Hill coking coal mine because the Commonwealth Government has signed the Paris Climate agreement which requires “rapid and deep reduction in … Continue reading

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A model for Chris Bowen. If a tax increase fails to return what you expected, hike the rate!

Dan Mitchell loves to report the weird things that big government politicians do. New Jersey is a classic case. Petrol was quite recently taxed at 14.5c a gallon, second lowest in the US. But then… In October 2016, then-Gov. Chris … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Liberals not liberal

Our governing party is guilty of cultural appropriation. It calls itself a liberal party but it is not liberal. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘liberal’ as being favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms, open to new ideas and … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup Friday 8

Opinion and Commentary from the Centre for Independent Studies. Important briefing from Richard Lindzen on the three main groups who participate in the climate debate. These are (1) the scientists associated with the IPCC, (2) the skeptics and (3) a … Continue reading

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Why wind won’t work to provide reliable power Mk III

Someone gave a tick to Mark III the Windy Odyssey video so people are invited to circulate. Still room for improvement but shorter and sharper with a clean shirt, an ad hoc teleprompter and friends standing behind it making faces … Continue reading

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