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Liberty quote. Popper on education

State authority in these matters (education) is liable to achieve, in fact, the exact opposite of Socrates’ aim (intellectual modesty and the self-critical attitude). It is liable to produce dogmatic self-satisfaction and massive intellectual complacency, instead of critical dissatisfaction and … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on identity politics

This is the third paper in a very important series on identity politics by Peter Baldwin who is the convenor of the Blackheath Philosophy Forum in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. This article supports Count 3 of my indictment … Continue reading

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Trolling the warmies in Poland!

Almost too good to be true, an epic troll by the Poles at the Climate Jamboree that they are hosting. h/t New Chum in comments. The Polish Coal Miners band, dressed in smart black uniforms and wearing traditional mines caps, … Continue reading

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The return of Rafe’s Roundup

Rafe’s Roundup in the old format became fairly time consuming and I didn’t get the sense that it was getting enough readership to justify the effort. So this is a sawn-off version to provide a one-stop shop for people to … Continue reading

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ANZACs versus climate change

H/t CL on the open thread. Too good to hide! I could imagine NZ taking on climate chance but I am disappointed that our defence forces are in it too! Facing a potential future of mass climate migration, water and … Continue reading

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Christmas books

Books for Christmas. Light and not so light reading for young and old. My Amazon books and Others. On the Amazon shelves we have guides to assorted books by Karl Popper, essays on Hayek and a collection of Australiana with … Continue reading

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Some things about migrants

that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. From the Centre for Independent Studies. Read all about it. Some of the key findings are: A majority (54.85%) of migrants live in postcodes with a median Household Income (HIND) … Continue reading

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A hint of trouble in the Green paradise

Jo Nova has flagged the possible that some people in the Green power industry are not brain dead and they have started to realise that it is not going to work. That is not something they can afford to say … Continue reading

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With the Menzies crowd and Brendan O’Neill in the Bordello Room, Kings X Hotel

A stirring address this evening by the editor of Spiked and a leader in the push-back against political correctness in all forms. The most unlikely venue you could imagine but full marks to the Menzies Research Centre for doing something … Continue reading

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French protesters 1 Macron 0

Read all about it.

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