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Climate change: shut up Europe

The European Union is unhappy that the G20 will not have climate change on the agenda. What utter rubbish. They are the grossest hypocrites. The EU has stacked the deck in so many ways to minimise its own contribution to reducing … Continue reading

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James Allan on Warren Mundine and 18C

James Allan has an excellent article in today’s Australian dripping in sarcasm. He finds that Mundine’s arguments against the repeal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 to be so pathetic that they warrant the sarcasm. If you think that … Continue reading

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Despair over the United States of America

I have long loved the USA. It has been the powerhouse of the world in both thinking and economics for over 150 years. Its flexibility has allowed it to rebound after any number of disasters. It has been the bastion … Continue reading

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Quite right Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull says that ABC Board members should resign if they do not take their responsibility under section 8 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 seriously. Section 8 states (my bolding): It is the duty of the Board: (a) to … Continue reading

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End race-based welfare

The section 18C debate has been sidetracked because of the claims made by some individuals against Andrew Bolt. The conflation of Aboriginal identity and schemes aimed at helping Aboriginal peoples creates various incentives which lead inexorably to welfare dependency and an … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 32 – Earth Hour (closed)


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Hour of Power or Earth Hour: Light or Darkness

The Earth Hour movement is starting to fizzle out. I’ve heard that quite a few agencies that previously had reminded their staff of Earth Hour have not done so this year. It really is nice of those Earth Hour folk … Continue reading

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Diplomacy – US style

  This really is pathetic and sad. I imagine former US Secretaries of State such as Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, William H. Seward, Cordell Hull, George Marshall, Dean Acheson, John Dulles and Dean … Continue reading

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Michael Williamson

The sentencing of former HSU boss Michael Williamson showed the extent of fraud, maladministration and corruption evident at that union. The judge, David Frearson, described Williamson’s behaviour as “brazen and arrogant” and a “parasitic plundering of union funds for pure greed” … Continue reading

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Queen’s Counsel

While David Flint is right that there has been a concerted effort to remove the Australian crown from the constitutional system, I do not agree that there should be QCs or KCs. A barrister is just another occupation. It is no … Continue reading

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