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Good morning Australia!

A slow start to the week. Wind and Other delivering 2% of Demand. And the price in South Australia $1200 compared with 60 – 70 elsewhere. International comparison of costs and supply of unreliables. Source. h/t Bruce of Newcastle. He … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the assisted suicide deal

The making of laws is like the making of sausages—the less you know about the process, the more you respect the result. My approach to law-making is often pretty simple: when legislation clearly undermines the small government principles of the … Continue reading

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Louise Adler, Cardinal Pell and the culture war

Page 1 in The Weekend Australian. Louise Adler is the head of the Melbourne University Press which is about to publish a book containing allegations of child abuse in relation to Cardinal Pell. Interestingly the Chancellor of the University Allan … Continue reading

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Something from Dan Mitchell to cheer you up

The western world’s most depressing graph.

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The lucky country leads the world in emission reduction

Punching above our weight! Les Darcy would be proud of us. In case you were wondering about Les Darcy. The real Les Darcy who has emerged from the research is an even more charismatic figure than the legend suggests. Truly … Continue reading

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Trump as a non-political pragmatist

A piece attributed to Charles Krauthammer is circulating by email. Snopes said that it has been around for some time and it was written by someone else. It is supposed to represent second thoughts by Krauthammer who initially did not … Continue reading

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Watts on the US temperature record

Anthony Watts of Watts Up with That contributed to Climate Change with a chapter “Creating a False Warming Signal in the US Temperature Record.” Several groups around the world track the global temperature using various methods, all of which involve … Continue reading

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The moon and the weather

Getting on with Climate Change, a word of congratulations for the editor Jennifer Marohasy. Editors are the unsung heroes of the publishing industry and when they do their job well they are invisible to the readers. To be done properly … Continue reading

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Trump moving on the racism of affirmative action

Affirmative action was always racist and always will be. A very strange move, to fight racism with racism, and doomed to failure, putting a question mark over the credibility of the qualifications earned by all the members of the favoured … Continue reading

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The WalkAway movement in the US

Brandon Straker invites Democrats to walk away from the derangement syndrome. A handy video. Facebook page. Brandon with Tucker Carlson, h//t Cassie in the comments.

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