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Beware universal basic income schemes

A number of cogent reasons to be wary. 1. Human house cats. 2. Levers of centralisation. 3. Romantic politics. 4. Affordability. 5. Eroding community spirit. 6. Heterogeneity of income requirements. Alfred Marshall 1893 liberty quote. On universal pension schemes. My … Continue reading

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“Lepanto” by Chesterton and a metaphysical hangover

In the The Spectator “Low Life” column this week Jeremy Clarke described what Kingsley Amis (apparently a connoisseur of the phenomenon) called a “metaphysical hangover”. Apart from the usual feeling of being unwell there is a compound of depression, sadness … Continue reading

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Very important defence of free speech by Mark Steyn

A serious warning about the threat to free speech by protracted lawfare even in the face of the First Amendment. Not to mention the situation in Canada. Also the danger of allowing the validity scientific hypotheses to be litigated and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and the Caring Society

Pope Francis has sparked uproar with inflammatory comments on capitalism and markets based on his passion to help the poor and his experience of crony capitalism in Argentina. He has called for a dialogue on building a compassionate society and … Continue reading

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Arthur Lovejoy on communists and academic freedom

Arthur Lovejoy (1873-1962) was a great historian of ideas and an important philosopher in the US ranking second to John Dewey between the wars. In 1913 Lovejoy raised a protest at the dismissal of an economist from Stanford because the … Continue reading

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Karl Popper on education

A collection of comments and criticism from the pen of Chairman Karl, the Great Helmsman of critical rationalism. “The mental power”, T. H. Huxley wrote in A Liberal Education, “which will be of most importance in your…life will be the … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: Solar Subsidy not so Sunny

Government subsidies are driving a boom in the installation of rooftop solar panels, paid for by those without panels. That perennial beneficiary of government largesse, Elon Musk, is now proposing many more should be added to roofs in South Australia. … Continue reading

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The foreseeable future in the US belongs to hydrocarbons aka fossil fuels.

Of course if you want power that is less reliable and more expensive, take the Australian road. Courtesy of Jo Nova these are the numbers crunched by the American Energy Information Agency (EIA). According to their best estimates (and even … Continue reading

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The state of free speech in Britain

Not good. Our survey, ranking 115 UK universities using our traffic-light system, shows that 55 per cent of universities now actively censor speech, 39 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation, and just six per cent are truly free, open … Continue reading

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International recognition for John Hyde

Thanks to a feed from the indefatigable Ron Manners. Thank you John! The subject of the tenth essay in this Heroes for Liberty from Around the Globe series is a man I was fortunate to meet in person in Perth, … Continue reading

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