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Remembering Alan McGilvray

The beginning of the end of the ABC was when Alan McGilvray and Johnny Moyes went off the air. And Blue Hills. He batted with Bradman, captained NSW and pioneered the art of faking “live” commentary from England using cable … Continue reading

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For nerds. William W Bartley on the universities

From a review of W.W. Bartley. Unfathomed Knowledge, Unmeasured Wealth: On Universities and the Wealth of Nations. Open Court. 1990. Bartley was one of the most original and productive of the students inspired by Karl Popper. He died in 1990 … Continue reading

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Wind power getting cheaper in Canada?

Apparently not. The oldest commercial wind power facility in Canada has been shut down and faces demolition after 23 years of transforming brisk southern Alberta breezes into electricity TransAlta is very interested in repowering this site. Unfortunately, right now, it’s … Continue reading

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Some Gough Whitlam stories

Not much to laugh about these days. However the other night I dined with some new Chinese friends including a very impressive English lady who is the Director of a new cultural studies centre in the Western Sydney Uni at … Continue reading

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Weak points in the case for climate alarmism. 97.4% consensus

QandA last night reached a new low with unanimous agreement around the table that we have to destroy growth, jobs and family budgets for nothing. Some ideas just keep coming up and they have to be refuted again and again. … Continue reading

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Keynesian Blunder Down Under

A slow day in DC, our man in Washington has been reduced to recycling Australian news on the failure of Rudd’s spending spree. I actually gave my assessment of the plan back in 2010, and I even provided my highly … Continue reading

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Mark Latham talks to Tommy Robinson

Mark Latham and Tommy Robinson. Plus Guardian readers wishing harm on Andrew Bolt. Calling responsible lefties, if you do not speak up to condemn the intolerance of your colleagues you share responsibility for their actions.

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Weekend roundup

Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog. Steyn on Line. Spiked on Line. Our man in Washington DC is back. On the Norwegian welfare state, propped up by oil, but what about the future? An another US state is in trouble from high … Continue reading

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Win Win! More renewables and lower power bills!

Australian ingenuity leads the world again. Even better than an unfunded national disability insurance scheme! Not to mention a national broadband network. A national broadband network? I said not to mention that. Throw in a fair work system drafted and … Continue reading

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The mirrors and mazes of climate science

A nice night at the Bardwell Park Golf Club to launch the revised edition of a guide through the climate science debate by the Canberra academic and longtime student of climate-related matters Howard Brady. Fortified by a pie with mash … Continue reading

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