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Bogan-free travel

Tim Blair is right – the future of travel is for the elite and rich to enjoy themselves without having to share a flight with bogans. After all, why shouldn’t David and Kristan Williamson enjoy a trip to Noumea without … Continue reading

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Jenny Macklin is right

Jenny Macklin has been criticised for stating the obvious – that she could survive on the Newstart allowance. Apparently this was an outrageous comment – even her office tried to extinguish it. For the billions of people who live on … Continue reading

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The United Socialist States of America

Crony capitalism is one of the great threats to the national interest, leading to gross misallocation of resources. When corporations become dependent on government (read taxpayer) largess, they become inefficient but ever more effective at extracting benefits from the government to protect them … Continue reading

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Union corruption

The Australian Labor Party is well behind its Democratic Party counterpart in the United States when it comes to rooting out corruption in the Union movement. More than fifty years ago Jack and Bobby Kennedy were seeking to attack union … Continue reading

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Starting points matter

Headlines such as Joe Hockey says Opposition can’t promise a Budget surplus either neglect the fact that starting points matter. Clearly if the budget is in deep deficit, and the sovereign debt level / GDP is relatively high, it is … Continue reading

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The new monetary policy

If David Uren is right about the new Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, wanting to drop inflation targeting for nominal economic growth, the world will soon be returning to an era of high inflation and high unemployment. I think stagflation … Continue reading

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Margaret Simons

Margaret Simons is the director of the “Centre for Advanced Journalism” at the University of Melbourne. Famous for her gardening columns in The Age, Simons has recently been embroiled in controversy as a judge on the Walkley Awards where it has emerged … Continue reading

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Obesity and the Nanny State

I just finished reading a ‘special report’ in the Economist (15-21 December 2012)  on obesity. The premise was a massive growth in obesity, which used as the principal measure the discredited body-mass index (BMI). This strikes me as the typical poor … Continue reading

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Too many people go to university

Universities occupy a crucial part of the economy as centres of learning. Yet not everyone should go to university and receive a degree. That statement is today controversial – the Government’s goal is to significantly increase the proportion of  students … Continue reading

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Three female leaders

The good: Angela Merkel The bad: Julia Gillard The ugly: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

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